Always Your Brother

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bubbajack- Well, here you go. Don't know if this is what you expected, but here it is.

coldblue- You might get that wish on Junior's personality, one day at least. Any way, I hoped I surprised you with this piece.

J-U- I think it's just childhood jealousy, but basically the same tihng in the end.

Kenju- First off, there are two basic veiws of Bleed's MAndy. One is that she is truly a heartless bitch that cares little for her kinds. However, everything I read in the comic points to the second view- Mandy truly does love her children, just shows it in a colder way. This was meant to show one of her weaker points as a character- she is not too confident in herself as a mother. Anything else? Yes. This? Not so much. Mandi is infact human. Just darker than most. So she has her weak points.

As for Junior, the hide away was the 'final straw' as it were. It was one of the only things he loved that he had solely to himself. Minnie found it and in his mind, she was taknig that away too. Even brooders can explode if pushed a bit too hard. Though, I didn't see any indication to say so few knew about his issue with Minnie. As for Minnie...don't ask me how, but I can really get in this character's thought pattern easily. The speaking is the only issue.

Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

A horde of demons marched to the base of the mountain Castle Grimskull resided on. Thousands upon thousands of monsters from every corner of the underworld, all gathered to dethrone the Lord of Death himself. The number of them could only possibly be matched by their diversity; giant, tiny, and everything in between…females, males, and unisex beings…intelligent, stupid, and beastly…weak, average, and powerful…guns, swords, and fists. It was an army without order or command. An army who never would have gathered for any other cause than to defeat the greatest enemy of all creatures; the predator with no hunter or rival. They sought the death of Death. How pathetic.

Before them, right at the base of the nearly thirty-thousand foot tall mountain, a figure appeared before the army. The person was in a black cloak and hood, hiding all of his or her features, but the size and shape gave the impression of an adult humanoid. A large ape-like creature with large swords strapped on his back stepped out of the army towards the figure. All over it looked like an ape in armor, but at least half of his flesh appeared rotted and the left half of his face was without flesh. In the empty eye socket was a green jewel.

"So, Lord Death, you've crawled out of your high castle to fight us?!" He asked daringly, drawing his blade and pointing at the cloaked being, staring down the edge as the army roared in agreement behind him, some banging their chests and weapons in eagerness to fight the Destroyer of Worlds.

"Nay, fiend. Thee and this lot art not worthy of bothering mine master. I shall be thine bane this day, pests," The figure answered, a definitely feminine voice speaking patronizingly. The army went wide eyed and roared in rage as the figure removed her cloak, in a very interesting way. The cloak turned into two leathery wings that unfolded to reveal a vision unmatched by Aphrodite.

Long, lush and golden hair that fell down to her waist. Grey eyes that resembled thunder clouds in their angry glare. A body so perfect and curved that no succubus could ever dream of having it. Her alabaster skin was covered only by the most arousing of outfits. A small corset, bottoms that were essentially panties, thigh-high stockings, and elbow-length gloves of a black scaly substance. Accompanying the wings was a long tail with a bladed end and two little wing-like appendages on her head.

"You!" The monkey growled, snarling before smirking at her, "So, Death has let his demon bitch off her leash? How does it feel, being an attack dog for a bag of bones?" He asked mockingly as the army stepped forward in anticipation, "We'll have plenty of fun with you before we get to your master," He promised as he and the army charged at her.

"Nay, Gaul. Thou and thine filth wilt naught lay a hand upon that which belongs to mine King," The demoness vowed as two long blades formed in her hands before her wing propelled her forward, slicing Gaul's head off. After that, it was a dance of death and carnage. At great speed, she twirled and danced around the ragtag demon army, every movement killing a few more of those who would dare to seek harm upon her lord and master. They fell like rain to her tail, her wings, her feet, her blades, and even her teeth.

After over ten minutes, the grey-eyed demonic battle-goddess stood at the center of a circle of corpses, not a mark upon her body. The survivors, less than a thousand, stood in a circle around their adversary. Most wounded and all looked like they knew they couldn't win. One more fool, a lamia of all things, leapt forward to her death. And Death was what she met.

