I flew, not caring about my reserves of ki. My thought process was that if I was dead I didn't need to worry about that, I eventually found out that I was very wrong. Although my body was not really tired, my brain mimicked the feelings of it and of depletion. I started to fall out of the sky slowly. When it became apparent that I wasn't going to be able to hold myself up any longer I looked to where I could land, and saw to my fear that I was too low to land back on the path easily. I extended my arms out and pushed my tired mind just a little bit harder and I just barely grasped the edge of the path. And then pain shot into my hands.

I looked up and saw the jagged scales on the edge of the path cutting into my hands and blood start to run down my arms.

Me- But...I'm dead...how do I still bleed?...

I quickly pulled myself up and cried out again from the pain. I grit my teeth and in one quick motion I pushed off the jagged edges and my hands came loose of the sharp objects as I flopped onto the path. I rolled to my back and looked up at the 'sky' for a few minutes.

Me- Hey that's weird...that shadow wasn't there before...

I looked to my left before passing out from blood loss and saw a huge medieval looking building against the path.


Laughter, that's all I've heard since I was banished here. They mocked me for being so weak as to be sent here. I just wanted to lie down and sleep but the three Frost Demons had gathered a crowd together to poke fun at me. They were edging each other on, daring on another to do something to me because I was in a weakened state.

Because I was Half a Soul.

Finally I felt a ki blast against my back, strong enough to snap my eyes open but weak enough for me to not get damaged, but I didn't care about it. I was up the instant after it hit and saw the extended hand of the brother, Cooler was what I kept hearing, with a smile on his face. They all cheered at the sight of me getting up from the blast, except the Saiyans. My brain just registered seeing them at the back of the group huddled together at a place. They were all watching, too weak to be able to do anything to stop what was going on.

Me- I'll show them. I'll show them that there was a reason our races' genes made me, why I was vastly more powerful than them. Why I was born...

I didn't even bother going Legendary; I just fazed behind Cooler and grabbed the arm that shot the ki blast out. His brain caught up to him to late as he only had enough time to widen his eyes before I wind milled his arm so that I faced me, and then I yanked my arm back and his was ripped from the shoulder. A silence befell the gathered group as Cooler's cry of pain pierced the air. I then quickly turned to the left and snap kicked him in the ribs, sending him towards the ground. I tightened my grip on his arm and his purple blood lazily streamed down my arm. I turned back around to the group of assailants and started laughing at them.

"Who's laughing now!?" I yelled out right before I sped towards the other two Frost Demons intending to bludgeon them with Cooler's arm.

I snapped away and immediately felt pain on my right side. On instinct I leaped from the bed that I was on and barrel rolled to the left trying to make a smaller target in case there was a follow up attack. I landed on the ground and spun my legs around making them slide along the floor while charging two ki blasts in my hands. I looked at my attacker finally and saw it was a woman.

But this woman was blue skinned with brunette hair tied into a bun with a single strand framing her face. She wore a green qipao, white gloves, and purple high-heeled pumps. A look of surprise was on her face once she realized that I did my acrobatic movement. Medicinal jars were next to her on a table and a bloody cotton swab was in her hand.

"What are you doing!? I growled out, in my child's voice.

She blinked her eyes a couple times before saying, "I was just cleaning your wounds for you child. Those were nasty cuts you had in your-"

I didn't even let her finish before I had a mini-meltdown and powered up, angry that she referred to me as a child. My scream cut across what she was saying and my raw energy shook the building that I just now noticed that I was in. I transformed into Legendary Super Saiyan and was in her face in seconds.

"I AM NOT A CHILD!" I bellowed right into her face. "I AM A MAN NAMED BROLY! THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN! NOT A BOY!" I stomped on the floor and created a gaping hole in it. I was looking directly into her eyes when I said this and I could see the hint of fear in them, and she was trying to cover it up so that it wouldn't show.

She bowed her head hesitantly while saying, "Yes, Broly. My apology, appearances can be deceiving. I know that all too well."

I stared at her for a little longer and then grunted, pulling back. I went to stand up straight, forgetting about the ceiling, and my head went through it without a scratch on me. I was at first surprised and a little sorrowful that I did this right after my outburst, and then my face started to blush. All around me women of the same race as the one downstairs were in various stages of clothes. Some were fully clothed and leaving or were about to disrobe while others were scantily clad in their undergarments or completely naked altogether. My face was very hot and probably very red at how all the women just froze in what they were doing to stare at me, in the background I heard a shower running.

