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Elphaba's POV

I'm Elphaba, I'm four years old and on my own. I'm not like normal childeren in Oz, I'm a green bean. I am ugly. Now I am alone in Oz, the darkness is all around me. It seems I'm in a forest. That can be the forest close to Kiamo Ko. Or close to Munchkinland. Oh I am lost! Where do I need to go? Who can help me? Am I really all alone?

Regular POV

Elphaba walked through the woods, this was after Frexpare, her father, dropped her somewhere. He had blindfoled her and dropped her in the woods where everyone would die. It was the portal to a new world. Nobody survived the heath, the cold, the difference. Frexpare knew this better then anyone. While he dropped her he went away as fast as he could. He didn't felt sorry that he probably killed his first born daughter. All what mattered to him was NessaRose. His princess his everything. But enough about Frexpare, this story is about Elphaba, who was still wondering through the forest. She started to sing a song she remembered from what her mother used to sang for her.
Like a bird I will fly on the breath of the wind

to the country of my dreams,

where I rediscover my lost youth.

And the song of hope and peace, hardly sounds here,

is the song that I will hear when my people sing in freedom.

Blessed Nubia, the playground of the Gods,

so glorious and tender,

so resilient and so beautiful.

Battered Nubia, a new day will come,

if you're desperate now, reports and destitute. (A/N: This song calls Gezegend Nubië from the Dutch musical Aida. This is the translation of it. In English its called God loves Nubia)
When Elphaba went further through the forest she noticed it suddenly became friezing cold and then suddenly warm as like the sun came by Elphaba herself. She felt like she became ripped into two but that didn't happen, and all of sudden she was standing in an alley in a new world. Elphaba didn't regonize this and started to panic. 'Where am I? What is this place?'' By her surprise she got an answer. ''Y-you're in Paris, miss.''
Elphaba turned around and saw a boy from like her own age sitting into a corner with rages around his body. ''H-hello..'' She said shakly, not excactly knowing what else she needed to say.

''H-hello miss..'' He said in reply just as shackly. They both then saw a tall figure come into the alley and Elphaba quickly searched for a hiding place, while she eyed and the tall figure who clearly was a man and the boy who sat there and seemed to pretend to not to be there. When the tall figure walked back the boy whispered to her ''You need to be careful miss.''
She looked at him and whispered ''why do you call me miss, sir?''

''Why do you call me sir, miss?'' Was the little boy his reply and Elphaba started to laugh softly.
''I'm Elphaba, I learned to call people sir because otherwise they will beat me.''

''I'm Javert, I learned to call people miss because otherwise they will beat me too.''
''You don't have to call me miss, please call me Elphaba, sir.'' Elphaba looked at him and she liked him in a way.
''Then you call me Javert, Elphaba'' He smiled. It was difinantly the most beautiful smile she ever saw, well actually the first one who was ment for her.

''Nice to meet you Javert.'' She said and smiled back a bit. He looked at her and nods ''nice to meet you too''

Elphaba smiled. In this weird new world she had at leased one who she could trust. She felt for the first time happy and becane to smile brightly at Javert.

''W-what is it?'' He asked a bit worried.

''It's just...for the very first time...I feel wicked.'' She giggled softly and didn't even regonize the sound. ''Wicked?'' Javert tilted his head slightly.

''Y-yes, I think they find me wicked..''

''Where do you come from? I mean before you came here?''


''I come from Oz.'' Elphaba looked at Javert.

''Oz? What's Oz?''

''Oz is a country, it's beautiful..''

''I've never heard of Oz..'' Javert looked at his new friend.

''I take you there one time, alright?'' Elphaba smiled at him.


''Javert?'' Elphaba sat down next to him and smiled again

Javert looked at her before he answerd ''yes?''

''Where do you stay?'' She looked at him.


''How do you mean?''

''I stay on the streets.''

''But...no home?''


''Oh...'' Elphaba looked away and Javert looked at her more curious now.

''You're green...but you look normal though...'' He said.

''I'm not normal Javert, I'm a green bean...And sended away by father himself.'' She shrugged like it meant nothing but Javert thought different.

''You're not a green bean, you're beautiful different.''

Elphaba turned her head and smiled, she answered in a whisper ''Thank you Javert, I like you..''

His eyes became wide ''you...you do?''

''Yes.'' Elphaba kissed his nose playfully.

He smiled a bit and kept looking at her. ''Do...do you want to stay here Elphaba?''

Now Elphaba's eyes became wide. ''You want me to stay here?''

''On...only if you want...''

''I do want!'' She smiled brighter then ever.

When the night came Elphaba used to be afraid but now with her new friend at her side she wasn't scared, she layed her head on Javert's shoulder and he hugged her. They fell asleep like they never used to, in a deep peaceful sleep.

Elphaba's POV again:

My new friend Javert. I like that actually.
Now we are together, no-one can beat us! Ever!
For the first time I feel loved for who I am.
For the first time I feel Wicked.

Javert POV

Now I have finally my first friend, Elphaba.
I don't know anything about her but I do know
she's lonley, just like me. For the first time I've got a real friend.
She's so sweet...

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