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Javert took Elphaba to the market where he wanted to take the bread but then there was a hand lied on his and on Elphaba's shoulder, there where both turned around and they both saw him.

The man looked at them and he took their hands, he started to walk and pulled them with him. Elphaba and Javert where struggling to get free but the man held their hand tight but after a ten minutes struggle he stopped and turned around, Elphaba screamed loud, that man was her father! The man, her father, smirked and looked at them ''Shut up Fabala. You will be soon home.''
''J-Javert...N-no f-father...Please..'' Elphaba trembled and Javert frowned ''Elphie, I am here...'' He said but Elphaba quickly laid a hand on his mouth. ''So the little boys name is Javert?'' The man smirked more and he pushed her away. ''Y-yes s-sir, I-I am Javert..'' The little boy said brave, and the man nodded ''you come with us. There's always a place for a good young man at my house..'' He actually smiled and Elphaba's eyes became wide did she saw that right? Her father smiled? She pushed that thought away and asked softly ''F-father? A-are you bringing Javert and me with you to Nessa?'' Her father looked at her and nodded like she was nothing but dirth at his feet.
''Come on little boy, Fabala. We are in my house in a second.'' He took Elphaba's and Javert's hands and said a spell. In a blink of their eyes they where in house where a little girl in a wheel chair was sitting at the table. When she heard them she turned and smiled ''father, Fabala.'' She said happy and wheeled over to them ''hello Nessarose..'' Elphaba greeted softly and her father kneeled down and kissed her head ''My prescious darling Nessa, you aren't alone with your sister anymore because papa has brought a lovely friend for you.'' He pointed at Javert and Nessarose smiled happily ''hello sir, I am Nessarose Thropp but you may call me Nessa..'' She holded out a hand and her voice was filled with love, Elphaba started to grow jealous, very jealous but she hided it. How could Javert ever love me? She thought sadly but when Javert turned to her and smiled warmly she got new confedence that he does love her, but her little fears are holding her back, and Nessarose. The last one came close to her and whispered ''father wants to speak to you in private, I think he didn't mean to send you away like this.''

''I think so Nessa...''

A loud voice made them both turn around ''No.'' Frexpare stood with his hand on Javert's shoulder, just as father and son, and he shook his head ''Fabala, I've never ment to send you to Paris but its good that you have met Javert. Will you now be so kind and give us all a drink?''
Elphaba nodded softly and whispers ''of course father... What would you like?''
''I would like a cup of tea Fabala, but be careful because there has to be new water in the kettle.'' He smirked when he told her this. Javert walked up to her and smiled ''I'll help her!''
'' know you have to do the things yourself,'' came the voice of her father
''Y-yes, Javert its sweet of you to help me but I can do it myself...'' She was afraid, of course she was afraid, her father was truly evil and would punish her if she would let Javert help her.

The last one looked at her and walked back to her father ''alright then...''
Elphaba swallowed loud and asked in a whisper to Nessa ''w-what would you like to drink?''
The tragicly beautiful looked at Javert and smiled in a very flirty way ''I take what Javert drinks''

He looked at her and blinks in surprise ''I...erm...want some t-tea?''
''Then I want tea too!'' Nessa grinned and Elphaba turned around and walked to the kitchen straight away, tears where behind her eyes.

When she was in the kitchen she felt one large hand on her shoulder and her father whispered ''Nessa likes your new friend, you will not talk to him again am I clear!?''
The only thing what Elphaba could do was nodding and when he left tears streamed over her cheeks, she tried to stop them because they burned but they kept coming, her best friend, her only friend, she wasn't allowed to talk to him ever again. Why? She asked herself why does this happen? I love Javert and I can't let him go! But she had too and when she brought the tea she ran upstairs imidiantly after. The beautiful tragic girl ran straight to her bedroom and started crying when she had locked her door. Nobody cared for her and nobody will ever and she felt asleep covert into the blankets but got woken up by someone who was knocking on her door. Elphaba opened it sleepy, she thought it was Nessa who wanted to sleep in her bed as always and she got herself into the bed. Then she felt the familiar arms of Javert wrapping around her and pulling her against him, she was too sad and felt too weak to send him away and so Elphaba and Javert felt both asleep. Elphaba was happy to have Javert and Javert, oh he was so happy to have Elphaba.

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