I quickly squatted straight down and my head came out of my ceiling/their floor. My face was still red as I sat back down on the bed, which creaked loudly from my new weight.

"Is everything ok, Broly?" I heard a voice ask me to my right.

I was taken by surprise and looked to see who it was. And I saw it was the brunette girl that was cleaning my wounded hands; I had completely forgotten that she was there. Before I could stop myself my eyes roamed down her body imagining what I saw up there on her, and then I slapped myself across the face and looked away, quickly moving off the bed and over to the other side of the room furthest from her. The room above was still silent, although I had expected the women upstairs to start yelling obscenities at me. I tried to control my breathing so as to get calm again when I felt a hand on my lower back, instantly I froze up.

"Are you ok Broly? You're not feeling lightheaded or dizzy right?"

Her hand was so soft and warm. It was easily much smaller now thanks to my transformation but that didn't seem to be a problem to my body. I started to get aroused by it but I felt very embarrassed and self-conscious about what my bodily functions started to do. And then her hand started to move.

My body tensed up as her hand slid around my back towards my stomach and I could just start to see the hair on her head.

"Here, let me bring you back to the bed so that I can finish cleaning the wounds and then-"

Before her hand clasped around mine I was on the other side of the room facing the wall again.

Me- Why am I acting like a boy going through puberty!? I am Broly and not afraid to see women in their glory! I am a man that has already gone through this!

I heard her footsteps come towards me and I took a deep breath. I then turned around and put a smirk on my face. I looked down at the attractive woman and saw that her head came up to my waist. She had a shy smile as she blinked up at me and said, "Don't you acquire my assistance Broly?"

The way she said that shattered my confidence and sent a shiver down my spine. I turned around facing the wall to hide my, Junior, from showing. I then proceeded to bash my head into the wall hoping it would knock some sense into me. The bad news was that the wall gave way from my head blow, not even putting up any resistance. But the Bad news was that as I opened my eyes to see on the other side of the wall were two more females, completely naked, and eating each other out on a bed similar to mine. They didn't even pause at my intrusion. I grew red again and pushed away from the wall to get my head out; this only made it worse by making the wall collapse. This got the girls' attention as they paused to see their wall gone, me standing there red in the face, and the other woman walking around me to see what made me do that.

She gasped at what she saw and started clapping while walking towards them. "Girls! I am ashamed of you! You know better than to do that while you have chores to do! Now clean yourselves up and go finish them before you start again!"

The women looked at the floor in embarrassment as they gathered their clothes together and ran out the door. I had to avert my eyes and walk away once I started to see them run. I sauntered back to the bed and laid down on it, my legs reaching the floor at the far end from the small size. I laid my hands over my eyes and let out a breath of air.

"Now that that's out of the way let's see if we can attend to your needs-Oh! I see you have one more need to attend too," I heard her say with a giggle.

I peeked through my hands down to my crotch and saw a huge tent there.

Me- Someone please kill me again now...

"Since you are not a boy, as you say Broly, but actually a man, our Princess would love to meet you and, appease your need if need be," she said with a smile.

"I don't think that will be necessary. I have a place that I need to be. Please tell your, Princess, that I thank her for her hospitality in letting me stay here, I really appreciate it but I really must be going."

I slid to the edge of the bed and was about to get up when the girl rushed to stand in between my open legs. One of her hands rested on my inner thigh and the other my lower abs.

"Maybe, I, am able to help you?" her eyes met mine and I saw a playful glint in them even if she was serious.

I started to sweat and get nervous.

Me- Awesome, I have the body of the Legendary Super Saiyan and the thoughts of a child, this is the worst combination of my life.

I grabbed her hands and held them above her head as I stood up. She gave a soft gasp as she was lifted and dangled in the air. Then I spun around and set her on the bed. She lay back expectantly but I only smirked and walked towards the door.

"Hey!" I heard her squeal out after realizing I wasn't going to please her. "You're just going to leave me here!?"

"That's the idea," I shot back without turning around. "You're the one that thought you were going to get some not me. And besides, I'm in a hurry. You may be someone I would go after but not right now."

"And where is it that you have to be in a hurry!? To another woman?" she asked as I opened the door.

"No. I'm going to train to be the strongest person in existence. Maybe then after I do I'll come back and see to you and this, brothel, that you have going on here," and then I walked into the hallway and closed the door.

The hallway was bare of landmarks, nothing to tell me how to get out of this place. So I decided to go right, basing my decision on my Father's castle and hoping the layout was the same.

