(No ones pov)

The girls of St. Trinians were quiet, and that was something that never happened. They'd put off any of their usually loud activities in exchange for quiet bets on where their head girl had vanished to. All of them had known Kelly for a while now and to the older girls only one place came to mind where her disappearance was concerned. Her room. With someone. And with nearly everyone accounted for there was only one person she could be with,

"Annabelle? Seriously guys? She's hardly Kelly's type"

"Jealous or somethin' Chels?" Andrea sniggered beside Taylor and watched the Totty flick a curl off her shoulder with an amused scoff

"Hardly. Been there, done that..."

"Got the letter of approval to prove it?" Polly snapped throwing all the girls into silence. She usually let them have their little joking banters but when it came to Kelly no one was allowed to throw an insult.

The girls looked away from the geek's stern glare and shifted uncomfortable. Polly smiled a little to herself and silently thanked her best friend for showing her how to show authority with just a simple expression.

"So 'ose bettin' wha'?" Andrea sighed annoyed at the chav and smacked her

"We shouldn't be betting full stop! Kelly would kill us"

"Exactly" Polly agreed snapping her laptop shut in a non-verbal threat for them all to drop it. They ignored her though and started their bets

"'ose goin' to go find out?" Taylor asked, blowing another bubble in her fun while Andrea glared at her

"I think that should be Tara..."

"NO!" Five sets of voices shouted it at Chelsea and she jumped

"Why not?" she huffed annoyed. Celia rolled her eyes and stepped forward

"Because she's ten" She snapped. Amber cut over her with a frown


"Just because you lot lost your innocence when you were three doesnt mean the rest of us did"

The totties stalked off at that with matching annoyed expressions while the other girls laughed at the eco's words. Polly sank back in her chair and closed her eyes, praying for the moment Kelly reaapeared and took charge again so she could sink back into her little world of numbers and facts. This looking after everyone was alright for an hour or so but this was a whole day Kelly had walked out on. Polly knew what she was doing, she just couldn't believe she was abandoning her duties. That was so...un-Kelly.

Polly sighed and pulled up the cctv feeds for the school, starting the long and boring search for the head girl. She checked all Kelly's usual haunts first but came up empty. Roof;empty, Miss Fritton's office; nope. She wasn't even in the staff lounge. The only place be could be was her room, her sanctuary away from the cameras. Polly sighed, because it looked like the girls were right after all. The head geek jumped in her seat ten minutes into her renewed search when she felt someone's breath hit her ear as they leant down behind her

"Spying on me Cole?"

"Where the hell have you..." Polly's jaw dropped when she span around in her chair and found Kelly smirking down at her, hand in hand with Annabelle. The pair looked tired and worn out, both covered in multiple marks. Annabelle looked shyly away under Polly's critical stare while Kelly simply smirked back.

"We were...scoring off a debt?" Kelly looked back at Annabelle and grinned when the younger girl blushed.

"Right I'm sick of guessin', 'as yous two been..." Taylor wolf whistled and grinned at the pair, attracting the attention of everyone else in the room.

Kelly rolled her eyes and held back an annoyed groan while they all inched a little closer to catch a glimpse of the dark marks tattooing the two girls skin

"I don't know. What do you think Belle?" Kelly flashed the younger girl a smirk and squeezed her hand when she looked down at the floor embarassed. The other girls watched stunned as Kelly pulled Annabelle into her and gently kissed her

"What're you doing?" Belle whispered under Kelly's mouth feeling the head girl's fingers twist through hers while the shocked gasps flew around them. She was shocked by the head girls surprise move and an embarrassed flush spread through her at the whispers surrounding them. But with Kelly's mouth moving magnetically over hers she wasn't about to pull away

Kelly smirked and shrugged, leaning closer into the younger girl. She barely heard the moans and complaints of the other girls while money changed hands and the gloating comments began to fly around them. She was much too busy wrapping herself in Belle to care about anything else. Kelly sighed happily and gently squeezed Annabelle when she shivered from the sound. She kissed Belle some more, just holding back from letting it go over into something dirty, and smiled when Belle quietly groaned under her mouth.

"Giving them a show"

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