Professor Layton: Luke Spirit Bound

( Please note my imagination is like a cartoon.)

Luke awoke, feeling light headed. He had no clue what happend, but he felt awful. He was suprised he could not feel his fingers or his feet. He looked about, not moving. He was in a dark forest, the sky dark blue river, and the moon, a mornful glow hardly lighting anyting. Infront of him was a ghastly figure. In replacement of feet and legs, his body conected to the ground, was like the tail of a snake. His arms had no hands, and much like his snake-like body, his arms were like snake tails. His eyes were big and round, with no puples. He had no hair, and his body was a gray-white color. Waving his slithery hand, he called to Luke. "Wow, your lucky I saw you coming, because most spirits are alone when they apper." Luke was startled, a ghost was talking to him? He looked at his hands. Oh,no.

His hands were just like the ghosts. He had the urge to look down, but the spirit stopped him. "Oh, no. Uhh, d-don't look down! Come on, follow me to the village." He waved his hand and moved forward. He took no steps, for his tail like body move swiftly on the ground. Luke moved, too. It felt weird but natural.

The slithered to a dark, gloomy shadow village. It was quite small, and spirit children played around the cold stone path. Most were older people, all trying to hide their dispear as the kids played. "This is the Lost Valley. Most spirits go here. Tell me, how much do you remember?" Luke tapped his head, realizing his hat and hair was still there. This puzzled him greatly, and noticed other spirits had special features, too.

A boy had a baseball cap, another lost an arm, and one girl had her long hair and an eye patch.

"Well, no. I feel like it was important." The spirit nodded, silently asking, "Hmm, why isn't he a soul...?" He noticed Luke watching, and said, "My name is Dexter. What's yours?" Dexter held out his hand, the sight still spooked him. "My name is Luke. Luke Triton."