Me- My Father, I wonder where he is right now. He was too evil to be sent to heaven but is he in H.F.I.L.? I didn't see him while I was there but then again I didn't stay long and that place seemed huge...

My attention was brought back to reality as I descended a set of stairs and a door on my left opened. Another woman came out, this time with blonde hair and a towel over her shoulder.

Me- Why couldn't this happen to me when I'm mentally older?

"Oooo, a man! Are you the one that was brought in earlier?" her voice was lust filled.

"Yes," I said not bothering to look at her and continued walking down the hallway.

"That's weird, because I heard that the person that was brought in was, pretty small," she said showing the length with her hands.

I grunted, understanding what she was implying. "Well as you can see," I motioned with my hand up and down my body, "I am most definitely, not small."

"Well, we just want to make sure."

Me- We?

She then whistled loudly. Almost immediately all the doors in the hallway opened up and tons of women poured out of them. They all moved to me with a look in their eyes that I could plainly see what it was.

Me- Fuck me...wait no don't do that.

"Oh this is a different man than the one we brought in. But you look a little the same," said a woman in front.

"It's a Saiyan thing," I grunted as I made slow progress through the horde of women.

"Oh a Saiyan! The last one to come through here was named Raditz. Know him?" a voice from the crowd called.

"No," was my simple answer. Their hands started to travel up and down my arms.

"Oh! How about the one before him? He was a Saiyan too wasn't he?" another voice called out.

Me- This really is a brothel then...

"Oh yeah! Goku was his name, wasn't it?" a woman behind me said after a snap of her fingers.

My whole body whipped around and my head swiveled to find the one that talked. "Kakarot was here before!?"

Me- What would a guy as clueless as him do in a brothel?...

"Spiky hair going in every direction? Orange fighting gi with a blue belt and shoes? Could eat for a family of ten?" the same voice said with the owner stepping forward.

"Yes!" I exclaimed out loud.

"Oh yeah, he came through here. It was a couple of years ago if I'm not mistaken. Our Princess tried to seduce him but it didn't work. Said he was loyal to his wife and kid," she said nonchalantly.

I was stunned.

Me- Wife and child? Then no way is this a brothel. He wouldn't stay here if it was. If he knew what it was first, even he isn't that clueless...

"Thank you for this ladies. This tells me I am heading in the right direction. Now if you'll excuse me," I said turning back around and redoubled my efforts to get out of the mass of females.

"Wait don't you want to stay here with us?"

"Yeah we can keep you company!"

"We can all keep you company!"

"Or maybe one at a time!? Not everybody likes a crowd!"

Their voices overwhelmed me as hands rushed in from all directions, all of them trying to grab a piece of me, any piece of me. I quickly floated up to the ceiling and laid myself flat against it to get out of their reach.

"Sorry ladies, maybe when I'm a little older."

I then exerted my ki and flew along the ceiling. I went all the way down the hallway and saw another set of stairs approaching me, along with a huge glass window on the wall. I didn't really care how I got out of this place; I just knew that I wanted it to be now. So I sent a ki blast in front of me which smashed the whole window outward and I flew out into the air, getting tiny cuts on my shoulders and back from leftover glass. I finally reached open sky and sped out to the front of the building.

I got there and looked down at the path, but since there were no marks that told me which way I came I quickly found out that I was clueless. The last thing that I remembered was pain in my hands and blood traveling down my arms so I checked the sides of the path for my blood, which was now completely devoid of it.

Me- Awesome so they cleaned it up, there goes one clue...

I stood there thinking of what else I could do when the front door opened and then women started to pour out of it calling my name. I panicked and shot into the sky, far above the castle heights.

I calmed down while I was there because these women didn't know how to fly, but then a grey color caught my attention out of the corner of my left eye. I looked at the anomaly that stood out against the pretty colored sky-

Me- Curse this childish descriptive mind...

-and saw that it was the check-in station where King Yemma was.

Me- So that's the way I came...So the way I'm going is to the right...

I turned and gathered my ki, it seemed significantly higher now, and shot forward like a bullet.



My focus came back to me as I slammed into a black flimsy material and then a squishy body. I stopped my forward momentum and looked at my surroundings. Comprehension dawned on me that I was back in H.F.I.L. and my ki started to lower, I then reverted back to my normal form. I let out a huff in defeat.

Me- So it looks like I'm back here. And all because I let my temper get the best of me. King Yemma might have given me a chance if I hadn't of blown up on him. Now I'm stuck here...

I looked down at my teenage hands and stared at them.

