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+ Chapter One +

I Am Agog. I Am Aghast.

Enjolras gazed at her brown curls and eyes. He wondered if she ever fancied treading her fingers along such dark tresses and made it look like that. Perhaps, when he wasn't looking more closely. Well, he was studying and taking care of his advocacies and charities, after all, but if there was one person who'd always manage to get him out of the suffocating pressures and stress from all of that, it was her. Shaking his musings away, he silently admired his best friend. Unbeknownst to him, however, Éponine had been discreetly staring at him and smiling at his pensiveness.

"Hey, 'Jolras," she muttered, bravely facing him. "You've been like that for ages."

He didn't hear her as he was stuck in his reverie, so Éponine slowly got nearer and was about to poke his nose when Enjolras suddenly blinked and hit her near her lips with his accidentally. Both of them stumbled and looked uncomfortably at each other.

"S-sorry, 'Ponine," he apologized, not meeting her eyes as he offered his hand to help her up.

"It's fine. Not your fault," she answered, standing up with his assistance.

Despite his usual marmoreal stance and demeanor, Enjolras felt his cheeks turn incarnadine like his sweater as he returned to his seat. Éponine, who was reverting to her normal self, was oblivious to it as she sat on her chair beside her curly blonde friend.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, however, the ABC friends were able to witness the scene unfold.

"'Been tellin' ya, mate, he's dang hard fo' 'er," Grantaire drunkenly drawled.

Courfeyrac nodded, grinning. "It's best he let her know, though."

"Yeah, since 'Ponine is free and, hopefully, over with 'Rius, who is currently going out with 'Sette," Feuilly said, joining in their conversation.

Courfeyrac shushed him. He didn't want his friend and Cosette to overhear since they were just in the next couch cuddling. Feuilly nodded his sorry.

"The heart knows what it wants," Combeferre philosophically stated. "You can't control it, no matter how hard your skull is."

Bahorel and Lesgles laughed. "You've got some thoughts up your sleeves again, eh, Combeferre?" Lesgles asked.

Combeferre rolled his eyes but guffawed nonetheless.

"Hey, what have you been thinking?" Éponine asked Enjolras after a few moments.

He didn't face her yet as he answered stoically, "The cancer of Patria." He flipped through his book nonchalantly.

"That again?" Éponine reacted, pouting unhappily. "Y'know, m'amie, you'd better take a rest for a little while. Look at Combeferre, Lesgles, and the others. They took a short break to drink and relaxed after the meeting with M'sieur le Mayor, a. k. a. Cosette's pére."

This time, he faced her. "I'm really glad he allowed us to join and collaborate with the charities to further our club's causes for the abased," he answered, smiling a little. "But, sometimes, I just can't rest with all the problems our people are suffering from."

Éponine grabbed his head with her hands and told him, "You are God's gift to France, 'Jolras, but if you want to help them more, you must learn to live a little and be stronger. Have fun, all right?"

During this circumstance, Enjolras barely breathed. His breath hitched up in his throat when Éponine took his face and neared hers. It was scary, not in a bad way, but he felt his heart's pace racing. He swallowed and tried not to reveal his inner turmoil, so he wearily said, "Fine, but it's getting late." Taking her hands as slowly but furtively as he can, he continued, "It's already half past ten, and it's raining. We don't want ourselves trapped in the university." Then he looked at his book and said again, "Well, after a few minutes."

Éponine nodded happily, satisfied that her friend at least agreed to her wishes. She too gazed at his book and joined reading with him.

"'Do mine eyes deceive me?'" Jehan, the group's hopeless romantic poet, quoted Shakespeare.

Musichetta and Joly glanced at him. "Why?" they asked. Then Joly realized what he was talking about.

The doctor of the friends smiled as he pointed at Enjolras' hand over Éponine's. The two seemed to have not noticed it, as they were busy reading a book and silently arguing on whom was the greatest French revolutionary.

Exchanging knowing smirks, Grantaire and Courfeyrac started laughing at them. But their guffaws were so contagious, so the others started snickering as well.

It woke the couple who managed to take a nap after cuddling in the next couch and disturbed the other two who were still not done arguing over their previous debate.

Both of the couples gazed at their crazy friends. Not getting what they were laughing at, Enjolras asked in his authoritative tone, "What's so funny?" He succeeded in getting their attention to stop and look at him.

Courfeyrac, one of the first to initiate it, glanced at his other friends nervously as he choked out, "Just some joke Grantaire told us."

Cosette and Marius were now fully awake by this news. "Oh, really? Let's hear it!" the Lark said.

Sensing the suddenly tense atmosphere in the air, Marius held Cosette in the shoulders and said, "Maybe some other jokes? It wouldn't be funny anymore if he's told it twice, right?"

"Oh, all right," she replied. "Any more jests, Grantaire?"

"Yeah! Come on, Grantaire!" Éponine cheered.

