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Luna stood at the foot of a tree house, her legs trembling. She could not belive it. She was free. She was free. SHE WAS FREE! Luna wanted to cry out in joy, but rememberd that her beloved sister, Luna, sent her to the moon for a thousand years.

But she still was happy, dispite her sister might know of her escape. She noticed that the lights in the house infront of her were on. The light bewildered her. She carefuly tapped the door. Thats what ponies did, right? To show they wanted to come in?

Some pony must have heard, beacuse the door opened up and standing there was a lavender unicorn. "Hello? Who-"

The pony stopped in astonishment. She looked startled, and shook in fear a little. No, Luna thought, It's a cold night. She's cold, thats all. Luna felt a little weird, and said, "Greatings, fellow pony, I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night. Tell me, fare mare, who might you be?"

"I-I'm Twilight Sparkle. Your...An...Alicorn? A princess?" Twilight now looked a bit less scared, and said, "Wait, but... Celestia controles the sun and moon, right? Well, come inside and tell me why I don't know you yet." Luna was a bit nervous, and stepped in. She saw large book shelfs and books all over the floor.

"Take a seat, Princess Luna. Who are you? I thought Celestia taught me all the rulers..." Luna stopped dead. Stunned, she sheepishly asked, "Celestia? My big sister?"

Now it was Twilight's turn to be stunned. "I'm Celestia's student, and you're... Her sister?"

Luna nodded and, with out hesitation, told the story of her banishment.