Me- My other half was right all along. I did become the monster out of us. A creature that is damned the moment it was born. I don't deserve to live-

A purple ki blast shot into my vision and was about to slam into my stomach, at my lowered ki level it would do a significant amount of damage to me, damage that might impair me against the fight of my attacker. Time was slowed as I had this thought, and I had a decision: Let the ki blast hit me and just roll over like a beaten dog, or fight back for my life, and earn the right to live.

I wasn't sure if I could even get that right again but I knew for sure that I didn't want to die.

I quickly powered up my ki and the aura that I gave off physically connected with the ki blast and self-destructed it before it made contact with my body. I saw that, after the smoke cleared, I was surrounded by my Energy Shield, and very glad that it held in my weakened half soul state. I sensed the area around me and found fourteen ki signals, three on the ground and eleven in the sky in front of me. I let my Energy Shield go to hear laughing.

"Oh, we killed another Saiyan monkey brother. I'm so glad that they keep coming back, I do so enjoy killing them."

This caught my attention. I had no idea that the Saiyan race was here. I stepped out of the cloud to see the white-purple gemmed guy from before but he was standing next to another that looked like him. This guy was considerably taller and had a white chest plate that wrapped around to the back that connected to white shoulder pads, white wristbands, same color ankle gauntlets, and a white helmet with a blue gem that ran along front to back. It all looked synthetic so I took it as that. His whole body was purple where it showed skin and what looked like red warrior paint ran from beneath his eyes to his chin, also a long purple tail hung suspended behind him. There was another that stumbled to a stop behind them. He suddenly turned around and I could see that he boor more of a resemblance to the man that I just saw except he was hugely bigger than both but still smaller than me in Legendary Super Saiyan. He wore armor and a cape that was black on the outside and a dark red on the inside. The other eight men had armor similar to his and emblems on their chests and stomachs.

"Oh! It looks like this monkey has some kick to him. I think I'll just snap it right out if you don't mind."

My eyes locked on the smaller purple man as he slowly started to move towards me. I smirked at his foolishness; the guy didn't know how to read power levels then. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for his attack but the smallest one quickly grabbed the other's arm and pulled him back.

"Wait brother, this Saiyan is considerably stronger than you think. We will need everyone to fight this man if we hope to kill him."

With that distraction I got the chance to see who these guys were terrorizing, and to my shock I saw it was three Saiyans, a woman and two little boys. Their power levels were barely something to look at.

"You dare tell me what to do brother? Need I remind you that I'm the more powerful one between us two?" the taller man hissed out while wrenching his arm away.

I squinted my eyes at the three that share my blood and saw the look in their faces, a sign of universal fear, the tremble in their bodies, and the slump to their shoulders that showed they were out of hope.

Me- Is that how I made all of the races that I killed look? Being under my Father's control just gave me the satisfaction of killing beings; I never got the chance to actually look at them before.

"I'm only trying to save your life, brother! I have seen his power first hand and you should not underestimate it!"

I started to tune out the bickering of the two men (they were, two men yes?) as I slowly descended to the three Saiyans. They stood there, out in the open, cowering, not trying to run away or escape. This baffled me, I always felt ki signatures of the beings of the planet that I purged running away in fear, hoping to find some kind of shelter to survive in. So why wouldn't these people.

As I neared them my battle instincts took over after I heard a person yell, "This is what you get for touching me you dirty monkey!"

A slight build-up of ki and my arm shot out, deflecting a ki blast away from me and the other three. It took their minds a second to catch up but when they did they flinched and covered each other protectively, but it was the mother that stuck her head up first.

"You deflected it!?" her voice was one of surprise and that of a question, like she didn't believe I did it.

I touched down on the ground and chuckled. "Of course, these weaklings are easy pickings to me."

The two boys looked up at me finally with wide eyes and something else, something I've never seen before.

"See Cooler! Even a blast from our Father isn't powerful enough to vaporize him! The man is not to be trifled with alone!" this was from the man that sounded like a girl.

"Why do you stay here in the open woman? Do you not have some form of shelter to hide in?" I asked her blatantly ignoring the men behind me.

"Bah! That was a lucky deflection! He most likely wasted all of his ki in the process. Watch and learn the correct way of disposing a Saiyan monkey!"

In the back of my mind I felt his ki rise quickly and then skyrocketed out of nowhere, jumping the huge gap in power that separated us.

Me- If they all can do that I'll have to stay focused, or else go Legendary and be crazy.

The woman looked at me like I was crazy, and then her eyes traveled up to the three main attackers.

"Where can we go where they won't find us? They already blew up our home; there is nothing we can go back to now."

