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Kio couldn't believe his eyes when he glanced into his roommate's room and saw the blond man sitting on the floor, painting. Soubi hadn't painted since he had escaped Seimei's cruel grasp two years ago. It always made Kio sad to see the empty easel and dried paints that used to create such beautiful paintings.
The green haired man opened his mouth to say something before realizing that Soubi didn't know he was watching and closing it again. He watched his former classmate closely, watching as the blond man mixed colors and applied them to the canvas so naturally it was like it came naturally; like breathing.

Kio had always thought that Soubi's art was beautiful; that's what first interested Kio their first week at the university. But he quickly learned that not only was Soubi's art exquisite, but the person who created the paintings was also beautiful in every way- from his long, flowing blond hair to his stoic look and tight jeans to his way of holding a paint brush delicately, like it was a living thing.
As the green haired man watched his friend paint he smiled. It was good to see Souni painting again.
After several minutes Soubi noticed he was being watched, but instead of pausing in his purposeful dabbing of paint he simply nodded his head slightly; telling Kio to sit down. They stayed this way for more than an hour- Soubi kneeling on the ground, bringing painted flowers and butterflies to life and Kio sitting behind him watching and thinking.
'I should probably move out soon...' Kio thought. Soubi seemed to be okay now -though not completely better the blond man had improved immensely in the week since he and Ritsuka had been reunited- and besides, Kio couldn't chase this man for the rest of his life. Soubi had someone who made him happy, gave him a reason for life, and even though it hurt a little, Kio was glad.

After several minutes Soubi stood up and broke the silence: "I'm going to go wash my brushes." Kio started to say something I'm response but the blond man had already left the room.

Now that Soubi had left Kio could see the entire painting. To the green haired man's trained eyes the art was obviously unfinished, but it was beautiful. Blue and lilac colored flowers covered with dew were scattered across the canvas. Blue butterflies landed on the and spread their wings. Dark green leaves and steams wove themselves in between the blue and purple. And in the middle of all this beauty was Ritsuka. Soubi had painted the black haired boy half buried in flowers. There was a butterfly on one of his eyelashes and Ritsuka wore a joyful smile.
'Beautiful...' Kio thought to himself. 'Is this what Soubi dreams about?' Maybe, when nightmares didn't haunt the artist, Soubi's dreams were full of flowers and butterflies, smiles and Ritsuka.

That day Soubi left his apartment early. He was going to apply for a job as an art teacher in the high school that sat beside Ritsuka's school. The interview had gone rather well and if he got the job it would mean that Kio didn't have to pay the entire rent anymore like he had for the past two years. 'I need to thank him soon...' Soubi thought absentmindedly. Kio had always looked out for him and -as he had recently learned from Ritsuka- had even been the one to bring Ritsuka back to Soubi. 'I owe Kio a lot, don't I?' The blond man thought about Kio as he walked. The train of thought soon wandered to Ritsuka as it always did. Then what it would like to be a teacher. And then he started wondering if Ritsuka would be proud of him for straightening out his life so quickly.

With his mind so occupied Soubi arrived at Ritsuka's school without realizing and had to double back a few yards. With a sigh the blond man leaned on the fence and waited for Ritsuka.
About 10 minutes later Soubi heard the bell ring and straightened up immediately. It was all he could do to not rush into the school building to see the younger male. Students began to flow out of the school, some running, and some walking and relaxed. Ritsuka was usually the first one out but today that was not the case. Soubi grew more and more worried as he watched students go by. One after the other the middle-schoolers passed him- some ignoring him and some giving him suspicious glances. And the. Soubi saw him. His Ritsuka was walking with Yuiko and Yayoi behind all the other students, a noticeable limp in his step.
As the three friends grew closer Soubi could see the pained expression that Ritsuka wore every time his right foot touched the ground.

"Soubi-san!" Yelled Yuiko, running ahead slightly to greet the artist with a bright smile. Soubi usually humored the pink hated girl but today all his attention was devoted to Ritsuka. Once the black eared boy was in front of him, Soubi confronted him.

"Ritsuka, what happened?" He said, his voice sodden with worry.
"What do you mean?" Ritsuka avoided the question.
"Ritsuka please... You're hurt!" Soubi sounded like he was about to break down. Ritsuka quickly decided it would be better to tell the older male the truth so he didn't think Ritsuka had gotten attacked.
"I fell down the stairs" Ritsuka said hesitantly, "my ankle's sprained." Soubi bit his lip unhappily.
"When did this happen?" he asked quietly. "Around eleven" chimed in Yayoi when Ritsuka didn't answer.
Ritsuka gave a startled yelp as he was suddenly swept off his feet and carried bridal style. "Soubi, put me down!" He ordered. The blond man didn't respond to Ritsuka and instead, after saying goodbye to Yayoi and Yuiko, walked away.

"Soubi!" Ritsuka yelled for the countless time. "Where are we going?"
"My apartment." Soubi answered, his voice sounding a little choked up. "Soubi..." Ritsuka said quietly. He reached his hand up to touch Soubi's face and was surprised to find the skin around the blue eyes wet. "Soubi, what's wrong?" He asked gently.
"You've been in pain for hours" Soubi breathed.
"But Soubi I'm fine!" Ritsuka said a little forcefully. The blond man just held Ritsuka tighter and buried his face in Ritsuka's neck for a moment. 'I wanted him to be proud of me today but now I'm close to breaking down... Pathetic Soubi. You're pathetic.' The blond male was jolted out of his self loathing when he felt Ritsuka snuggle into his chest. 'Thank you for worrying about me...' Ritsuka thought with a smile. The black eared boy had missed Soubi, even the over-protectiveness and possessiveness that sometimes got annoying. The blond haired man began to walk a little faster and held Ritsuka close. He would properly dress The injured ankle as soon as they got home.

Once they had entered Soubi's shared apartment the blond man set Ritsuka down on the couch. "I'll be right back." Soubi promised and disappeared into the bathroom to retrieve the well used first aid kit. "Soubi..." Ritsuka called from his place on the sofa. "Yes Ritsuka?"
"Thanks" he said softly as Soubi sat down beside him. The blond man's soft lips curved into a small smile before the kissed Ritsuka's forehead.
"Anything for my little Ritsuka." He breathed gently into one of the soft, black cat ears. "Now can I see that ankle?" Ritsuka simply nodded with a blush and raised his calf as Soubi guided it across his lap.

Soubi dressed the injury quickly and delicately; trying his best not to cause Ritsuka any pain. Ritsuka just watched as Soubi wound an ankle wrap around and around his foot.
Once Soubi had finished he gentle kissed the bandage and pulled Ritsuka to his chest. "You need to be more careful..." Soubi chided lightly as he wound a strand of Ritsuka's soft hair around his finger.
The neko boy quickly decided not tell tell Soubi that he had only tripped down the stairs because he was distracted by a certain blond artist. "Don't you dare start following me to make sure I am..." he grumbled quietly.
"I will" said the blond man with a smile, "anything to keep Ritsuka safe."

"Idiot' Ritsuka said before putting his arm around Soubi's neck and pulling him down for a kiss.

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