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"Heard Jah got to you, how'd the barking go?" a woman wearing a sweaty wife-beater working on her latest invention in hand-held guns asked as Letty came into the gun's room.

Letty rolled her eyes and reached to grab a gun hanging from the rack, "Like rainbows and unicorns," she turned and snapped her fingers at the collective ammo on the steal table in front of the other woman, "give me that."

The woman made a noise at the back of her throat and grinned at Letty, throwing the clip as hard as she could at her companion.

Letty glared as she juked back and grabbed clumsily at the clip that was aimed at her stomach, "Vegh."

Vegh shrugged and clipped on a magazine to a 50. cal.

Letty stared at the guns-woman with amusement, "You just have those lyin' around or what?"

"Tch," Vegh scoffed and gave her an incredulity look, "if I had these lyin' around, everyone would want it—it's mine!"

"The only useful thing about that gun is its guarantee for long-range kill confirms." Letty replied

"And what's better than a confirmed kill? Ain't that what we're aimin' for?"

Letty clicked her tongue and shook her head once, turning to walk out of the room.

"Where you goin'?" Vegh asked, her head popping forward in interest.


"Some very interesting information has come to my attention just recently, Leticia."

Letty's focus was quickly reverted from the engine in front of her, to the voice behind her.

Her body stiffened as she heard the man's footsteps get closer to her. When he stood beside her, he brought his hand to her head, moving aside loose locks of her hair behind her ear.

Her eyes shot silent daggers at him as she erected her stance and conspicuously took a step away from him.

"Now, now, Leticia, this isn't the time to displease me, is it?" his eye brow raise, pure evil mischief showing itself in his eyes.

Realization struck her as her earlier conversation with Jah came to mind.

The son of a bitch had ratted her out!

She sighed and turned back to the engine, "Get to the point already."

The man pursed his lips to stare down at Letty's work, "I wonder what would happen if I would take away your….toys," he looked at the back of her head, waiting to pull a reaction from her, "what do you think, Leticia?"

Letty's nose flared and eyes flashed towards the concrete wall across from them, trading all anger with a bored expression.

"I think you're wasting your time, Shaw."

"Hn," his head bounced back with a chuckle as he circled around her, "I see you haven't lost the fire in you."

"I take it back, you're wasting my time." Her body sprang up and walked away from him, chucking a wrench carelessly into her tool box and grabbing a dirtied rag, rubbing off the engine grease and turning back to him to give him a questioning look.

"Is that all?"

He turned and leant himself against Letty's car, staring her down with annoyed eyes.

"You're becoming attached to materials with sentimental value—I don't like it."

She chuckled emotionlessly, "You shouldn't be worried about what Jah has to say to you, what you should be worrying about is someone narcing us out."

His eyes narrowed as he crossed his arms and leant himself heavily on the still in progress vehicle, "Is that a threat?"

She smirked and mimicked his pose against her tool box, "Let's call it a suggestion."

His domineer suddenly vanished and was replaced with a lighter emotion, a small smile spreading on his lips, "Who are you suggesting would betray me?"

Her smirk turned into a Cheshire smile as she slowly made her way towards him.


Everyone's attention snapped away from their card game to the angered man holding onto the door frame of the lounge room.

A grin graced Letty's lips as she leant herself back against her chair, propping her feet up heavily on the table in front of her.

"The fuck happen to you Jah?" Vegh asked, her eyebrows furrowing at his bruised state, never once dropping her deck of cards onto the table.

"You!" Jeh pointed at the calm woman in the room that was basking in his pain.

"What'd you expect Jah?," she dropped her feet onto the floor and stood up, her arms crossed and a regal expression on her face as she made her way towards him, "you should have learned by now that the only thing you're getting out of this by ratting me out is soaking the fire with more gasoline."

"She's got'chu on that one, boy." Vlad chuckled and dropped on of his cards on the table.

Vegh's eyes brightened up as she reached down to snatch it.

Vlad raised an eyebrow at her, playing with the toothpick in his mouth as the woman threw down a card animatedly.

"I did that shit for you, you damned spoiled brat!" Jah shouted, leaning himself heavily on the frame.

Letty glared at the demeaning name and stepped in front of him, their noses nearly coming into contact "You don't wanna fuck with me, Jah"

"She's right," Vegh raised a thumb in their direction, suddenly shooting up from her chair and throwing down her hand, "Full house baby! Give me my bank, sucka!"

Vlad smirked and set his deck down, "Royal flush."