I followed her gaze and saw that the guy already had an attack powered up, he looked vastly different, sleeker, faster, more powerful, but the main purple body told me it was still him.

Me- I better end this before it gets out of hand.

I turned back to the woman. "Never give up hope," I whispered quietly, and then I was gone, already in the air.

Me- Why did I tell that to her? Why am I doing this? I've never been protective of anybody before. But since there wasn't a definitive me before, does that mean my personality isn't set in stone?

I shoved it away for now as I powered up my own ki. I quickly overtook his but I wanted to dwarf it slightly, to show him just what some of my power is.

"DIE LIKE THE REST OF YOUR RACE YOU PATHETIC SAIYAN!" the guy yelled flinging a giant yellow and orange sphere towards me from his index finger. It traveled the distance between us rather quickly for something of its size.

"I'M GETTING TIRED OF YOU ALL SAYING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!" I screamed out going Super Saiyan and catching the sphere on my open palmed hands. It was easy enough to hold the ball of energy. "COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW TO SAY!"

I flung the ball back and it flew even quicker back towards him. It smashed into his body and engulfed the sender along with the other two; the last one was too surprised at what he (she?) saw to even move so he was taken also. I held my right hand behind my back, "NOW DIE!"

I flung my arm forward and a tiny green ball burst from my hand and followed them. It took a couple seconds but it quickly made contact, mushrooming and then exploding almost instantly. Their ki were immediately whipped out.

I took a deep breath to steady myself and then turned to the last couple men just floating there awestruck. They quickly saw that I was looking at them and they visibly gulped.

"Anyone else wants to spout off more shit about how Saiyans are pathetic and you'll kill us all? Please do so now so that I may kill you."

Most of the men's eyes widened in even more fear and they quickly sped off. I grunted and turned back when I felt a shift in one of their ki signatures that I never felt before. I turned back and heard the faint yell of, "CHANGE NOW!"

A purple beam appeared out of nowhere.

Me- I've heard of something like this! He's trying to take my body!

Without even trying my body went Legendary and I cupped my hands at my sides. I threw my arms forward like I saw Kakarot do and yell out, "GIGANTIC OMEGA!" my attack burst from my hands and shot forward. To the naked eye it looked like a green version of Kakarot's attack, but mine is vastly more powerful.

Our blasts clashed and there was a fraction of hesitation between them before mine overtook his and obliterated his body. The scare of me losing my body disappeared as my usual cocky self quickly took its place. There was a stretch of silence as I contemplated what I was going to do now.

"You beat them!?"

I turned back to the woman who squeaked out the question, the two boys who I was presuming were her sons, stood on either side of her, mouths open and eyes wide.

"Of course, Broly, myself, is the strongest being in the universe. No one is stronger than I," my voice had a slight condescending tone to it.

"And you're a Saiyan!" her voice was still surprised, which started to tick me off.

"Yes woman I am a Saiyan! Not our entire race is weaklings like you!" I spat out. I had an evil smile on my face, triumphant at my comment to belittle her confidence.

Her eyes suddenly narrowed and her eyebrows furrowed together. She quickly walked up to me and then slapped me hard across the cheek; I was so surprised that my head snapped to the right and the feeling of a sting on my skin.

Me- This weak woman damaged me?...

"I may not be as powerful as you are Broly but that does not mean you can disrespect me! Didn't your mother raise you right!?"

I was starting to get angry and seeing red from her slap. I was about to snap her neck with one hand when her last question broke through my building rage.

Me- My mother?...

I looked down at the ground as I slowly calmed down. I shifted through memories, looking for her, but not once did I see a female figure taking care of me or my Father calling one 'Mother' or 'Wife'.

"I did not grow up with a Mother," my voice came out as a whisper. "I never thought about her, but I would guess that she had to have died on Planet Vegeta when Frieza blew it up. I was with my Father my whole life, under his control and doing his bidding."

Her face was in complete shock. "But didn't your Father teach you how to be a gentleman? How to properly treat women? How to be nice and courteous and help those less fortun-"

My face instantly was wiped of all emotion at the word 'help'.

"No. My Father controlled me and made me be ruthless and efficient. I was forced to wipe out whole races and planets, even a galaxy at one point. Women came in out of my life quickly, most times from the bed chambers of my Father. I was never taught anything, only learned and adapted to be a monster."

For some reason I kept staring at the ground, not wanting to look up and see her face.

Me- Am I really only the evil half of the two of us? This woman is making me...feel. I've never felt before.

