1: The Real Story

There were two sisters, who brought out the sun and moon. The eldest, Celestia, rose the blazing sun. The younger sister, Luna, rose the moon to cool the heat and let ponies sleep.

One day, however, Celestia was jealous of Luna's moon. Oh, how peacful night was. The moons gentle glow, sleeping ponies made watching out for evil easy.

Celestia told Luna to give up her powers, but Luna rejected. She wanted a peacful way to solve this. Celestia, one the other hand, formed the Solar Army, and set out war to the Lunar Army. Luna was saddened by Celestia's outrage.

Celestia noticed Luna's lack of violence, and took this to her advantge. She used an amazing power called the 'Elements of Harmony' to send Luna to the moon.

Luna cried, "Don't do this, Celestia! I'm your sister, right? Celestia... CELESTIA! NOOOO!"

But, the power only lasted one thousand years. Soon, Celestia's rein ended, and Luna was set free. Now, the story continues, lets see what Celestia is doing.

"What? How is it my power failed? I can raise the sun AND moon now, why? I WILL punish her!" Celestia's eyes burned in anger. How dare magic laws defy her? She decided to send a letter to Twilight about finding the Elements of Harmony, the source of the most amazing power.

She wrote, she hopped that Twilight could get the letter before Luna was back. After the letter was sent, Celestia dove back into her studdies of the most secret magic. Decoding the old runes was not an easy task, but the power she got was worth it.