AN: This story is AU. It starts out in 2030. It is consistent with the books except for the Epilogue. It will begin to diverge radically as the story unfolds. It will be non-linear and will eventually have time-travel. I hope that you all enjoy it.

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Spring 2030

The doors to the large room swung open. A tall man in light grey robes with red and gold trim strode into the chamber. "Lord Protector," he called out, "they are here. The final fugitives have been apprehended hiding in Muggle Switzerland. They have been brought here and they are awaiting your judgement in the side chamber."

The Lord Protector made no verbal acknowledgement of the announcement. He stood up from his chair, which was more of a throne in the middle of the large chamber lined with obsidian walls. The few magical lights around the hall caused an eerie glow as it reflected off of the shiny black walls. The Lord Protector moved slowly at first, stretching his long and powerful legs and arms as he strode up to the man who had interrupted his meditation. He looked at the tall man in front of him, with the dark hair, slightly rounded face which was marked with a scar across his right cheek. He gave the man the slightest of smiles.

"So, we are done then, as soon as this is finished," said the Lord Protector, without any emotion in his voice. "Very well, then I suppose that I will need to appear at the Ministry next week, as I had ordained." He walked towards the doors to the side chamber and called back to the other man. "I shouldn't be too long, Neville."

The Lord Protector opened the doors before him with a wave of his hand and then he stepped into the room. He eyed the occupants who were all seated in a row of chairs. The group included two young boys, two young men and a young woman, in addition to another gentleman who appeared to be the patriarch of the group. The six individuals stared at the man who entered. He was wearing dark robes and dragon hide boots. His long jet black hair was streaked with silver grey strands, as was the goatee he wore. The tall dark haired man just sneered at his captives.

"You do understand why you are all here today, do you not?" asked the lord who stood there, clearly a malevolent presence in front of them. The boys remained silent as they just stared at the man in front of them. The two young men, in who appeared to be near thirty, glared at their captor. The Lord Protector only glanced at the five younger people briefly, and then his eyes settled on the older man, with thin hair that was starting to turn grey. He was a little overweight, which surprised the lord as he took in the man's features.

"So, Theo," he spoke with venom, "years on the run seem to have not been too unkind to you. I would have thought that you would have had to keep in better shape than this."

"What would you know about this…" spat Theo, but he was cut off by a wandless silencing spell by the lord.

"Now, now," chided the Lord Protector, almost mockingly, "let's have none of your previous vitriol. I had to listen to too much of that all those years in school from you and your junior Death Eater friends. Draco was the most irritating and vocal of your little group, but I heard all of your comments." The lord paused for a moment as he walked over to stand in front of Theo. "You know, Theo, I am quite surprised. I am surprised that it was you and your family who were the last ones to be found and caught. I was sure that some other family would have eluded me much longer than you would. Avery and his family, I was sure they would have been harder to track down. Maybe it was simply because you just did a fairly good job of trying to remain quiet for the past ten years."

"So, you have us now," sneered the captive Theo, "are you going to hand us over to the Wizengamot? Send us to Azkaban?"

The Lord Protector laughed. "My, Mr. Nott, you have been on the run for a long time. I guess the news of our society and all of its changes has not reached you and your family while you have been away. Why is that? Could you not find a single issue of the Daily Prophet for over twenty years? Or have you been so far immersed in muggle culture that you never came across a single magical publication? It's a shame really, that you have to learn now, and from me." The Lord Protector paused and spun in a circle on his heel, waving his arms about. "This beautiful castle, this dark fortress, this is Azkaban!"

He waited as his words sunk in. Then he glared at Theodore Nott. "This is my home, it has been for years. We have not needed to have a prison since I became Lord Protector and the Ministry of Magic gave me all power for being judge and jury for all crimes against the magical world. That is when I earned the title of 'Lord Protector'. However, you need not worry about the Wizengamot. It was disbanded years ago, in favour of a more egalitarian type of rule. You would probably hate to hear about it, so I will tell you anyway. The Ministry now has two governing bodies, a House of Lords and a House of Commons. We took the idea from Muggle England. Now that is a concept that must make your blood boil. It seemed to have a similar effect on many pure-blood families. Well, to be fair, the ones that survived the change are able to continue with their aristocratic life, as all the heads of house of the old families still have their positions they hold by family title, but that is only half of the legislative body for the ministry. The House of Commons, is the other and perhaps more powerful branch, where muggle-born and half bloods and other such magicals are elected to serve."

Theo was in shock, he had heard rumours that there had been sweeping changes brought about by the Lord Protector. He had heard only bits and pieces of the news, but it had been years since he had any contact with his former friends from school. He was aware that those families were being wiped out. As he thought about this, he wondered, silently, how could the man in front of him could have become what he is. From the tales that his former allies had told him, this Lord Protector was as vicious as Voldemort had ever been. However, before he could say anything, the Lord Protector spoke again.