Vegh's mouth hung open in disbelief at his deck, "The hell?!"

"Sorry to disappoint you princess, but I just got the shit beaten outta me," Jah rolled his jaw angrily at her and slumped his body, "you ain't the one that shouldn't be fucked with right now"

"You wanna put 'chur money where your mouth is?" Her eyes narrowed harshly at the man, her temper beginning to spike.

Vlad's eyes widened as he turned in their direction, quickly getting up and making his way towards the his two riled up team mates, "Hey, hey, that's enough already, Letty. Chill."

Letty glared at him and made her way around Jah, making sure to bump into the injured man before leaving.

"You litt—" Jah reached to grab onto Letty before a hand clasped onto his wrist, pulling him back into the room.

"That's enough, Jah." Vlad ordered, his playful mood from before all but gone and was replaced with authority.

Jah winced and snatched his arm from Vegh's grasp, murmuring as he limped toward the table.

Owen stared down at his team from the second floor of the hardware building. They were all standing in formation, their hands behind their backs, waiting for their leading commander's order.

"Our targets seem to be run-aways from the states," Owen smirked, slowly making his way down the stairs made of steel, "why don't we give them a warm welcome to our grand homeland."

Letty held back the urge to grunt at his sarcasm and stayed in line.

"Letty, you know what to do."

She gave a solid nod and stepped forward, barking out her teams orders.

They all went their separate ways into new top of the line Jeeps with protective body gear and bolted out of the building one by one.

Letty was about to make her way to her own car when Owen held her back.

"You can't leave just yet, little one," he reached to grab a yellow envelope from one of his trustees and brought it to her, "I have a surprise for you."

She looked at the envelope in his hand as if it were a disease. Not wanting to receive anything from him, she continued to stare at it.

"Oh come on, darling," he prompted the envelope closer to her with a light grin, "it won't bite you."

That's the least of her worries.

She cleared her throat and grabbed the envelope from his grasp harshly, turning to walk away from him.

"Aren't you going to open it?"

She stopped in her tracks and shook her head, "I've got more important things to do than look at presents."

Owen's grin grew into a smirk at her reaction, "But I worked so hard to get it, I would be very disappointed if you didn't like it," he began walking towards her with the stride of a predator, "besides, I need to be here to explain what it is."

She let out a short, impatient breath and ripped open the envelope. Reaching in to take out its contents, she slapped the files on top of the ugly yellow covering. Staring at the photographs with neutral observation, "You've got a bad taste for surprises."

"Hmm," He nodded and rubbed at his chin lightly, reaching down to pluck the top photograph from the pile, "ahh, here we are."

Letty stiffened at the people in the photo.

"Ring any bells?" Owen asked, looking for any indication of a reaction from her.

She swallowed back a knot at the back of her throat and turned to look at the man questioningly, "The hell is this?"

Owen licked his lips and leant away from her, his gaze promised misery as he turned to walk away from her, "We'll see whether that is your salvation or," he stopped and tilted his head in her direction, "your end."

Letty swerved next to a curve and came to a full stop with a slam of her breaks.

Her eyes trailed to the yellow envelope lying innocently in the passenger seat.

She grabbed it and impatiently opened the flap, bringing out the same picture that had stunned her earlier. She had no doubt it was her, but the man she was sitting on….

"Who are you…."

They looked natural…..happy, almost like they had no worries in the world.

She scoffed lightly.

Her? No worries?

She shook her head and lent her elbow against the arm rest on the door, not taking her eyes off of the man with the bright smile.

"Yo, Letty, where the heck are you?"

Letty's eyebrows furrowed, her eyes drifted from the picture to the walkie-talkie at her shoulder.

"I ain't dead if that's what you're thinkin'." Letty replied, letting out an annoyed sigh as she threw the picture back onto the passenger seat, swerving out of her parking space.

"'Bout damn time you answered, woman!"

The corner of Letty's lip quirked up at the guns-woman's tone

"I'm not missing the action am I?"

"Hell yes you are! There's cars flying and everything man! …..almost seems like we're back in the US for 4th of July." Vegh laughed

The Latina woman's eyebrows furrowed at the implication, "Vegh…..what the hell do you mean there's cars flying?"

Vegh's laughter suddenly stopped, her voice rising into a high pitch, "I may or may not have forgotten to tell you that Owen want's you here like…yesterday…."

Letty glared at the road, "—the shit, Vegh?!"

"I'm sorry!"

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