Tap, plop, tap, plop. The sequence repeated itself as I wondered the streets' of Frank in the pouring rain. I pulled my cloak closer to my body, in hopes of bringing warmth to myself.

I sniffle and coughed, making my way to my makeshift home.

'Why did I have to be like this? Why did I have to be a monster?' I wondered in the corners of my mind. I walked past a newsstand and the newspaper caught my eye. I reached out and picked it up. Pulling my cloak higher. My eyes widened as I looked at the headline. The Red Death was back.

I was broke out if my stupor by the news-cell shouting to buy it, or leave it.

I set the paper down and continued on my way. The Red Death was back. 'Yikes' I thought.

I fell into a rut. Right foot. Left foot. Repeat. I heard a shuffling noise behind me and a breath caught in my throat. I keep walking as I peered out of the corner of my eye. I was being followed.

'Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. ' My mind repeated. I sped up my pace. They did as well. 'Craaaapppp! ' My mind stressed.

I broke into a run. I didn't feel like this. I never feel like this. They broke into a chase after me. I turned a few corners. My breath coming out in pants. I run into an alley.

Bad mistake.

A wall.

"She's over here!" Came a yell. I turned around and peered over the hat on my head, to see five thugs standing in my way.

"Shit." I cursed under my breath.

"Come to papa, Sweetie." Came the voice of the first one. The second let out a long Cat-whistle.

"Leave me alone." I stated. My voice low with promise. "Awe, She thinks she can order us around. Well, Lets just teach her a lesson. Shall we boys?" Came the leaders voice. The chuckled and mumbled their agreement.

Big Mistake.

The leader pulled a gun from his rain coat and pointed it. While, the rest unsheathed knives. My body was trembling.

"Look boss, she is trembling with fear. " One rookie laughed. My twisted-dry chuckle filled the air.

The band of germs adopted a look of confusion as I spoke. " I warned you." Was all I said. I dashed out faster than possible for a cell or germ and removed my claws from my pockets. I slashed the gun causing it to burn. The germ threw it away as I swept my foot. His head hit the head with a satisfying thud.

"Who's next?" I calmly drawled out. The remaining four glanced at each other before attacking.

''How stupid are these people?' I asked in my mind.

A second one lashed for my face. I countered with a slash of my own. He gripped his face as it glowed a deep purplish-red. He fell to the ground in a puddle. The remaining ones looked at me in horror.

"What are you!?" A brave one exclaimed.

" I am me. I am Babé Siosis. And if you want to live. This never happened. Now scram." I said in a low voice. They stood there for a few seconds before lifting their knock outed Boss. And running away. I walked out of the alley. Toward my home.

'Why Me?' I sobbed in the comfort of my only friend. Myself.