It hurt. A lot. That was all Danny thought as the vrykola bit him on the shoulder. He cried out, kicking the corpse away before blasting it to pieces with an ectobeam.

He staggered away, clutching his arm in a failed attempt to stop the bleeding. It's cold, he noted absently as he felt ectoplasm flow out of the wound.

Valerie rushed to his side, smashing a corpse in the head as it approached. "I thought you hated ghosts, especially me," Danny slurred from the loss of ectoplasm.

The African American girl growled as she smashed away another one. "I hate owing people," she spat. "Especially you."

The halfa grinned, his eyes drooping slightly. He then proceeded to shake himself awake. This was no time to fall unconscious! Perfect timing too, because the moment he was aware of his surroundings he heard a roar, which made him straighten like a rod.

"A ram!" He hissed, looking around in the hoard of vrykolas. Then he spotted it. It was huge, with long arms that dragged along the ground and a stomach with a jagged mouth slicing the belly open.

Valerie looked toward the creature as well. "What do we do?" She growled, backing up next to Danny.

He frowned softly, a determined glint in his eye as he bit his cheek in thought. "Come on," he told her, grabbing her wrist and turning them both intangible. They phased through the wall and immediately turned up in a closet. Danny phased through another wall, this time ending up in a clothing store. The lights were off and the front doors of the building seemed locked, giving off an eerie vibe of the place.

The teen let his intangibility go, and Valerie snatched her hand away, a dangerous glint in her eye. "Don't touch me," she hissed, rubbing her hand to get his cold touch off.

"You're welcome," he answered, rolling his eyes. Jeez, she could be so ungrateful! He then proceeded to scout the store, eventually coming across a first-aid kit behind the counter. How convenient.

Danny took off his jacket, then gloves and unzipped his HAZMAT suit. Valerie gaped at him, her eyes wide and a blush creeping on her face. "What are you doing?" She asked incredulously, eyeing his toned skin.

Danny quirked an eyebrow. "Bandaging my bite?" He suggested, then smirked. "What did you think I was doing?"

"N-Nothing!" The girl spluttered, looking away. After a few seconds, she sneaked another look only for her jaw to drop again. Phantom had scars crisscrossing his entire upper body. It was almost like he was used as some demented artist's canvas. "...Did you... get those from your battles?" She didn't even think about the ones she could have inflicted on him.

"Hm?" Danny looked up, then followed her gaze to his torso. "Oh, yeah," he agreed, tying the knot on the new bandage to his shoulder. He stopped and stared at a particular lightning shaped scar that seemed to originate from his heart and wrap around his left arm to his hand. "This one was from when I died," he said aloud, tracing the scar lightly.

Valerie turned her gaze to the scar. "How... did you die? She inquired in curiosity. She had never thought to ask before.

"A lab accident," he replied, then zipped up his suit and slipped on his white jacket. The ectoplasm was no longer on it- the jacket had absorbed the green liquid into its fibers. The rip in his black HAZMAT suit had also mended, the only evidence of it ever being there being a fading green tint of ectoplasm. He pulled on his gloves, then looked up. "You should probably sleep. I'll keep watch," he told her as he got up and stretched.

"Why should I trust you?" Valerie asked, her tone venomous.

Danny gave her a look of annoyance. "What have I ever done to hurt you? Nothing. So put a sock in it and sleep," he shot, tossing her a bag of bed comforters and sheets.

The young woman eyed the sheets in silence. True, he never had tried to hurt her, and he even saved her on occasions. But... Phantom was a ghost, and ghosts couldn't be trusted.


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