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Gavroche Thenardiar, a street child, was hungry. No, it was more than that. He was so hungry, it was painful. His stomach ached from four days of emptiness and he could swear that he was growing weaker with every passing hour. With a sigh, he wrapped his thin arms around himself and sunk to the floor with his back leaning against a wall. He hated to beg, but now it appeared to be his only option. He had spent all the money he had on food for two younger boys who needed it more than he did and all the people here were as poor as him, he could not steal from them. Cupping his hands in his lap, he looked up at the rich as they passed him. "A sous for food?"

Not far from where Gavroche sat, a wealthy gentleman and his daughter walked down the street together, faces glowing with kind smiles. Jean Valjean, here known as Monsieur Fauchelevent, smiled at his daughter Cosette as she passed coins to the poor with kind words of support. They thanked her excessively, clutching at her soft bare hands and wishing her well in the eyes of the lord. She was not afraid, unlike other rich young girls who were afraid of being touched by dirty chilblain covered hands. She would kneel down to them, perfectly content to allow her fine dress to drag in the dirt, and delighted in the chance to coo at and hold infants. The people she helped smiled at Cosette as if she was an angel in human form.

Gavroche stared at the rich young girl as she walked down the street on her father's arm, her pale blue gown and light brown bonnet contrasting with the grey and black of everything around her. He heard the gentleman speak, his tone soft and loving. "Come now Cosette, Cherie, plenty more as we walk are worthy of our help?" She nodded, allowing him to guide her down the street. They had almost passed Gavroche, his small form slumped against the wall, when Cosette cried out.

"Papa wait, we must stop" She argued, gently pulling on his arm. "Look Papa, the boy, he is only a child and he is alone"

Valjean chuckled at her enthusiasm to help others and smiled. "Lean the way, dear Cosette"

Gavroche looked up at the kind pair as they approached him, smiling and straightening his ragged coat in attempt to look his best for them. He could not help but think of the girl as very pretty, with her blonde curls framing a pale face with bright blue eyes. He looked up at Cosette and smiled brightly "A sous for food, kind Mademoiselle?"

Cosette smiled sweetly, taking a nod of permission for her father before kneeling before the boy. "Cher petit garcon" She smiled, reaching into a basket Gavroche had only just noticed she had been carrying. "Here take this, I hate to see a child go hungry" She passed him a small loaf of bread.

Gavroche's eyes went wide, grasping the bread and blushing when she took his hand. "Merci, Merci, Chere Mademoiselle" He smiled. "You have such kindness". He kept hold of her hand as she passed him a small fabric pouch "What is this?" he asked

"A gift" She smiled "Some sugared almonds, a treat for you, along with 5 francs to keep bread on your table for some days"

"5 francs, Mademoiselle…" Gavroche stuttered looking away from the beautiful girl to look at her father. "Monsieur, you are too kind"

"Those who have should share" Jean Valjean smiled "And share we shall, right Cosette?" She nodded with a smile, stepping back as Gavroche stood.

"Merci Monsieur and chere mademoiselle" Gavroche smiled, offering them a wobbly bow in thanks, not taking his eyes off of Cosette

The young girl giggled, curtseying to the gamin. "No formalities, my name is Cosette" She smiled. Valjean placed a hand on her arm, telling her silently that they must be leaving soon. She looked to him and nodded. "Yes papa"

"Cosette, I thank you" Gavroche said happily. "Me names Gavroche an' meeting you had been a pleasure"

Cosette gave him a bright smile as Valjean began to lead her away. "Dear Gavroche stay safe and well" She smiled

As he watched her leave, Gavroche smiled pulling handfuls of bread from the load and eating quickly. He finally felt the pain of hunger leaving his stomach. He ate as he walked towards the café, thinking that he had never seen such kindness from the rich before. The thought of wanting to see Cosette again also lingered with him.

"Bonjour 'Roche" Courfeyrac smiled as he saw the young boy enter the café. The young man, studying to be a lawyer, had been Gavroche's closest friend ever since they had met. "I see you finally got some food, you know I would have brought you some if you asked. And is that a money pouch I see… Oh Gavroche, you have not been stealing again have you?"

Gavroche looked at the pouch and shook his head, running to Courfeyrac and allowing him to lift him onto his lap, an arm around his stomach. "Non, got given it, got five francs in it an' some sugared almonds"

Grantaire, the resident drunk as he was often known, looked up having been listening to the exchange. "The rich gave you five francs? Is there some good in the rich?"

"Oui, she was very kind, an' her papa too" Gavroche smiled putting one of the sugared almonds into his mouth. "She gave me the bread too"

"A mademoiselle?" Courfeyrac chuckled, seeing the little boy in his arms blush. "How was she kind? Was she pretty?" He asked looking across the table at Grantaire with a cheeky glint in his eyes.

"She called me cher petit garcon, an' held me hand" Gavroche smiled "Knelt in the dirt to talk to me, got dirt on his dress but she didn't care. And oui, she was pretty! Blonde hair all in curls and blue eyes!"

Grantaire laughed, taking a large swig of wine and rocking back in her seat. "I must say Courfeyrac, mon ami, I do believe that Gavroche here has a puppy love" He laughed, reaching across the table to pinch Gavroche's dirty cheek. "Look at that blush!"

Courfeyrac laughed, ruffling the boy's blonde hair. "I agree! Is our Gavroche growing up?" He smiled

"What is puppy love?" Gavroche asked, squirming in embarrassment at the fact that two of his best friends were laughing at him.

"A crush, petit ami" Courfeyrac replied. "A crush on someone older than you, a lot of children have them. And I am assuming that she is older than you? That she is not a little rich girl in her father's arms?"

The gamin nodded. "She is 'bout your age" He sighed. "So, Cosette is my puppy love?"

"So it would seem 'Roche" Grantaire chuckled, kicking his feet onto the table and leaning back . "Care to introduce me to this lovely Mademoiselle Cosette?"

"Non!" Gavroche pouted, making both young men laugh again. As the door opened to reveal the entrances of Enjolras, Combeferre, Joly and Jehan, they stared at the two laughing men and the pouting boy.

"What is so funny?" Jehan asked "Share the joke"

"Gavroche had a crush" Grantaire smirked. "Some rich girl our age gave him money and sweets, he says she's pretty"

Jehan, the young romantic poet, grinned. "Oh petit Gavroche, how sweet, a puppy love" he chuckled

Gavroche pouted. "I don't see what's so funny… She's kind alright!"

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