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Ritsuka lay his head on the cold picnic table tiredly and closed his eyes against the desperate tears that were pricking the backs of his eyelids.

It had been four months. Four months since Soubi had left Ritsuka alone in that graveyard. Four long, lonely months of years and heartbreak in the absence of soft blue eyes.

The plum eyed boy had retreated from his friends and school, he was breaking into a different, lost person.

Ritsuka only ever went out to look for Soubi; he had searched what felt like the entire city, but he wouldn't let himself give up on finding the college student, so every a day like today came around, a Sunday, Ritsuka would shove himself out of bed and wander Tokyo desperately.

Misaki noticed the dramatic changes in the black haired neko, proving to her again and again that this imposter wasn't even trying to be her Ritsuka anymore.
She grew more violent, injuring Ritsuka and then herself.

One of his drooped black ears twitched a little as Ritsuka felt something pricking at the back of his hand; looking up slowly he discovered a blue butterfly had landed on the exposed skin.

Ritsuka immediately spun around to look behind him with ears perked and tail wagging, knocking the butterfly to the table, as he closed his eyes expectant of a kiss and a loving embrace.
But he waited a moment, then two, then a few more.

"Soubi?..." Once he opened his eyes Ritsuka realized just how foolish his hope had been.

Sometimes a butterfly was only that, just a butterfly.

Ritsuka turned away from the empty space in front of him, trying to hold in the heartbroken tears that were threatening to break him with their weight.

"Soubi..." The black haired boy sank back onto the picnic bench, biting his bottom lip to keep the sobs inside.

Suddenly he noticed that the butterfly that had raised his hopes was still there, elegant and fragile on the old wood of the table.
But something was wrong with it... It was trying to fly but couldn't...

Ritsuka gulped; it looked like he had injured the beautiful creature when he had spun around in hope of seeing his precious blue eyed fighter.
The neko hated seeing anything hurt, especially when it was by his own hand.

"I'm sorry little guy..." Ritsuka said as he gently picked up the fluttery thing, wincing as he saw the tear in the silky wing.

The butterfly's wing beats grew steadily slower, and the sapphire blue seemed to grow duller as Ritsuka held it, and then finally it grew still.

"No don't die... I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" Ritsuka eyes widened and he started to cry softly, but it wasn't the butterfly he was seeing.

He was seeing Soubi, who this blue creature reminded him so much of, dying alone, in the dark, with tears streaming down his beautiful face, tangling his flaxen hair.

Ritsuka didn't sleep that night. Instead, for the first time in his life, he prayed, he prayed for Soubi to be safe. He cried at the thought of a world where Soubi was completely gone, and screamed the blond's name into the night, desperate to be held in those warm arms once again.

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