I could tell that her hand was trying to make me look at her, which would be impossible if I didn't do it myself. She figured that out quickly and stooped to look me in the eyes.

"I don't know who your Father was, and right now it does not matter. If you need a place to stay because you're new, we have an extra room?"

I caught the question in her voice and panicked a little bit. I was never given a choice before; I didn't know what to do. I tried to convey this to her but I couldn't find my voice and my throat seized up. I looked into her eyes to try and convey my message and it seemed like she understood as she took my hand and started walking back to her sons.

"Boys come on; we're going back to the village."

The two kids immediately ran up on either side of us, one took the woman's open hand and the other took mine. It was a strange feeling to actually hold a child's hand and not be ripping their arms out.

"Boys this is Broly. He'll be staying with us for sometime. He's new here," the woman explained.

"So then he didn't die on Planet Vegeta like the rest of us?" the older of the two boys asked. He was around the same age as Kakarot's son, whatever that was.

"No. I died, recently."

"How did you survive for so long Mr. Broly? Momma said we all died in the explosion," the younger one said that held my hand. He was around my counterpart's age.

"What happened to your tail!?" the older boy asked out loud cutting off my response.

"Beet! It is not nice to cut a person off before they can talk," the woman had a look on her face that made me hesitate a step. The child squeaked and covered his head.

"Sorry Mom!"

She stared at him for a couple more seconds before she let out a breath of fresh air. She turned back, without hitting her child, and smiled a huge smile.

"I am sorry for that. Ever since we got here I have been trying to change their attitudes and mannerisms from what our race used to be. It is what landed us here after all so this new change might benefit us in some way."

"It's, um, fine. No need to apologize. My Father kept us both alive, but I was, uncontrollable, to put it nicely. He had a device to keep me in check at all times and it made me do whatever he wanted."

"Like mind control!? Momma said some aliens can do that!" the little one exclaimed.

"Yes, it was mind control. One day he found the location of Prince Vegeta and brought him to the planet that we were staying on at the time. I lost my tail before this, I don't really remember when because under my Father's control I was numb to pain, but I was very young when it happened. Well Prince Vegeta came along with three more Saiyans a Namekian, two Humans, and a shape shifting pig. I no longer wanted to be under his control and so we finally fought back against it. We got out of his control and got everyone off planet before we destroyed the place. We sacrificed ourselves to get everyone off, the comet killed us."

"Why do you say 'us' Broly? Was there someone else there that died with you?" the Mother asked me curiously.

"It's complicated," I said after some time. "I'm sorry, I'm not up for anymore questions right now," I said falling silent.

The mother snorted. "Well you won't have much choice. The Saiyan Village is very far from here."

I thought this over. "In what direction?"

She pointed straight in front of us. "Somewhere in that general area."

I stopped walking and looked to where she pointed, reaching out my senses to see if I could feel the cluster of Saiyan ki.

"Momma is he ok?"

The question of the oldest boy snapped me back to reality as I just found the village.

"I am fine young one. Here, you must be tired, yes? Why don't I carry you on my back?"

The boys face lit up and he jumped straight to my back. His arms and legs wrapped around my body and I went back to my base form so that it was easier.

"And why don't you carry the youngest one ma'am? He looks tired also."

The boy looked skeptically at me like he had no idea what I was talking about. It was only after I winked my right eye when his Mother wasn't looking that he caught on.

"Yeah, Mom. Can you hold me now? The walk here was so tiring," he whined.

She bit her lip debating on it but huffed when he gave her puppy dog eyes. She went and picked him up and nuzzled her nose into his.

"Hold on tight ok," I whispered to Beet on my back. He nodded his head and held on tighter.

The woman turned to keep walking but then I suddenly shot forward and scooped her up bridal style and then took off into the air at a rapid pace. She screamed in surprise and fear while the boys whooped in excitement.

"Broly! What the HELL are you doing!?" the woman yelled at my trying to look into my face.

"You should be more focused on holding your son than what I just did," I said calmly but with a smile on my face.

She looked down then, having to lean over her son, and she shrieked at how high we were.

"Broly I swear! If you drop my children from this high up I will kill you!"

I laughed very loudly and my voiced boomed behind us as the 'wind' snatched it away. "But I'm already dead!" I yelled while laughing again.

She huffed at this and held her younger son closer to her. I just let a huge smile stay on my face from her anger.

Me- I was just joking with someone...I've-there has never been a joke said between me and my Other in our lives. Are there things that I don't know about myself?...Like how I have a sense of humor apparently...

"Look there it is!" Beet said leaning over my shoulder and pointing with a finger down towards a cluster of huts and tents.

