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A light blue whale bus parked itself in front of a massive hotel on a beautiful June day. 3 teens stepped off the bus with their bags and set them on the gray sidewalk. A blonde haired man came out of the hotel to greet them.

"Reef! Fin! Emma! Welcome back! Go to the Staff House and get settled! Meet me in the lobby to receive your jobs! See you guys in an hour!" Bummer said quickly wanting to get on with his day. The three teens rolled their eyes and said goodbye to the bus driver and went to the very dangerous staff house.

"GUYS! Hey! Emma! Fin! Reef!" A girlish squeal was heard shortly after as a tan brown haired teen ran towards them. It was Lo Ridgemount; the owner's daughter. She was forced to work after throwing a major party and she was met with a thing called responsibility.

"Hey Lo! Hows it been going?" Fin asked after hugging her,

"Great! Has anybody seen Broseph?" Lo replied and asked.

"Nope! C'mon guys! We gotta go before Bummer gives us the first strike of the summer!" Emma exclaimed.

The teens groaned and left the staff house to learn their jobs for the summer. The 4 teens entered the lobby and found Bummer talking to Johnny. Johnny greeted them while Bummer ignored them and called Broseph over. Everyone re-connected and Bummer stood there for a minute before inturrupting:

"Okay! Emma! Fin! You guys are in the DR! Lo! Maid this summer! Johnny, Reef and Broseph you guys get to keep your original postions! Now! Get. To. Work!" Bummer instructed before walking off. They all groaned and went into the locker room to get ready.

In The Locker Room

Emma showed Fin her maiden costume and Fin face-palmed. Lo was internally-crying at having to be a maid. Meanwhile, Broseph just got ready quietly; Reef was internally jumping at being able to be a surf instructor; and Johnny, well Johnny was drooling over Emma. Like Usual.

"Hey guys it's time to get to work!" Emma yelled, grabbing everyone's attention. Yet again, everybody groaned.

"Hey! Why don't we go to the office after work? It'll be sick!" Reef said, trying to cheer everybody up. And his attempt worked; everybody was Stoked. (A/N: Lol! The show is called Stoked and they were stoked! ;)) Everyone went their own ways, for a while of course.

It was about noon when all the commotion started.

"STAFF! GET TO THE POOL RIGHT NOW!" Bummer boomed. Bummer was furious; no, not furious; incredibly furious. Apparently, someone had made jello out of the pool water. The pool was now a red and blue jello.

"WHICH ONE OF YOU DID IT?! WAS IT YOU REEF?! PULLING ONE OF YOUR STUPID PRANKS AGAIN!" Bummer accused. Reef scoffed and said that there was no way he could have done it; he had a lesson he was teaching at the time of the crime.

"WHEN I FOUND OUT WHO DID YOU THIS! YOU WILL BE FIRED!" Bummer warned and he stomped away with his clipboard broken into 56ths. Everybody looked at each other; they all thought, "Who could it be?" Then Reef decided to talk;

"Well, whoever did this good job! I wish I would have thought of this first! Genius!" Fin rolled her eyes and sighed. She couldn't deal with him praising the mysterious soon-to-be-ex-employee. So she just walked away and went to work. Other than the prank the day went smoothly and nothing else happened; other than Broseph accidentally breaking the aquarium in the lobby.

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I don't own anything!