The Mornings Wars was a conflict that at one point consumed a good portion of Japan. Its two main participants were the Setou Organization and The Satou Orgainzation. Both were known by very different names during the war. The Anti-Feminists and the Feminist Movement. Though what the two actually fought over is still a mystery to many.

The War was devastating to the cities that it took place in, casualties numbered in the thousands on both sides, and to this day it is unknown the number of civilians caught in the near continuous covert warfare that took place between the two sides.

The war was finally brought to an end when the leader of the Setou organization Kenji Setou activated an experimental weapon that would erase their dimensional memory and reset the lives of all those who lived through the war, hoping that in destroying themselves they would bring the Feminists along with them.

But what he did not expect was that his second in command had been compromised by the Satou Organization and had revealed his plans to Akira Satou, the leader of the aforementioned Feminist Movement. Launching an all out attack on the Setou Organization Headquarters the climax of the Morning Wars was upon them.

Thousands clashed in the small city in southern Japan where entire city blocks were wiped from existence from the use of the heavy weapons employed by both sides. Eventually the war came to a head when Akira Satou and Kenji Setou went head to head within the depths of his Underground HQ. With the clock ticking down Kenji assumed victory was his, Akira Satou was unable to bypass his defenses and the final seconds of the war went by in silence as the weapon activated. The two sides fought viciously knowing that this would be the battle that won the long fought war.

But to the surprise of Kenji Setou, Akira Satou merely smiled and waited for it to activate and to his despair Akira Satou revealed to him that before his second in command was discovered he placed a virus within the weapon, causing it to fulfill its function but with the one exclusion that the Satou Organization would survive the dimensional warp and exist as strong as ever in the reset world.

As the Weapon detonated Kenji tried to deactivate it but failed as Akira Satou held him back.

To this day the war is all but unknown to the world as its effects have been erased from time. Only the far reaching Satou Organization is aware of its occurrence, always vigilant so that another war would never take place again.