"Good eyes," I told him. It was a good eye; we were travelling faster than normal Saiyans could go so the naked should not have been able to keep track of what the random colors that passed us by were. I descended quickly as I neared the village.

Suddenly screams reached our enhanced hearing and I could see people hurriedly running about.

"Is someone attacking your village?" I asked the Mother.

"Not that I can see from here," she replied craning her neck around to look everywhere. Suddenly people could be seen running towards where we would land.

"Then they think we are the threat," I sighed.

Large groups of what looked like Saiyan men stood tall and proud in front of us, waiting. I touched down on the ground and gently let the Mother and her younger child down so they could stand. Beet jumped down from my shoulders and grabbed mine and his mother's hands. Even with this childish action his body was tense and his eyes kept darting across the crowd like he was waiting for them to make the first move.

Me- He is ready for a fight...well he is a Saiyan...probably had him purge a weak planet after he was born for Frieza...

Suddenly the crowd started to part and divide into two, yet their eyes stayed on me.

Me- Good, at least they still have a battle mindset and the instincts...

Through the gaps in between people I saw the black spiky hair of a short Saiyan. It defied whatever gravity this place had and stood vertically in the air.

Me- That looks like Prince Vegeta's hair...but Prince Vegeta hasn't died yet if I'm correct...so this must be-

"What is going on here!? Someone tell me why you have gathered here!?"

Me- So it is King Vegeta, Prince Vegeta's Father...He looks like him...Besides being taller, a King, a goatee-moustache thing, and brown hair...

"Lt. Vegeta, they've come back. And brought the taller one."

King Vegeta looked over at us and scowled.

"Then Bardock was correct again it seems Mahissu. Bring them."

Me- Lt. Vegeta? Bardock? What happened after the Saiyan race died?

The thought-to-be-King-Vegeta turned and walked away. The Saiyan male that he was talking to, Mahissu, glared at us and then tilted his head to follow Vegeta. The woman walked forward willingly with her head held high, her children followed obediently. But I stayed put.

"Did you not get the hint boy?" the guy named Mahissu hissed out. "You were told to follow Lt. Vegeta. Be respectful of those that are more powerful than you are!"

At this I simply let a taunting smirk slide onto my face and stayed where I was.

I got a reaction from him instantly.

The guy flew at me in what he thought was a fast speed but was actually really slow to my reaction time. He approached me with his fist cocked back and when he reached striking distance he flung the limb forward aiming for my face. I easily caught his hand in my palm and then quickly snapped his wrist backwards and made the weak bone snap. A look of shock crossed his face at my speed but it was wiped away quickly by one of pain as the broken bone registered in his head.

"You're right. You should be more respectful of those more powerful than you," I said calmly while still holding his broken hand. I dropped the now whimpering man and a cry of outrage came from the crowd of Saiyans, which was even louder now that the women had joined back in.

"What!? You weaklings want to fight me also!? I yelled at them giving the crowd of adults my full attention.

Their roar of bloodlust was my only answer.


I let out a scream and gathered my ki quickly. The 'wind' whipped around me and snatched at my hair and baggy pants. It slid across my skin and blew outward at the same time. The air started to vibrate and the ground shook from my powering up and the rage and anger of the crowd slowly started to die down. They could not really sense how powerful I was but they could feel, on their skin and seeping into their bodies, into their minds and souls.

I completed the transformation by going Super Saiyan only, my Legendary form was my ace in the hole and I didn't want to share that publicly yet.

Their previous enthusiasm at pummeling my face was completely gone now, replaced by the fear of what I could do to them. I let my psychotic smile plaster itself on my face and let out a low chuckle. Soon my chuckle grew louder and I threw my head back letting my psychopathic laugh pierce the silence.


Immediately my laugh stopped and my head snapped to the source of the voice. It was the woman and she was staring at me with a hard look in her eyes. The children were hanging onto her arms and legs respectively with fear in their eyes. My mouth pursed into a thin line.

"Yes?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Are you coming or not?" she asked simply completely disregarding my psychopathic episode.

I was shocked to say the least at how she acted normally to my obvious killing intent. My power up stopped and my yellow aura disappeared, leaving me with just the blonde/whitish hair and teal eyes. I stood there with my mouth still open staring at this lady in disbelief.

"Well!?" she asked heatedly, putting her hands on her hips in an authoritative way. By this time her children were already backed away from her and hiding behind other Saiyans.

