Hey there people to whom ever this may concern, this might come as a surprise I know. .1656 What are you doing? You already have a fic going on that isn't finished and you want to start another one? Well to be honest I know people. I'm not going to forget about it this is just, a little opener to say. I know the chapter is small but it is like a prologue so don't worry about it. I can update this whenever people asks so without further adieu, here it is :)

"Broly, are you listening to me!"

Me- No I'm not. I don't ever want to listen to you again. I don't want to see you, I want to kill you. It would be so easy to do, I just go Legendary Super Saiyan and give into my madness and then I'll-

My mind went blank as the mind control device over my head called me to do my Father's bidding.

"You have been ignoring me lately Broly. Why is this?"

My mind was still blank. No thoughts entered my head to use as a response back.

"Our moment of revenge is almost upon us. Haven't you been listening to me at all? We have finally found Prince Vegeta! My plan to bring him back here so that he can 'rule' New Planet Vegeta and get killed by the comet is almost finished. And then my revenge against King Vegeta will be complete!"

He threw his arms out wide and looked over the barren wasteland of the fake New Vegeta. He was quiet for some time after this.

"I'll be leaving soon, my Son. When I do, you'll travel to the galaxy that I told you about and destroy it. This will make Vegeta distracted so he won't notice the comet."

He started walking away to board the ship that would take him to Earth. It was already piled with other soldiers that he had recruited.

"Don't defy me on this Broly. Our futures could depend on the next few days," he said his voice trailing off.

I stood there for a while, as still as stone. Then after some point I was given the command to leave and board my own spacecraft. The men left here moved away from me, acting like I had a fatal disease and they didn't want to catch it. I boarded the Saiyan pod that my Father scavenged after Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta.

The ship took off and I was put into hibernation for the ride.

Hope you liked this. Wasn't much I know but it is just the beginning so there is more, it just won't be updated as much. So I hope it peaks your interest a little, if not, I would love to know why and if I can make it any better, so Reviews are much appreciated. Thanks :]