Been a while since I wrote a loveless fic hasn't it? It feels good to be back in this fandom :D

Soubi felt his heart do somersaults as he climbed onto Ritsuka's small balcony, pushing himself harder in his desperation to see the plum eyed boy.

Ritsuka... The small boy had left his window unlocked, was he still hoping for Soubi to come climbing in, even after a month?

Soubi had been straining at the chains that bound him to Seimei ever since that day at the graveyard, and tonight was the night he had finally broken away from the cruel, dark haired man.

Nisei had run when Seimei had set him free, immediately running to the safety of Mimuro's arms, and Soubi had just stood by as Moonless beat on his sacrifice until Seimei collapsed under the pressure of there attack.
The blond man had never felt more hatred for a person like he felt for Seimei; it was that man's fault that all of Soubi's dreams had been taken away, right when Ritsuka had managed to heal him and show him that dreams were possible...

'I hope they killed him...' Soubi shook the thought of Seimei away, he didn't deseve to be remembered, he had hurt Ritsuka so badly...

Ritsuka... The little boy was like an angel to Soubi, yet more then an angel, he was Soubi's everything, he loved the little neko with his entire being.

Soubi knelled beside the child's small bed quietly, it was taking all of his self restraint to not wake the small neko and press him right into his heart with an embrace.

But he couldn't, it was his fault that Ritsuka was having nightmares, it was his fault he hadn't been able to disobey Seimei's order, it was Soubi's fault Ritsuka was suffering from a broken heart.
He'd never forgive Soubi for what he had done, it was treacherous to even be in this room...

'I'm just going to say goodbye, I'll leave him after this... He'll forget about me, he'll be happier...'

No matter how Soubi tried to suppress them, tears started to fall, he wanted to ask Ritsuka to forgive him, he wanted to one day share a home with Ritsuka, to share a life...

'No' Soubi deserved to be alone, he was just a tool, a tool to be thrown out and to hate, not to love.

Stands of blond hair fell on either side of them as Soubi leaned down and kissed his precious Ritsuka for one last time, putting as much love and passion into the contact as he could muster, knowing full well this would be the last time he would be able to share a kiss with the person how had made his life worth living.

'If he was wake, would he ask me to stay?...' But the neko was fast asleep, exhausted from sleepless weeks of crying.

"Goodbye, my sweet Ritsuka." Tears began to flow in earnest then, falling onto Ritsuka chest, and then onto the floor as Soubi stood up and walked to the window.

The blond beauty looked baack one last time before he left, trying to memorize Ritsuka's image so it would last him the rest of his life, and whispered as passionately as he could into the dark room "I love you, my Ritsuka, I always will..."

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