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Summary: Gokudera Hayato. Overly zealous about becoming Tsuna's right hand man. Loves the Tenth, UMA's, and his explosives. One could say he fits right in with Tsuna's family. The problem is what isn't he telling his supposed family?

Warning: Time-travel Gokudera, Smart, Awesome, basically God-like Gokudera. Some minor swearing. And I'll try not to make him too Gary Sue because I want this to follow the canon!

Thanks for reading my extensively long Authors Note now please enjoy my first chapter/prologue!

Famiglia. One could say that this was the most important thing to the preteen sitting in the airplane heading to Namimori, Japan. One could say that, yet it wouldn't be true. The most important thing to this certain silver-haired individual was being accepted.

Brash and Hotheaded. One could say that this was how the young boy - no - man acted. People whispered about it, very loudly, but this did not change the fact that the supposed person was, in fact, neither.

Naïve. This is what the supposed 'older' individuals thought of him. A naïve boy that did not know the horrors of the world. They were wrong. They were the naïve ones compared to him. He knew the horrors of war, death, torture, and unfairness. An unfairness that plagued him to this day for all these years.

Suspicious and Superstitious. Gokudera Hayato was indeed both of these things but not without reason. There might not have been actual evidence of UMA's in this world but his eyes and memories were all he needed. He was suspicious, yes, but only because he had lost count of how many times someone got by his guard and hurt the people close to him.

Explosive, Literally. One could say that explosives drew too much attention to themselves and that, as a main weapon, it would be useless. People could say that and they would be right. One of the reasons he had chosen explosives as a main weapon was because when the time arose he would sacrifice himself to lure away the enemy. He wouldn't have to ever again watch as the enemy killed his comrades first before he himself was killed. He would rather go first and die trying to get rid of the adversary.

Jerk. He was mean. He admits it. But every time a person gets too close they get hurt. He dressed like a rebel to give them bad vibes. He swore at them to scare them off. He would insult them to get them to hate him. He acted like himself to scare the rest away… Yet, every time a person would keep pushing and pushing until they saw the actual Gokudera. Those people were never disgusted, infuriated, despondent, or livid. They saw him for who he was.

Friends. One could say he had a very specific relationship with his so-called friends. With some he bantered to ease the tension. With some there was name-calling just so he could have something unique to call them. With some there was silence, just a companionable pair that could understand one another. With some he treated them like a brother, the closest of friends, and like brothers they hated each other's guts. Then there was the sky, captain, commander, leader, best friend. They had a deep feeling of trust going both ways. He accepted Gokudera and gave him somewhere to belong with his friends. Gokudera gave him his loyalty.

Death, Hate, War, Asshole, Maniac, Bastard, Murderer- the Devil. He was all, yet one and the same. The nicknames followed him through life and then eventually, death. He spared no one. Not when his family, not Famiglia, needed him. He would give his all and eventually be done with it. The murder, the blood, the screams, they all stop sooner or later for the ordinary man. Unfortunately for Gokudera Hayato, or Smokin' Bomb Hayato, it never stopped. It followed him. Through life then death then life then death all over again. The only peace he could ever have was when in his daily life he stopped thinking about all these things. When he enjoyed his time with his new family. Unfortunately, the days pass by so quickly that it makes the night seem longer.

Per far fermare la notte doveva trovare il suo cielo al più presto.

To stop the night he had to find his sky soon.

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