+ Bonus Chapter +

Drink With Me

Saturday loomed in, and as it was weekend, the Amis decided to spend it in their favorite rendezvous. The earliest to come was, least of all expected, Grantaire with Bahorel, Combeferre, and Lesgles. On the contrary, it was not supposed to be a surprise, after all, since Grantaire practically made the Musain like it was his second home. Even the staff loved welcoming him in their staff room. Not that it disturbed the owner or the manager. They enjoyed listening to his bad philosophies and because he was such a good drinking partner. The three friends who came in early with him that night sat on a corner and argued about how Professor Javert could possibly give them more paperwork now that vacation was almost around the corner.

"You see, M'sieur Javert is one for 'Law and Order'," Combeferre debated. "It's just the way he runs his system of grading our tests. It can be both good and bad, you know, since we can get plus or minus points. So don't worry about it too much, Bossuet."

But Lesgles was far from accepting this simple truth because he was already cursing the eye bags on his eyes. "Oui, oui, that's what it is. Right. As if I haven't got enough time to deal with all this and that."

Combeferre shrugged. "Just your luck," he muttered.

"What did you say?"


Grantaire and Bahorel laughed at their bickering.

It was good Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Joly, and Jehan came in before Lesgles tried to attack him.

"Hey, guys! 'Sup?" was Courfeyrac's warm greeting.

"Calc homework," Combeferre said, pointing at Lesgles.

"Oh," Prouvaire said. "You want notes? I think I have them with me."

"Merci, merci, Jehan," he answered happily, taking it.

"Where're the couple and Enjolras and 'Ponine?" Feuilly asked, noticing their absence.

Courfeyrac shrugged. "Maybe they're late. You do know the thing about Marius and Cosette."

Jehan smiled sarcastically. "Ah, of course. It was all over Pontmercy's twitter, Cosette's facebook, and their joint tumblr account.

"'Ow romantic," Joly choked out, rolling his eyes.

Lesgles looked at them and inquired. "What's all over the social networking sites?"

Bahorel, who was mute while he was ordering earlier and drinking a cup of café latte, finally spoke, "Ugh, their dates all over the world. It's like they're trying to do the 'Around the World in 60 Days'."

Courfeyrac, in defense of his dear friend, said, "Well, 'Rius did text me that they would be able to come here by nine or ten, so let's just wait for them, oui?"

The rest of ABC shrugged their answers as they drank sodas, coffees, and, of course, wine.

"Oh, and how about Enjolras and Eponine?" Feuilly asked, breaking the comfortable silence that had settled over them for a moment.

Combeferre laughed and shook his head. They were supposedly always the early ones to go in the café, but it seemed that today was different. "No clue," he said. "Hey, Courf'! Heard anything from those two?"

Courfeyrac looked at him and shrugged. "Nah."

Suddenly, Grantaire laughed heartily. "'Ose 'wo 're 'eally 'us'icious 'ese days, y'see," he drawled.

Bahorel chuckled. "Yeah," he said, sharing a toast of coffee with him. "Ever since last Wednesday."

Lesgles, seemingly outdated always, furrowed his brows and asked, "Why?"

Jehan smiled. "Well, like 'Taire said, 'the marble man must be going soft'."

Combeferre clucked his tongue and spoke, "I told you all so, too."

All of them laughed. Suddenly, people entered the café, so they turned to see who it was.

"Hi, guys!" Marius and Cosette came in and greeted.

The friends nodded, waved, winked, and toasted their welcome. Marius looked around and asked, "Where's Enjolras and 'Ponine?"

Feuilly laughed and said, "You ask." Marius raised a brow in confusion.

Courfeyrac shrugged when he looked at him.

"Must be running late, those two," Jehan said.

"Oh, well," he replied as Cosette and he sat beside Bahorel.

"Speaking of them," Combeferre spoke, "they're here. Finally."

Everyone looked to the door again to see and greet the last missing people in their group.

"Bonsoir, m'amie," Éponine greeted happily with Enjolras behind her.

"Bonsoir," they all echoed.

Grantaire spoke as he drank, "So, 'ow 'ome yooooooou're 'oth 'ate?"

Éponine looked at Enjolras, who stared back and shrugged. The ABC friends stole glances at each other and tried to hide their smirks.

Enjolras tried to calm his demeanor as they both sat near Combeferre before saying, "Well, we had a proje—" Éponine bumped him on the elbow. "Fine, we had a date."

And that's when all hell broke loose.

Grantaire started doing his drunken victory dance with Joly and Bahorel. Marius and Cosette greeted them congratulations. Combeferre started spitting philosophies of love. Prouvaire improvised a love poem for them, calling it, 'The Marble's Muse'. Feuilly and Lesgles laughed and teased the two, especially Enjolras. Courfeyrac elbowed their chief and asked, "Since when?"

Éponine hugged Enjolras around his neck and answered for them both. "Since last Thursday morning."

Grantaire laughed and told them, "Well, well, guess who broke the Statue!"

Combeferre rolled his eyes and said, "At last we'll be hearing a little less about 'Patria' and all that."

Everyone laughed except Enjolras, who simply grinned a little.

"Drink with me," Éponine sang.

Everyone joined her and snickered when they were all finished.

When they all settled, Enjolras spoke, "Oh, guys, don't forget we still have to finish the packaging for our donations to the charities on Tuesday."

The rest groaned, and Éponine hit him playfully on the head.

"Live a little, and have fun for a while, a' right, 'Jolras?" she reminded him. Enjolras blushed and nodded shyly.

Grantaire blurted, "Drink to Enjolras' new found LOOOOOOOVE!" Then Bahorel and Feuilly provoked, "Kiss! KISS! Kiss!"

The rest joined in except the two, who were blushing and cursing their friends silently.

"Come on!" Jehan pleaded. "As a testament and proof to your love!"

Éponine looked at Enjolras for his consent. He simply stared at her. She asked him, "Is it all ri—?"

But before she finished, Enjolras cut and stole her breath with a kiss, a ferocious yet gentle kiss. It took her aback, but then she got her senses and kissed back as passionately as he did. The group cheered them on, but when it got longer, and it looked like they weren't going to be finished soon, they all stared at different places to give them room. (This wasn't really a problem for Cosette and Marius since they started kissing when the two did. Marius did it to distract Cosette from feeling embarrassed.)

"Damn, Enjolras!" Grantaire joked. "You 'wo get a rooooooooooom!"

That stopped the two, who were panting from their previous lip-locking.

Courfeyrac scolded Marius and Cosette too. "Hey, no more kissing! This isn't a lovapalooza!"

Combeferre repeated what he said earlier. "What the heart wants, the heart wants."

Enjolras smiled at Éponine when they finished. She returned his smile and hugged him.

Somehow, their philosopher friend was almost always right.

You can't stop it.

+ Le Fin +

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