I plopped down in the abandoned hotel-room, I call home. I was content with it for now. As long as I had water and electricity, and some furniture. I was fine.

I sighed and got up off the couch.

My clothes were covered in the plasma of my latest victims.

I killed again.

I shed my cloak and hat, tossing my attire on the couch.

I walked into the bathroom and shed my torn clothes.

Turning on the nozzle, I waited for the bathtub to fill with the cold water.

I turned and looked at myself in an old mirror.

(Link to her looks. [link])

I used to be normal. I used to be happy. I used to be loved. Cared for. Happy. Normal. The thoughts circled my head.

"Who was I?" I asked myself, slipping into the bathtub. And turning off the water. 'You are you. You are Babesiosis.' My mind answered.

I closed my eyes as I faintly remember my father's laugh. Good or Bad. I can't remember. My mother's haunting eyes. My older brother's Attitude. I can't remember.

Bang. Thud. Crash.

My eyes snapped open.

'Shhiiitttttt!' My mind scream at me.

I slowly got out of the tub, for not to alert the intruder where I was.

I am NOT modest in the least, but I decide to cover up. I peek my head out the door and see the window busted.

The path was clear.

I slowly made my way to the couch and reach for my cloak.

Got it!

I quickly slip it on and tie it tight. Next, I grab my hat and place it on my head and look around the apartment.


I closed my eyes and let out an inaudible sigh.

'Where haven't I looked?'

'The bedroom!'

I walk towards the door and slowly turned the handle

. I peaked through the crack. And saw a tall red figure looking out the window.

I cleared my throat and asked. " Don't you ever knock." He jumped around surprised.

"Wah?!" He called out stupidly.

"I repeat, Don't you ever-"

"Who are you." He drawls out glaring. "I am me."

His eye twitches.

"I repeat. Who. Are. You." He calls with clenched teeth and his claw glowing.

"You barge into my home and demand who I am? Wow. The question is who are You." I state.

" You haven't heard of me? Ohh. This is Priceless, Doll. I am the Red Death. I am Thrax. And I am your worst nightmare". He says gestering his hands this way and that.

"You. Are. In. My. Home." I stress to him.

He looked confused and then raised a brow.

He smirked. "Nice Dump you got here, Baby."

"Says the intruder, who had no idea that someone lived here."

His eye twitched again.

'It is gonna be permanent if he keeps that up.' I thought.

"I am Thrax." He repeats.

'Oh. My. Franken. GOD. It is. The. Red. Death!'

"I know. And why are you here Thrax?" I say playing it cool.

"Uhh. Uhh. Uhh." He says waving his finger. "I told you who I am. Now, Who are YOU." He pokes my chest.

"Babe Siosis" I reply, unphased by the confusion in his features.

"Weird name. I think I've heard that before." He mumbles, rubbing his chin in thought.

"Now answer me." I say.

"Hiding from the Cops." He says.

"M'Kay" I reply. "Now get out so I can get dressed." I say. Enjoying his confused face.

"Wha?" He says.

"Ok then." And with that I drop the cloak. Revealing to him my colors and body.

I walk past the dumbstruck, blushing mess called Thrax.

I open a drawer and retrieve my clothes.


I look behind me and smirk. Total Knock Out.

'Oo. And with a nosebleed too!'