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Chapter Four

Lady Augusta Longbottom

Rose shot out of the fireplace straight into Neville's waiting arms after the quick but dizzying floo journey. Once the room had stopped spinning Rose looked around the room she had flooed into. She had flooed into a rather large kitchen with a large wooden table with matching chairs. Around the edge of the kitchen were marble counter tops with a stove and other amenities that she didn't expect to see in a wizarding house. "Welcome to Longbottom Hall, Rose. I'm sorry about the kitchen arrival but now when you floo you will come into the sitting room. Now come on Gran wants to officially meet you."

Rose turned to look at Nev and asked, "What about Sirius and backup?"

Neville slowly embraced Rose and told her, "Rosie, I firecalled Sirius, Remus, Tonks, and Kingsley before you got here. Now they should either have arrived already or be arriving."

"They don't have to come there the kitchen, do they?" Rose huffed before following Neville to where the adults were. The noise level got louder the closer the young couple got to the sitting room. They were a couple of doors away when they heard Sirius's voice, "You never took me off of the approved list Lady Longbottom. I will prove I am innocent when your grandson gets here with the evidence."

Rose and Neville hurried and had pushed open the door before Augusta could finish the hex on her lips. "Gran, I would like to introduce my fiancée Rose Lilly Potter." After Neville had finished Rose curtsied just as Sirius had taught her that Christmas and summer holiday.

"Good morning, Lady Longbottom. Thank you for allowing me into your home." Rose said still in her curtsy.

"You may rise Miss Potter. I was under the impression that you were raised by muggles and not with the Pureblood etiquette."

"You are correct, Lady Longbottom. I was raised by my muggle Aunt and Uncle; so yes I was not brought up with the Pureblood etiquette. My Aunt did however take me to etiquette lessons since the summer of 1994." Rose said with just enough bite in her voice to show who taught her etiquette.

Augusta asked for clarification, "Who taught you Pureblood etiquette?"

"My Godfather, Sirius Black, taught me etiquette over the previous summer and winter breaks." Rose answered. "Now, let's get down to business. Neville bring the traitor to Tonks. Kingsley you will take in Sirius after Tonks has gone through and has been there for ten minutes. Ten minutes should be plenty of time to expose Pettigrew to Amelia Bones and Fudge." Both Aurors nodded and then the plan was on. Turning to Augusta Rose said, "Lady Longbottom, I am sorry for the disruption today. Rosemerta gave us the traitor when we went to the Three Broomsticks; so I wanted it taken care of today."

Agusta nodded to accept the unneeded apology and said, "Let us adjourn to the Dining Room for brunch." Augusta left ahead of Neville and Rose. Silently Neville holds out his arm to properly escort his fiancée to the Dining Room.

When Rose entered the Dining Room in Longbottom Hal she felt like she had entered the Dining Room in The Beauty and The Beast. There was a set of twenty-six matching chairs. The table also had a matching buffet that was placed on the left side of the room. Augusta saw Rose's awestruck expression and said with laughter in her voice, "This is only half the size of the Dining Hall at Potter Manor. When Rose's expression turned to one of questioning she added, "I had gone as a girl and I was a guest at your parent's wedding. Your Grandmother loved to host so she always had a party on New Year's Eve to ring in the New Year with friends and family." She paused to consider if she should say what she was thinking. Augusta looked over at Neville and remembered that he soaked up any information about his parents. So she continued, "Your Mother, Lily even helped your grandmother in 1979. She would have planned Alice's baby shower in April but she was horrifically sick."

Rose hung on every word Augusta said about her mother but she grew concerned at the end. She couldn't voice her concern because Neville gently lead her to sit to his right so he sat to the right of his grandmother. Neville pulled out Rose's chair and then repeated the action for his grandmother. Once they were all seated Rose spoke, "Lady Longbottom, did my mother suffer from morning sickness her entire pregnancy?"

"No, Miss Potter, she did not. When we were planning Alice's shower your mother was just gone two months. By her fourth month the sickness had faded into cravings. Neville was a week late; while you my dear were three months early."

Rose gasped and asked, "Do you know why I came so early?"

Augusta took a fortifying breath before speaking, "Yes, I know; Rose you have to remember that Neville was born just the day before so Alice was still at St. Mungo's herself. Alice didn't hear that Lily had been admitted till the next day. The Healers were able to sop the contractions by eight but she had to stay overnight to make sure the contractions didn't start back up. Well about 11:15 your mother got woken up by a huge pain the bottom of her stomach. So she woke James to get help. After the Healer arrived she ran a diagnostic spell and found out that a contraction had caused the placenta to become detached." Augusta had to stop speaking for a couple of minutes. "It took from 11:20 till 11:59 to prepare you mother and deliver you, Rose." She finished blowing her nose with a delicate lady like sniffle. After five minutes of silence a house-elf popped in and said, "Bunch is served." Once the left had popped back out food appeared on the table in front of them.

"Gran," Neville began nervously. "The reason I came with Rose was to…um…to tell you about…about me proposing to Rose last night." Augusta raised her eyebrow as Neville continued. "Well….um…she said yes." Neville's voice went extremely soft at the end.

A ghost of a smile filtered across Augusta's face. Only Rose caught it as Neville was looking at the ground. "How were you able to propose to her? The Longbottom engagement ring is still in the family vault." Augusta said in a mock angry voice. Augusta was not mad but she was curious. She knew for a fact that that ring was in Gringotts.

"Gran, I, um, didn't use the Longbottom engagement ring. You see, when I went to ask Sirius and Remus for Rose's hand Remus gave me the Potter engagement ring. Sirius had asked if I had a ring. I told him that the Longbottom ring was in Gringotts and when he heard that Remus gave me the ring. They did say that originally it was to be a birthday present for Rose." Neville's eyes never left the ground but Rose saw a tinge of pink stain his cheeks.

"Oh, very well." Augusta said acting put upon. "I suppose I should say….Congratulations and Rose welcome to the family." Rose beamed and then snogged Neville until she heard the floo flare and all of them ran to the next room to see what happened.

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