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Nagihiko Fujisaki is a boy at 13. He lives a happy life in Tokyowith his Mother, Father (who he hardly sees) and sister, Temari. He was on his way home from school with his three best friends, Ikuto, Kuukai and Tadase. They were discussing the pranks they would pull off this summer.

"What if we swap the shampoo with the hair dye in the super market?' Suggest Ikuto, the oldest of the four boys.

"Nah, what if we phone the police station and tell them that my mom hasn't come home yet?" This time the second oldest of the four said.

"That too old fashioned. How about we yell 'YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!' at someone and run away?" Tadase the smallest of the four suggested.

The brain of the group, Nagihiko, was thinking of the perfect plan. "No, we'll plan a fake wedding. Then say that we want money instead of present as a gift. We'll put a table with a bucket outside a tent and tell people to put their money in it. We'll zip up the tent and run away with the money."

"Great idea Nagi!" Kuukai exclaimed as he ruffled Nagihiko's hair.

"Since when has he had a bad idea"Ikuto murmured to Tadase, who just nodded.

Once they reached Nagihiko's house or more like mansion, they said bye to him and left. What was odd though was that people were coming in and out of his house with furniture and other things in boxes. Nagihiko travelled into his house to look for his mother.

"MOTHER! MOTHER!" He ended up finding her in her bedroom.

"Nagihiko, what have I told you about no shouting in the house?" Mother said sternly.

"Sorry, but why are all the furniture being taken out of the house?" Nagihiko said as the lowered his head and bowed in politeness.

"I'm sorry to tell you this now, but we're moving to-" Mother couldn't finish her sentence because Nagihiko interrupted her. He knew he should interrupt Mother when she's talking but he though he would be forgiven this one time.

"Moving? Where? And When?" Nagi shouted in an indoor voice. (Is that possible?)

"Nagi I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but we're moving for father's job. We're leaving tomorrow after lunch so you can invite your friends over tomorrow in the morning.

Nagihiko could feel tears welling up in his eyes. He felt sad that he'd be moving. "How far are we moving?"

"Honey, we're moving out of the country."

Nagihiko stared at her in disbelief. He didn't want to leave Japan nor did he want to leave Tokyo. He would miss Ikuto, Tadase and Kuukai. He would also miss the fruit and vegetable stands out on the street. And the way you can't move around very well in the streets on a Saturday afternoon.

"Who's coming?" he asked in a calm voice as he tried to calm himself down.

"You, Temari and me. Father's already there." He was glad that they were all going. But he didn't mind if they left Temari here, she was just a Hopeless Case that always got him into trouble. She's 16 only 3 years older than he is. And he was happy father was already there. There might even be a possibility of seeing him again. He hadn't seen his father in the past 3 months and was eager to show him how tall he's gotten.

"Now, now Nagihiko. Go to your and help Amu pack your stuff."

He did as he was told and ran to his room, which was on the second floor. At the moment he was on the third floor. His house has 5 floors, if you include the basement and the attic. On the first floor was the kitchen, dining room and living room. On the second floor was his room, Temari's room and their shared bathroom. On the third floor was were his parent's room were. They also had their own bathroom and father's office, which is Out Of Bounds At All Times And No Exceptions. The attic is a small room with many boxes full of old clothes and toys. There was a window there and Nagihiko could see all of Tokyo when he looked out of it. The servants sleep there.

As he came into his room, it looked completely unfamiliar. All his clothes were in boxes and so were his toys. At the moment the house maid, Amu, was packing the last of his clothes which were in his closet. She also managed to find the things he'd hidden in the back of his closet. He wanted to pack the rest of his things as they were very valuable to him.

"Uh, Amu you can stop now. I'll pack the rest of my things."

"Of course, Nagihiko-sama." Amu said as she lowered her head.

"You don't have to be so formal. We're about the same age anyway"

That wasn't at all true. Amu had already graduated. But since the death of their old maid, Amu's mother, they got Amu as the new maid. He doesn't know why she had accepted the job instead of a better job. But she did look as old as he did. She was shorter than him as he was tall for his age.

"If you excuse me I have to clean up the rest of the house." Amu said as she headed towards the door. But before she could exit the room Nagihiko asked her a question.

"Amu, are coming to the new house with us?"

"Of course, Nagihiko-sama"

Nagihiko felt a bit better. He enjoyed Amu's company and would feel lonely if she was replaced.

The rest of the day went past pretty quickly. Most of the day Nagihiko was packing his stuff. That or he was helping his mother pack things around the house. By the end of the day the house was almost completely empty.

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