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Pairings: Luke/ Lorelai and (later) Rory/Jess.

Talking- "Pokemon rules."
Thoughts- ' Humans are weird.'
Telethy- *I am the voice in your head.*

What would happen if Gilmore Girls took place in the Kanto Region. This will be AU. Pokemon trainer start their Journey at age 15.

Chapter 1

Shadow Chasing

Seven year old Rory and her best friend Lane finally finished their lessons with Miss Patty and was on their way to Lane's house to wait for Rory's mom to get off work.

"What starter do you think you want to get when you start your journey Rory?" asked Lane as they neared her house.

"Maybe a Eevee like mom's plus a normal type Pokemon is only weak against fighting types. Or I might get a Pikachu. What about you Lane?"

"I would want a Charmander as my starter but I would get it a everstone collar so that it doesn't evolve until I get four badges. My cousin Oscar got a Charmander as his starter and it evolve during a battle before he got his second badge so it wouldn't listen to him."

"Wow really." said Rory as they entered Mrs. Kim's Antique shop/ house.

"Yep when he came to visit last summer he showed me his scars from his Charmeleon's ember attack." said Lane as Rory and Lane went through the refrigerator for a snack.

After eating they want to Lane's room to finish their homework. Once that was done they ask Mrs. Kim if they could borrow one of her Pokemon, so they can play safely in the woods. Promising to not go too deeply into the woods she let them take Blade her male Scyther.

Two hours after entering the forest Rory noticed light coming from deeper in the forest.

"Hey Lane look." said Rory pointing to two figures coming from in the forest.

Lane grabbed Blade's PokéBall just in case the two figures cause trouble for them.

As the figures got closer Rory and Lane could hear two female voices calling out "Zack!"

"I think they are looking for someone, Rory. Let go help them."

"Wait up Lane." yelled Rory as she ran after Lane.

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Just to clear it up the town that they live in is Pallet Town not Stars Hollow.

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