The deadly demoness herself went wide eyed as a double-ended scythe severed the snake-woman across the middle and went on into the crowd, killing at least a hundred more before turning direction and heading back to the base of the mountain, and into the hand of its master. For there stood the Grim Reaper himself. Shrouded in his dark and baggy cloak, his hood concealing the skeletal figure underneath, the scythe used seemingly as a walking staff by the bone-hand.

"Death!" The demons yelled, now more scared than enraged or eager as they stood before the very essence of all ends.

"I thought I heard something. So, you all want to face Death?" He asked casually, his free hand scratching the back of his concealed head as he yawned, a cloud of ash breath emerging from his hood, "Well, here I am," the Lord of Death answered, opening his arms in an inviting fashion, telling them to come at him. None moved, all shook, "All bark and no bite, as usual. I grow tired of this routine," He said, sounding annoyed as he brought his staff up high, "You all wanted Death? Well, here I am!" He yelled as he slammed his staff down on the ground.

A black mist emerged from the end the moment it touched the ground, shooting out and expanding rapidly as it gave chase to the army. The mist not only killed, but rotted their flesh and very bones to naught but ash. The demons, now completely demoralized, attempted to flee. Death was not kind today, for the mist relentlessly chased after them all, sparing none. By the time the mist was done and returning to the staff, one could scarcely tell a battle took place on this wasteland before the mountain. All the bodies were gone and their blood dried away. The only proof of this event ever taking place were stains on the ground, stains that would be washed away eventually, and the breaks in the ground where attempted attacks were made, and no one would think much of them on their own.

"Master, thy assistance was not needed hither," The demoness said with her head bowed.

Death chuckled as he approached her, "A King can't help his guard bitch take care of a few interlopers?" He asked, using the blade of his scythe under her chin expertly to make her meet his gaze without cutting her. The demoness was completely un-intimidated by the fact that the weapon that reaped all souls was at her throat.

"A king, much less a king such as ye, should not hath to stoop to such-" She started, only to go wide eyed in shock as she was Death himself. She shivered as she felt his lips on hers as his hood brushed against her face.

"You really need to just shut up sometimes, Minnie," Death said sensually in her ear...

End of Dream

MiniMandy went wide eyed and nearly jumped out of her sleeping spot as she awoke. She blushed furiously as she found that she had fallen asleep in the gargoyle perch while resting her head on her brother's chest. She sat there with wide eyes, not believe what she just dreamed. Oh, sure she had dreamed of the future a few times with her brother as a grim reaper and herself as his right hand, but...that was the first time he had kissed her!

She could feel a burning in her young body as she got her first taste of real lust. Being a demon born and raised in the underworld, she was more likely to experience such things at a younger age. After all, age had little meaning in such a place of near-immortality, once you reached a certain point. Still, a maiden's first rush of lust is often a strong one. And with the object of her lust right in front of her, having been her pillow up until now, it only made it all the worse for her.

She had just had a dream involving herself and her brother and it went beyond sibling love in the dream, she could tell. The young girl had no idea what to think of that yet. Her brother only now had let her back into his heart. Was it even right for her to desire him in such a fashion? Would he be disgusted by it? Would their parents even allow it to happen if he ever returned her potential feelings? The child of eight-years had no fathom of the answers she sought.

After the initial rush died down and her heart calmed itself, she began to think a bit more logically. Could it be just a spur of the moment thing? Perhaps…she had no idea if her romantic feelings were even that yet. She would let them be and see if they remained, for now. If they did...she would cross that bridge when she came to it. With that in mind, she laid her head down on her brother again to rest, hoping for a more...peaceful sleep.

