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Daryl drifted awake from a dead sleep, hearing someone shifting around in his cell.

"Stop makin' such a damned racket." He muttered. The words were muffled by the pillow his face was planted in.

Someone chuckled as he attempted to move.

"What the fuck you laughin' at?" He growled. He managed to turn his head, wincing, and opened his eyes in spite of the painful light shining into his cell.

Rick was leaning against the far wall, staring down at him, shaking his head and smiling.

"Something funny?" Daryl asked.

Rick shrugged and motioned to the water and pills sitting on a box near his bunk.

Daryl struggled to sit up, each movement painful to his pounding head. He wiped at his eyes with the palms of his hands.

"What?" He asked, taking the water and swallowing the pills.

"I never took you for a leg man." Rick said finally, holding his hand across his mouth to hide his grin.

Daryl stared at him blankly for a moment. Then it all slid into place.

"Fuck." He felt himself flush and cast his gaze down to the floor. "She pissed?"

"I think she's embarrassed." Rick said. "Maybe next time you want to make a move, you do it privately." Rick advised.

"Shit man, I ain't got no moves."

"Could of fooled us."

"Shoot me now."

"Nothing to worry about." Rick went on. "You weren't wrong. She does have great legs. Maybe could have just admired them without the touching..."

"Shut up, will ya?"

"Also, the comment about her ass..."

"Christ." Daryl held his head in his hands.

"Again, no one's arguing. Time and place, is all."

"Glad you find this so fuckin' hilarious."

Rick shrugged again, clearly not sorry.

"It lives!" Glenn voice echoed loudly as he poked his head inside the cell.

Daryl groaned.

"I think he has a headache." Rick offered.

"Oh, hung over, Daryl?" Glenn laughed.

"How come your ass is so fuckin' cheerful?" Daryl snarled.

"Advice from Hershel. Don't get drunk on your wedding day." Glenn grinned. "I feel great."

"Thought I heard my name." Hershel said then, joining them in Daryl's cell. "Need anything for that head, son?"

"Carol already took care of it." Rick said.

Daryl felt himself flush with new embarrassment and shame. Of course Carol had taken the time to leave the water and meds. Even after he'd been a complete ass to her.

"Loving that red face, man." Glenn taunted.

"Now, Glenn," Hershel scolded. "No need to kick a man while he's down."

"Alright, I'm leaving. Just remember, Dixon, Maggie's legs are off limits."

"Fuck off little man, I don't give a damn about yer woman's legs."

"That's right." Rick agreed. "Seems like there is only one pair of legs around here that have grabbed Daryl's attention."

"Maybe if I still had a complete set I'd have a shot." Hershel added.

"Watch it, old man. I ain't above knocking yer crippled ass to the ground."

"He's violent when wounded." Rick observed.

"How can you tell the difference?" Glenn asked.

"Don't you have a wife lookin' for ya?" Daryl asked.

"I believe we've worn out our welcome." Hershel suggested.

"What was yer first clue?" Daryl said, flinging his pillow at them.

Hershel and Glenn left, laughing. Daryl lay back on his bunk and covered his eyes with his arm, willing his head to stop throbbing.

"Word of advice," Rick said, before leaving the cell. "Don't put off talking to her for too long. It'll just get more awkward."

"Where the hell is she, then?" Daryl muttered, suddenly resenting the fact that he'd have to go looking for her.

"She's been outside since first light." Rick said.

"Gotta get my head under control first." Daryl admitted.

"Sure." Rick nodded. "And remember,"

Daryl peeked out from under his arm to look at Rick.

"Next time you want to put your hands on her, ask first."

"You done?"

"You might want to take it easy on the staring. Less ogling, more eye contact."

"I wasn't askin' for pointers."

Rick raised an eyebrow. "Well, a couple of us have been married before. It's just friendly advice."

"I ain't married and ain't lookin' to get hitched neither." Daryl insisted.

"Sure." Rick said easily. "Just understand, you're not the only one around here who appreciates an attractive woman."

Rick walked out of the cell and Daryl's head hurt more than ever.