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Chapter One

The Undate

Rose Lilly Potter was an average witch with a mad man out for her blood. She was fifteen, happy, and had a wonderful boyfriend, Neville Longbottom. Our story begins on the morning of February 14, 1996. Rose and the rest of the gang are in their fifth year at Hogwarts. The only problem that they were facing was one Professor Delores Jane Umbridge. This professor was hindering the learning process for Defense Against the Dark Arts but also she didn't want boys and girls in a room by themselves. Now it is Valentine's Day and Rose was looking forward to the date she had planned with Neville in Hogsmead to celebrate their two year anniversary.

What Rose didn't know was that Neville was approaching Hermione down in the common room to try to get her to distract Rose all day while he set up a special dinner in the Room of Requirement (ROR from now on). Neville was planning on Proposing to Rose that night to make it special for her. He knew that the year has been rough on his girl because of Voldemort being back and the Ministry trying to tell the world that she is a liar. He loves her and would do anything in the world to protect her from harm but he also knew that she could take care of herself.

"Hermione," Neville said slowly sitting down next to her on the couch, "I need your help today. You see I am planning on proposing to Rosy tonight but I need to set up and somehow hide it from the toad. I want this to be a surprise but I know that Rose thinks that I am taking her to Hogsmead today."

Hermione stopped him there before he rambled on, "Neville, I will help you. Besides I was going to kidnap her at some point because Rita has agreed to write an article of the truth about what happened to Rose last June. So yes I will help you by keeping her company today. Happy Anniversary, Neville." After she said that Hermione headed upstairs to the girls dorms to find her best friend in front of the mirror trying to figure out which dress to wear on her date, "Rose , how about you wear the yellow for today and before your date tonight we will do something with your hair and makeup and put your in that short red dress that you love and Neville loves on you." Hermione suggested making Rose jump not knowing that she had come in.

"What do you mean, my date tonight, Hermione? Neville is taking me down to Hogsmead." Rose said once she had calmed down.

"I'm sorry Rose. He has to cancel McGonagall is trying to help him get a Transfiguration OWL and today was the only day that he could get her to help him since she also helps her NEWTS students outside of class. He is really sorry about canceling but he said that he would get a dinner together for you both tonight in the ROR." Hermione said seeing Rose face fall.

Rose just sighed and then asked, "Hermione, would you mind going down with me I still need to get Nev a gift for our Anniversary tonight. I can't believe it's been two years. Now if only Voldemort would drop dead and Wormtail would get caught than my life would be perfect." Rose was than off in her own world 'til Hermione gave her a shove towards their bathroom to get changed for the day.

The girls headed down to Hogsmead and the first stop was to Deverish and Bangs to see if they had any Herbology tools that Rose could get Neville. "I guess this trowel will work his old one is getting a bit bent and dull to work with. I think I will also get him Dragon Hide Gloves." Rose mused out loud and Hermione laughed at the very serious expression on her face as she decided on her gift. Rose turned to glare at her. "What do you think than if my idea is laughable?" Rose demanded.

Hermione just shook her head and said, "I wasn't laughing at your idea, Rose but your expression while you decided."

Rose's expression softened and said, "So my idea is a good one then?" Hermione nodded and girls left to go to the stationary store. Both girls needed more parchment , quills and ink. Their next stop after the stationary was the Three Broomsticks where they were to meet with Rita and, unknown to Rose, Luna. (Now I will not write the Three Broomsticks scene, if you don't remember it just get a copy of The Order of the Phoenix and read chapter twenty-five title The Beetle at Bay.)

That night the girls headed back up to their dorm to get Rose ready for her date. Hermione true to her word did her hair and her makeup and Rose got into the short red dress. At seven o' clock Rose left the dorm and headed to the ROR to meet Neville.