Junior yawned as he awoke, smiling as he found his sister still asleep, 'Well, guess we're staying here for a while. Hate to risk her falling again,' He thought as he sat there peacefully. Then he blinked as he felt something. Not spiritually, he didn't know how to do that yet; he physically felt something. To be exact, it felt like the ground was vibrating lightly, but getting stronger or closer, 'Where's it coming from though?' He wondered as he gently moved Minnie aside to stand on the ledge, looking out over the distance. Yet, he saw nothing that could be making it. Earthquakes did NOT happen naturally in this part of the underworld.

Then he got a very blank look as he realized where it had to be coming from. He looked down and almost jumped at what he saw.

The creature was giant, at least a tenth of the mountain in size from its head to its rear. Its body was pale-grey with flabby skin on its lanky and malnourished body, the bones visible throughout its body, including the eighteen ribs in its chest. It had four arms and no legs, just a stump where one would think the waist would be. The top set of arms were easily as long as the body, and angled downwards like a spider, with nine long fingers on each of those hands, the fingers going full circle around the palm. The lower arms were only about a fourth the size of the upper arms and were curled to the body like a T-Rex's would be. The hands on these arms were more normally-arranged, but instead of five fingers, there were five curled claws that looked like they were made of black metal.

The 'head' was the oddest part; it was shaped like a large horizontal oval. However, it had no eyes or ears or mouth. It looked like just a large, fleshy club. There were scars all along the front of the torso from being dragged across the rigid terrain of the underworld. The creature honestly looked like it would collapse and die on its own at any moment.

From its scars bled purple ooze that flowed down the mountain, seeming to grab onto the loose rocks and pull them down as one giant, sticky, gelatinous mass. The hands on the top arms, which did almost all the climbing, had an odd effect on the rocks they grabbed. The nine-fingered hands squeezed and the stone molded into solid spires with yellow glowing cracks all over them.

After a particularly hard bang from one hand, Junior snapped out of it. He was about to make a run for it, before he remembered his sister was there as well, "Crap, got to get Minnie out of here!" He realized, before turning to her and shaking her frantically, "Minnie! Come on, wake up now!" He yelled in her ear. He was about to slap her in his hurry when her eyes opened.

"Brother...why hast thou awaken me so unpleasantly?" She asked, blinking as she felt and heard the bangs.

"That's why! Now come on, we got to get off this thing!" Junior yelled, pulling her up towards the edge.

MiniMandy looked over the edge and held back a scream as she saw the strange monster, "B-brother, we canst not climb back with that behemoth quaking the mountain with its ascent! We shall surely fall if we attempt such a thing!" She protested, knowing that the rumbling would make them fall.

Junior looked a bit frantic for a moment, realizing she was right, "We'll...we'll have to jump it!"


"Grim! I thought you said that thing was dead!" Mandy yelled as she looked at the monitor, a snarl seconds away from forming on her face.

"I told ya woman! Dat thing doesn't work by de usual rules!" Grim yelled back, crossing his arms, "By de looks of it, me and me scythe only reaped its soul from the waist down. It played dead long until de soul and body be adjusted to de drop in power." Grim theorized, looking thoughtful.

"In other words, you half-assed the job…literally this time." Mandy countered, getting a glare from her husband, "Charles, how long until the artillery arrives?" Mandy demanded, knowing they were going to need it.

"For most, quite a while, Mistress. Most are at the borders or bases on standby, but a few of them stationed closer to the castle will arrive within the hour." Lord Pain answered, making Mandy scowl.

"Damn. How did this thing even get this close without us noticing?" Mandy asked.

"Dis thing is not of dis dimension, Mandy. We have no idea of its full abilities." Grim reminded simply.

"Charles, tell those cannons to double time it and get everyone to their station triple time." Mandy commanded coldly.

"At once, Mistress!" Charles saluted before running off.

"So...what do you think?" Mandy asked analytically.

"Hmmm, considerin last time, I'd say we'll have to use somethin we normally don't." Grim answered plainly.

Mandy stared for a few hard moments before nodding in agreement, "Go and try to keep that thing back while I get the sword." She said evenly.

