It had been too long. Too long since the start, too long from the middle, too long to the end of this wretched plague. Too long since he was an innocent person living a totally innocent life.

He was doing good in school, finally. He had solid -A's, a girlfriend, a best friend, and a loving family. He was able to finally balance the chaos in his life, though the disorder was still there.

That was two years ago. Two years didn't sound like a lot of time, but in the recent events, it was plenty. Two years ago, Daniel James Fenton was a sophomore that had finally gotten what he needed to keep going in life. The love of his life, Samantha Manson, was right beside him, as well as his almost brother, Tucker Foley. The trio was inseparable. Until the plague started.

It seemed normal enough. People got sick, and were taken out of work or school. But then it got weirder. People would "disappear" for long periods of time. No, that wasn't it. They would just disappear. No one would hear of them ever again. Doctors started telling everyone that they needed to wear long sleeves and wear masks, even in the summer.

Then the government made an announcement that the plague was world-wide and many people were dying- protection was needed at all costs; only homes were safe. Most people dismissed it like the flu or something. But they were wrong. You could get sick anywhere. And sick….wasn't the right word. It was more like getting… infected.

And then Mrs. Manson got it. Sam's mother had gotten the disease. At first Pamela Manson laughed it off and dismissed it as just a cold. It got worse. It only got worse. She became more sickly, and less… human. She was confined to her room, and every mealtime, Sam or her father would bring the woman food.

It was a Sunday when the true horror started. Danny's birthday as well. That didn't matter though. He was at home, getting ready for his party, when Sam called. She sounded scared. Terrified even. He turned into his ghost form, a white haired spirit with glowing green eyes, and took off to his girlfriend's house. When he got inside, the place was a disaster.

There was overturned furniture, and blood on all the walls. A trail of the substance led to Sam's parents' bedroom. That was where her terrified screams were coming from as well. He raced to the room, only to see Sam Manson and her father in a corner. They were crying. When Sam saw him, she only pointed past him to the other side of the room.

He turned, and was disgusted with what he saw. Pamela Manson was only a shell of her former self. Her body was long and spidery, with needle-like claws for fingers. Her eyes were rolled over, and there was only yellow. The former woman was nibbling on something. An arm, he had realised. The blood on all the walls were from multiple bodies piled in the corner near the creature. They were maids.

He paled. Danny had only imagined to see this type of creature in movies. A living corpse. Pamela wasn't dead yet, but she was almost there. Ghost Writer had mentioned this once. It was called a vrykola. A zombie.

The thing screeched at him before lunging. He dodged easily enough, but when it rounded on him, he turned intangible. It didn't work. As his mind took a moment to register the fact that the creature could surpass his phasing ability, it opened its maw to try to take a chunk out of him. Instead, it was distracted by a candlestick being thrown at its head. The candlestick stuck out, and blood dripped over him, snapping him out of shock.

He gasped, turning intangible once more, but going through the ground. The monster screeched again, and after not seeing him, stalked towards its former daughter and husband. Sam screamed in fright. Danny knew how this would end. It wasn't dead yet, so he had to do the deed.

He stared at his girlfriend, and the moment she saw his eyes, she understood. Sam steeled herself, looking one last glance at her late mother and nodded. That was all Danny needed. He lifted one hand, and ended the pitiful creature's life in one fell swoop. Its brains splattered against the wall, painting the flower wallpaper red and white.

He took a shaking breath and looked at his love. She was crying, and her father had an expression of gratefulness and hatred on his face. He knew that this would change everything. But it wasn't over. There was a pounding at the bedroom door.

And then Danny remembered. He hadn't shut the front door! He stepped cautiously towards the entrance, right as it flew open. Living corpses flooded the room, dragging their elongated limbs as they saw their prey. They moaned, screeched as they got closer to Danny and Sam and her father.

He told them to run. They did, and he did his best to protect them. When they got to the garage, he had them get in the car and leave. Only Sam looked back as she got farther away. Danny couldn't watch; he had his and Tucker's family to save.

Soon, he was back to human, and racing up his family's front steps with Tucker and his family behind him. They swung open the door, scaring his family in the process. His father had jumped up, to see if he was all-right, since he was covered in blood. He told them to run. That they had to leave.

His parents didn't question him, they knew he wouldn't pull a joke like this, especially with the Foleys behind him. Jazz only gave him a worried look. They packed up their most precious items, as well as a few important things for their ghost research, and piled into the Fenton RV.

When the garage doors opened, that was when they knew why Danny wanted them out. Corpses immediately piled into the garage, and he shoved Jazz and Tucker into the van, shutting the door in the process. They screamed at him, cried for him to get in, but he didn't listen. He only lifted his hand and blasted a path for the RV to escape. He yelled at his astonished parents to get out, but the van didn't move until he gave it a firm shove using his ghost strength.

He turned ghost, blasting more of the creatures so his family could escape. He could her his family sobbing, Tucker yelling at them to turn around, and smiled grimly. Tucker and Sam would meet up, and then it would be all ok. He would be able to find them. Or at least he thought.

That was two years ago. A lot had happened since that day. Amity Park wasn't the only place to get the Vrykolas, the whole world had it. The plague that ended the world. Societies were few and the ones that were around were cold and unrelenting to newcomers. Danny had been alone since that unforgiving day. He couldn't find his family and friends, but he knew they were alive. He talked to them. Not in person, but he talked to them.

Now he was walking alone, protecting all that he came across and saving all that he could, but then there were still casualties. There were always casualties. That didn't matter. He had lost all empathy to anyone who wasn't close. And so he continued down this path, looking towards the black, cloudy horizon for a sun that wouldn't rise.