I snapped my mouth shut and instantly appeared at her side, something making me not want to get this woman angry. My eyes still darted from side to side and I kept my senses on high alert for a possible attack, I also stayed a Super Saiyan.

She looked at me and when it became clear that I wasn't going rip off the heads of everyone there because I felt like it she nodded her head.


Suddenly they were on her arm and leg again like they were there the whole time.

"Let's go," she simply said walking forward.

Her children followed her easily. I stayed rooted to the spot for a moment looking around at all of them. After I saw that none made eye contact with me I nodded my head and followed also.

We followed the spiky hair of Lt. Vegeta (Lieutenant!?) for a while. He walked in the front while I was a couple steps behind him and the others were a couple steps behind me. I was still in Super Saiyan and kept my senses alert for any ambushes that might come up.

I saw Lt. Vegeta's head turn to look back at me and my focus went to him.

"Will you calm down boy? No one will attack us here."

"Just because no one has attacked it before doesn't mean they won't now. I like to be prepared."

"You seem to have the tactical mind of a seasoned warrior for one so young. Why is that boy?"

"Maybe it's because I'm not as young as you think I am, old man," I said a little too quickly.

Lt. Vegeta started to slow down and walk next to me.

"That woman called you Broly. Is that really your name?"

I looked at him in skepticism. "Yes. What other name would I have?"

"Then that would make you the son of Paragus, correct?"

I started to see where this was going and my muscles tightened. "Yes, he is my Father."

"Then that would make you the baby that I ordered to execution the day that you were born. The infant with the power level of 10,000," he said simply.

"Yes, the day Planet Vegeta blew up and killed all of you. I survived your attempt and Frieza's, only to have my Father keep me under mind control for the rest of my life."

"So you hold no grudge against me for my decision?" he asked looking sideways at me.

"Why would I? You died before it could even begin. I can't do anything about it now, it's not like I can kill you myself. Not that I couldn't but it wouldn't prove anything, you're already dead."

"So are you Super Saiyan," he said evenly.

"But I at least died at the stupid decision of another. My Father planned on killing your son and getting revenge on you by luring him to a deserted planet that was about to be struck by a huge comet. He could have just easily sent me to blow up his planet like a true Saiyan would but he wanted to use lies and deceit. If what my Father said was true, it was your fault Planet Vegeta blew up and the whole Saiyan race on it died because you wouldn't listen to Bardock, who I might add seems to be in charge now. Oh! And might I add HIS son is the one that became a Super Saiyan before yours, AND is the one that defeated Frieza, making him still stronger than your son. But I am stronger than both of them."

Me- That could not be entirely true...I would be stronger if I wasn't half a soul...

"HA! Don't underestimate myself or Bardock."

"Why shouldn't I? I can't compare your power level to others because they are so beneath me," I said condescendingly.

Suddenly a huge stone statue of a person appeared in front of us.

"Because Bardock was the first Super Saiyan," Lt. Vegeta said pointing up at the statue as we neared it.

I followed his hand and looked up into the face of the person. Even without the aura I could plainly see on the colorless stone that the person was in the Super Saiyan state. Their eyes were colder than normal statues would be. Eyebrows slanted down, hair spiked up. He looked like an exact copy Kakarot, except for the scar on his cheek and the bandana around his forehead. We passed the stone figure and approached a tent that was set apart from the others.

Me- Soooo Bardock...Is the one that the Legend talked about 1,000 years ago?...But how is that possible?...

We stopped in front of the flap to the opening.

"Wait here," Lt. Vegeta said to us.

He quickly moved the flap aside and stepped inside.

"Do you think he was telling the truth Mom? Was Bardock really the first Super Saiyan?" Beet asked.

"Before she could answer the flap was pulled aside and Vegeta stood staring at us.

"He'll see you now."

Lt. Vegeta stood off to the side and held the flap open for us. The woman went first with her head held high. The two boys followed her in and I was the last, but Lt. Vegeta stopped me before I could travel through the entrance.

"Remember boy, you may be more powerful than most of us but there are those that are on equal footing with you-"

I snorted. "I highly doubt that."

"Nevertheless, Bardock is the law of the land here. What he says goes for us. So if he banished you, you best believe that the rest of us will make your stay here a living hell should you not comply. We may not be strong individually, but together we are more than enough to take you down."

I merely smiled in his face. "I would love to see you all try. Lt. Vegeta," I then continued on into the tent.

The place was partially lit by candles spaced evenly throughout it, enough to see but still shadowy to be mysterious. A blue rug led up to a raised platform and a chair with Bardock sitting on it. And the man was already a Super Saiyan.