Hey guys. This is a story based on EXACTLY MY LIFE ! so it starts with a new school year and it will end when the yr finishes.. so hope u like it ! plz remember to review

Tori woke up the next morning to realize it was the first day of school, she was pretty happy, I mean, seeing her 3 best friends, Cat, Maria and Lily would be really special for her. Last year she had managed to be friends with Jade too, the 4 girls had gotten really close to each other.

She heaved a sigh and got out of bed. She took a shower and got dressed. She ran down the stairs to see her father reading the newspaper and her mother making breakfast.

"Tori darling!" cried her mom

"Good morning mom" she replied

"Tori dear, you need to bring you're grades up" remarked her dad

"Yes dad, I know and I'm gonna try my best this year"

"Good" he said

Suddenly, a car's horn made her jump; it was Maria who had come to pick her up.

"Gotta go guys, bye" she said and ran down the porch

"Heeey" greeted Maria, who was as full of energy as ever.

The girls hugged and Tori sat in the passenger's seat.

"Soooo, how was Florida?" asked Tori

"It would have been better if I stayed here " she said "I missed you guys"

"Awww… me and Cat missed you a lot more"

"Thanks, oh by the way, we REALLY need to find you a boyfriend this year"

"Maria you know I'm not ready after what happened with Ryder"

"Yea, Yea, that looser cheated on you, but you need to move on"

"I don't know , maybe"

They drove up to the schools parking lot where they saw ily and Cat waiting for them. After a quick hug and saying how much they've missed each other, the girls went up to their old lockers and put all their new books inside

"Everyone got their new timetables?" asked Cat

"Yes. And coming to think of it, it's almost time for class" said Lily "We better hurry"

Lily and Cat went to maths while Maria and Tori entered the English room.

"Lots of new faces" remarked Maria, studying the teens that were all either standing, talking or hugging each other

"Oh no" said Maria

"What is it?"

"Uhh….. Nothing, nothing at all" she said looking towards the right corner of the classroom

She quickly gripped Tori by the shoulder and turned her around, but Tori, being timid, looked towards the right and found herself staring at the most gorgeous guy ever.

It was Beck Oliver, who just transferred from Sherwood. But in 8th grade he used to be here, and Tori and Beck have dated, but they broke up when Beck cheated on her. Anyways Tori got over him and dated Ryder for the past few years and eventually they broke up too.

The whole English period, Beck was staring at her, not daring to say a word, after English, there was maths and science, and luckily they weren't in the same class together. Then came lunch, when the girls decided to go to Nozu, and after that, there was History, Geography, and then gym. Maria, Lily, and Cat were eager to go and have a nice game of Dodge ball but Tori just stayed in the locker room, making up the excuse that she was "sick". Last period, she went to the nurse, who gave her a pill for stomach ache and asked her to rest.

The ring of the last bell rang through Tori's ear and she picked up her book bag and Maria drove her home.

She went inside her room, locked the door, and decided to rest a little, but as she plunked on the bed, she didn't go to sleep, but instead took out her laptop and logged into facebook.

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