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The clock on the nightstand ticked so loudly that Dr. Henry Jekyll thought he could hear his own heart beating. He stood at the bedside of the woman he loved. They were taking a walk seven months prior when Emma had taken a tumble. She fell into the water. It was the shallow end but she had hit her head. Henry jumped in and rescued her but her body remained in a state between life and death. The other doctors were trying to convince Henry to let her go to the next life but Henry knew there was still hope for his beloved.

"She's beyond hope Henry," Dr. Hynesway told him gently.
"Therefore we treat her like an animal," Henry challenged fire gleaming angrily in his eyes, "She's a woman Jesse, with emotional responses and a soul as good and as pure as yours or mine- far better in fact. She is the woman I love and I will not accept the fact that there is no hope her I still see the purity of her soul. I still see her beauty and light."

"Henry," Doctor Hynesway said gently touching him on the shoulder, "We are doctors. We are not GOD. There is no way to change this wretched woman." Henry's eye could have spit fire by now.
"DON'T YOU EVER CALL HER A WRETCHED SOUL AGAIN," he demanded, "There must be a way to reach her."
"Death will reach her Henry," Dr. Hynesway said, "For pity sake there are people who can be redeemed. She has not been in that position since she got here."
"I am close to perfecting a formula," Jekyll argued, "One that will restore her to herself"
"I admire you tenacity Henry," Hynesway said, "But your Collegues feel you're trespassing on hallowed grounds"

"They are are selfish. They would be afraid of their own shadow if they didn't understand it."
"They can only act upon what they know," Dr. Hynesway pointed out.
"Yes," Henry said, "and I can only act upon what I know. I know I will not give up hope for this woman. There is a light within her that burns as brightly as the power of a thousand suns."
"Henry this is not the same Emma you fell in love with," Hynesway pointed out, "She is not the woman who is funny, smart, musical and is not afraid to talk back."

"She is that woman," Henry said firmly.
"She's a shell of that woman Henry," Hynesway argued, "Let me ask you a question. How are you testing your chemical formula?"
"Through an injection of course," Jekyll replied.
"WHO ARE YOU INJECTING," Hynesway asked.
"Myself,"Jekyll replied gently caressing Emma's hair. Hynesway gasped- shocked.
"You're INJECTING yourself," he asked stunned.

"Correct," Henry said.
"Henry have you ever stopped to consider the consequences," Hynesway demanded, "I know you don't believe in consequences but have you ever stopped to consider them."
"Who says I don't believe in consequences," Henry said, "Consequences are not anything but a response to an action. You light the fire. The consequence is you get warm. You eat when you're hungry. The consequence is that you are full. Of course I believe in consequences just not artificial ones."

"Henry those injections are painful to begin with."
"I'm willing to suffer the pain so that Emma needs not suffer it," Henry said strongly. Lovingly he stroked Emma's hand.
"Did you see that," Henry asked, "She smiled"