Celestia paced back and forth, pondering what to do. She was so enfurriated she would occaisonaly vaporize things in the room and scream. She kicked and whinned like a filly. A warrior heard Celestia's rage and walked in.

"Your Highness, are you upset?" The unicorn bowed to his leader in fear.

"What do you think?!" She yelled, and with a bit too much power, burned the warrior to ashes. She stared at the ashes, and had an idea. Oh, how clever she was. Keep this nice pony act, and you'll be good. She thought as she calmed herself down and strolled causally to her secret room.

Pony after pony bowed and said "Good Morning, princess.", to which she just smiled and nodded, hoping Twilight would be there soon.

After about twenty minutes of waiting, she got bored and opened her secret room, hidden under the stairs. She looked down proudly on her collection of old and forbidden scrolls, all holding spells too dangerous to be used, but she practiced the spells anyways. Blowing away the dust and lighting the room with her horn, she looked for one special scroll. "Lets see... Summoning a demon, destroying time, fixing time, spells of all things poisonous, oh, where is it?" She looked high and low until she saw the most forbidden book of spells. It's blood red cover, the dark old letters, and the large lock, was the book Celestia was looking for. She laughed and opened the book, unlocking it was not easy, and fliped through pages as she looked for the most forbiden spell. "Here it is... Now Luna will pay..."