"Try not to drag your heels." Grim joked with a smirk, getting a brief glare from the Bitch Queen.


"T-tarry! I...hast an idea." Minnie said hurriedly as her brother insisted they jump, knowing she had to reveal her powers now to help. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind, begging her powers to work.

"Minnie, what are you-?!" Junior started to ask, only to stop and gape as claws and tentacles sprouted from his sister, some forming into a pair of wings...and it all reminded him eerily of Uncle Nergal's powers. "How did...?" Junior asked, before hearing another stomp, "You know what, explain later! Just go!" He yelled, his survival instincts taking over. He never even realized that he had knocked the popcorn over the edge after the transformation.

The great and bisected monster heaved itself ever upwards to its target, less than a third of the mountain left to climb to the castle now. Against any and all pain and exhaustion it felt from its condition, it pressed on, smelling what it needed to restore itself. Its featureless 'head' perked up as it felt something fall on its head. Unknown to the creature, it was a bag of popcorn. However, it was able to sense where it fell from and could sense the two beings on the gargoyle perch.

Every bit of the slow and lethargic creature disappeared right then. With one mighty pull of its long arms, it hurled itself upward. It landed with its upper arms on the castle towers closest to itself.

Junior fell against the statue as the entire mountain shook very violently. He looked over and saw that his sister had managed to jump and claw her way onto the walkway...and was now staring in horror at something...then Junior realized the shadow over him. He shakily looked outward and saw the 'head' of the invading monster right in front of him. Suddenly, he heard a strange and echoing voice that spoke in a language he could not even comprehend.

'Sgizisyt...giac sy oe, Y Bitsev yj Jiset. A teed zy wuivvec qasg oyu, Ketsvyoev yj Qyvckt. Yzco sy vetsyve botecj,' It said, and Junior could only stare in confused horror as the head truly became a head. On the oval flesh-orb, a hundred eyes of varying size opened. They appeared all over at first before moving accross the surface to the front and stared at the young reaper.

"Brother, thou must flee!" Minnie yelled, trying to snap him out of the trance, thinking this thing was after him...then several of the eyes moved to the side and stared at her. She froze as a dozen mouths opened up on the head, several small ones seemingly swimming around the head aimlessly with black tongues licking their mouths hungrily. All of them were full of needle-like teeth and exposed yellow flesh inside the beast. They all seemed to be grinning.

'Ty, oyu ive sge yze qgyte xyqev liz vetsyve bo myko. Xvexive oyuvtecj, Debyzett!' The voice yelled as one of the shorter, claw-hands lunged at her.

"Minnie, get out of here!" Junior yelled.

End of Chapter

Bet you all didn't see this coming! To answer the obvious- both the monster and the language were created completely by me. The creature's design has some influence from Cloverfeild. And yes, the Gaul in the Dream scene was the Gaul from Spyro: Eternal Night. So, to sum up this chapter- Minnie had her first incestious dream, Junior is having communication problems with the invading creature, Mandy is getting a sword to deal with her anger issues, Charles is giving math lessons to the troops, Grim apparently reaped this thing's pants off, and our new monster wants to give Minnie a hug.

Sorry, couldn't resist adding a bit of humor here. But, in all seriousness, I believe I am getting better with Grim's accent as I go. Minnie, not so much. Starting to think I need another beta just for her lines. Mandy is offiicially in Queen Bitch mode and off to get something.

Questions to Ponder

Did Minnie's dream mean anything? Does it mean anything that in her dream she is called her Death's Bitch? And does Dream Junior's double-ended scythe mean anything? Will she gain romantic feelings like in canon? Will Junior get them too? What is that creature and what does it want? What happened the last time Mandy and Grim met/fought it? Why is it attacking Minnie and not Junior? What weapon is Mandy going after? How are Junior and MiniMandy going to get out of this situation? Will the creature be defeated? How is Junior going to react to Minnie's powers if they survive this? What did the creature say to Junior, and Minnie? And, lastly, what do you all think of the monster?