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Gokudera closed his eyes and waited for the explosion to end his life. A single tear cascaded down his cheek, and with his last thought all he could think was 'Guess I couldn't last long enough to see the mafia change for the better… like Giotto's.'

But instead of the inevitable 'boom' and the splattering of his remains, nothing happened to Gokudera, and he slowly opened his eyes to find out why. The first thing Gokudera saw was the color brown. The next thing he noticed was that the supposed 'Tenth Boss of the Vongola' was clutching onto the last dynamite he had thrown like it was his lifeline. His face was scrunched up while his eyes were closed, and Gokudera couldn't help but sigh with a nostalgic feeling. 'He looks almost exactly like Giotto… and acts a bit like him too. So reckless.'

The world stilled as Gokudera thought. The young boy, Sawada Tsunayoshi, had risked his life trying to save him. Not only did that warm his oh-so-cold heart but it also started turning the gears in his head. 'He's a descendant of Giotto; he looks like him; he acts like him; maybe he'll be the one to change the mafia. I might not miss the turning point of the world yet, old friend.'

When the Juudaime opened his eyes all Gokudera could do except for crying tears of joy was to pledge his loyalty to him. And like any right-hand man would do, he got rid of the danger when it came to them. Namely, in the shape of a couple of seniors.

On the one day out of the whole entire time he spent with his Juudaime, it just had to be the day he was gone where idiot stuck his talons into Tsunayoshi-sama and wouldn't let go like a harpy... except male.

It wasn't like Gokudera seriously hated the guy—what was it?—Yamamoto Takeshi. It was just that he reminded him so much of his past friend. And, no, although Gokudera was technically older than them mentally, that did not mean he acted mature. Well, yes, he does, but just being around them he subconsciously started to act his physical age. Again.

Gokudera wanted to act mature; he really did. But being surrounded by teenagers again, practically reincarnations of his old friends, he couldn't help but act the same way. I mean, who would want to act like a brat in front of their beloved juudaime on purpose? Gokudera really, really didn't, but he just did.

Back to the matter at hand, Gokudera and—what was it again?—whatever, he shall now be dubbed the baseball-idiot by Gokudera himself. So, the baseball-idiot and Gokudera were arguing in front of his precious juudaime over how the baseball-idiot shouldn't join the mafia 'game'. Like seriously, Gokudera could appreciate people with strength or skill, and the baseball-idiot had potential, but immediately dubbing the mafia as a game was just... No.

But apparently Reborn had other ideas on the matter at hand, so he decided to give the baseball-idiot a chance. A chance.

... Aaand the chance he thought he had given him was soon blown out of the water by his immense stupidity.

Apparently, to appease Gokudera, Reborn had thought of holding a Family entrance test. Gokudera was immediately suspicious, and he had a right to be. Reborn never, ever cared about appeasing anyone, except himself. Well, it seemed that his worries were not for naught as he was called out by 'Yamamoto' with a letter in his shoebox telling him they were to meet behind the school after classes ended.

Apparently, 'Gokudera' had called out Yamamoto with a letter in his shoebox. So, in the end, there they were in an awkward silence just staring at each other until...

"You should drink some milk. Frustration is usually caused by the lack of calcium," the baseball-idiot said with a stupid grin on his face while pulling out some random milk container.

Gokudera's eye twitched. Then, it twitched again. Finally he started to minutely shake with rage, thinking of many colorful words that did not even exist in this era anymore. Clenching his fists unconsciously, Gokudera prepared for attack but was immediately deterred as Juudaime came running along with Reborn being pulled along.

'It seems like Reborn has something planned. I don't like it already,' Gokudera thought as he straightened his posture and unclenched his fists.

In reality, Gokudera had immensely enjoyed just letting go of himself and throwing all of his dynamite to the wind... following the baseball-idiot and Juudaime. But, as he realized that what he had thrown was too much, he immediately called out for his Juudaime. It was all in vain as everything blew up and a dust cloud settled over the ground, making it impossible to see.

Luckily, after a few moments passed, the baseball-idiot (he will now be referred to as Yamamoto-san in Gokudera's thoughts only just because Gokudera had some respect for him...) had helped Juudaime survive and they missed most of the explosions.

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