Grantaire, who was completely inebriated before, stood up so straight and looked around him nervously. "Uh, well, there was—" he started saying, but was cut by Lesgles' and Combeferre's laughter, which triggered another chain of giggles amongst the peers.

He looked at them incredulously and asked Courfeyrac, who was snickering and holding his stomach. "Why are you all laughing when I haven't even finished the joke?"

"That's the joke! You should've seen your face when you stood up soooo straight!" he answered.

Grantaire's mouth formed an 'O', after which he started laughing as well.

Even the usually stony Enjolras found himself grinning at the pun. Éponine gazed at him in shock and announced, "Wow! 'Jolras is smiling!"

Everyone looked at him to see it, but they were too late because as soon as she said it, he returned to his usual poker face.

Bahorel snorted and said, "Aw, you're such a kill-joy, 'Jolras."

The curly blonde raised a brow and indifferently said, "My name is Enjolras, not 'Jolras."

"You always let 'Ponine call you that," Marius observed. "And you don't seem to mind."

"Yeah," echoed Courfeyrac.

"Ditto," supported Feuilly, Bahorel, and Lesgles.

"Truly," Joly, Musichetta, and Combeferre cheered.

"Agreed," Cosette and Jehan affirmed.

Grantaire burst into laughter and drawled. "The marble man's going soft!"

Each time his friends claimed Marius' observation, he gave them a glare that would have an entire din of loquacious students shut up with a single chilly stare. Even though the ABC friends were used to his fierce looks, they still found it scary when he does it, so this time made no difference. When the iciness of the gaze gave way into an uncomfortable silence, only one was brave enough to break it.

Éponine said, "I think we'd all better go home now. It's already eleven, anyway."

"Aye, aye, see ya tom, guys!" Courfeyrac bid farewell.

"Better be not late for Professor Javert!" Bahorel remarked.

"Oh, Calculus! Dang! Au revoir, m'amie!" Lesgles said as he ran with the others outside.

Except Enjolras and her, everyone stood up and muttered their goodbyes and hastily left. When they were the only ones, Éponine looked at him and tried not to wonder why indeed did he not seem to mind if it's her? But given the circumstances, she'd rather not ask right now.

"So, wanna go home now?" she asked him softly.

Shaken from his thoughts, he gazed at her and nodded. "Are you coming with me tonight, 'Ponine?"

Éponine nodded. "Yeah. Gavroche's sleeping over at Courf's, and 'Zelma said she would be able to handle herself and the younger boys for the night, so I wouldn't mind. One movie before we sleep again?"

"All right," he said, picking up their things and handing Éponine her stuff. "What do you want to watch?"

She smiled as they walked out of the room and turned around a corner. "Hmm, I'm not sure. I picked last time, so I guess it's your turn?"

"Yeah, all ri—wait! It's raining," Enjolras said as he opened his umbrella. "I could even hear the thunders. Come closer. You forgot your umbrella again."

Éponine obeyed, but as soon as she did, a thunder roared; and she got scared and surprised, so she swung her arms around Enjolras for safety. In her attempt, his fingers suddenly loosened its grasp on the handle, and thus, they found themselves getting wet by the rain. However, the thunders continued their show of battle cries, so the two couldn't and wouldn't move from their positions.

Éponine tightened her grip and neared her body to his, so Enjolras had no other choice but to hug her back, despite of the closeness that was making his heart race and his head pound. He tried not to let her feel how hard he was because of her embrace and the fact that she was pressing her chest beneath his. Even a man of firm resolve will not be able to stop his body's protocol.

There in the rain, they stood, with wet clothes and hugging. Enjolras whispered as he patted her hair, "Shh, 'Ponine, it's going to be all right. It's okay. I'm here. It's all right."

When the thunders finally stopped roaring and the rain turned to a slow drizzle, Éponine calmed down and released herself deliberately from her best friend.

"I'm sorry... I'm just afraid of thunders," she said, looking down, not wanting him to see her tears and how weak she was.

Enjolras smiled and patted her head softly. "It's all right. I understand. Now, let's get home before we get a cold from this rain." Taking his umbrella with his left hand, he took her hand with the other as they went to his car. The drive home was quiet as they tried to warm themselves from the chill of the rain.

[A/N]: I know this is quite short, but I assure you that it's not a one- shot. Just a three-shot, at most. I don't plan on making this large scale, since I'm still working on my bigger one for the two, although it's not AU. ;) If you want to know about it, talk to me. But for now, read on to the second chappie and au revoir, m'amie!
* Changed title: This was formerly called, "Some Wine, and Say What's Going On?", but a dear reviewer (Romas1912) told me it didn't sound... hmm, adequate. Well, when I was thinking of a good title, this just popped out of nowhere. And truth be told, I wasn't confident with it, as well. So, if you ask why I changed it to "I Am Agog. I Am Aghast", it's because this chapter centered more on the reactions of Les Amis to this budding rapport between their Chief and dear 'Ponine. And if I was in their positions, I'd be surprised as well. 'Cause who'd expect that these two would actually meet? ;)