"So, here I am, at the end of my tenure as Lord Protector," smiled the man in front of Theo Nott. "You will have the privilege of watching your family, your grandchildren and then your sons and daughter-in-law in turn, die in front of you. Then you will suffer the same fate." He stood in front of the former Death Eater. He reached out and pushed the sleeve of Nott's left arm back, revealing the Dark Mark, the faded tattoo that had not been called on for over 30 years. "That mark, is the death sentence for you and your family. There is no need for a trial, because I have determined that it should be so."

The two youngest individuals were in tears as they realised that there was no way for them to survive this situation. In quick succession he cast bone breaking hexes at the chests of the two boys. Their screams were short lived as their chests caved in and their heart and lungs stopped. The two young men in their thirties, Theo Nott's sons, started hurling expletives at their captor, while the woman sobbed uncontrollably. With a slight wave, the Lord Protector silenced them all. He looked at the two men and then back at their father. "What? Are you surprised at what I have done? Have you never heard the stories from your father about the evil deeds that he and your grandfather had performed? Did he not brag and boast about how they would rape and torture non magicals? About how he and his friends terrorised the students at Hogwarts? Did he not regale you with the details of their exploits? Of how he and his friends raped and murdered my fiancee in front of me?"

There was silence in front of the Lord Protector and the three young adults sat still. "I thought that your father would have told those stories over and over again. Oh well. Perhaps he will share them with you when he joins you in hell!" With that he cast the bone breaker hex at the two men, and then he cast another at the young woman. They all died as quickly as their children had.

Turning to look at Theodore Nott, the Lord Protector spat in his face. "Do not sit there and judge me for my actions, Theo. It was you, and your family, and your family's beliefs that allowed Tom Riddle to become Lord Voldemort. It was you, and your family, and those pure-blood supremacists who created me. And it has become your down fall. But now, it is finished." With those final words he cast a bone breaker curse at Theo Nott's head. Then the Lord Protector turned and walked out of the side chamber and entered his main hall. Neville Longbottom was waiting for him.

"Milord," he said quickly, "the side chamber will be cleaned immediately."

"Thank you Neville," he answered. Then he stopped in front of his long time friend, as he noted that there was still a look of concern on Neville's face. "What is it Neville? You seem worried." He paused as he waited for a response, but he received none from the head of the Longbottom family. "I assure you, my work is done as Lord Protector. They have all been rounded up finally."

Neville blinked slightly, holding back a tear at this statement. "I know milord," he replied tentatively. Then he continued, "However, there is a young woman who is here to see you, on what she claims is urgent business for you."

The Lord Protector raised an eyebrow. "Oh, how intriguing. Who might this young person be? Not another messenger from the Ministry? I told them I would be there next Tuesday and I would address both chambers at that time."

"She stated that she is from the Department of Mysteries, milord," said Neville, who was a little nervous as he remembered the last time he had personally been to that department at the Ministry of Magic, at the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts.

A brightness filled the eyes of the Lord Protector, "A mystery from the Department of Mysteries, this sounds like it could be fun."

"Very well, milord," answered Neville, "I will have her sent in shortly."

"Thank you Neville," replied the Lord Protector.

He then went and sat upon his throne, and leaned into the tall back of the magnificent chair. He meditated briefly, calming his core after the unpleasantness of dispatching the Nott family mere minutes before. Internally, he felt free. Free from decades of hurt and anger and frustration. He now had accomplished the remainder of the goals he placed before himself when he was young. The wizarding world had been transformed with a new government over twenty years ago and he had now eliminated any last survivor of the vestiges of Voldemort's Death Eaters. The number of Pure-Blood families that had been eradicated was quite large. Gringotts was working with the Ministry of Magic to see if there were any families that may have died out other than squibs, as some of the offspring of such outcast squibs may now be considered muggle-born. His concentration was interrupted as he heard the clicking of delicate boot heels on the polished stone floor. He looked up and saw the figure in the dark hooded robes of an Unspeakable approaching him.

As the figure neared the foot of his dais, he rose to greet her. The woman in front of him bowed her head as she spoke. "Milord, thank you for granting me an audience."

"The pleasure is mine," answered the Lord Protector, "but I am at a disadvantage, as I know not who you are or what your business is here with me."

She kept her head bowed, as she replied, "My apologies, milord, but I come with a message from the director of the Department of Mysteries. My name is Jasmine Greengrass." She continued to have her head bowed.

"Curious," stated the Lord Protector, "I would assume that you are a relation to either Astoria or Daphne. I knew of them both at school, a long time ago."

Jasmine pushed back her hood, revealing her long blonde hair, but she kept her head bowed and her eyes lidded. "Yes, my mother is Daphne Greengrass, and the current head of the Department of Mysteries."

"Look at me, child," spoke the Lord Protector with a gentleness that was almost surprising. "What message does your mother have for me?"

Jasmine hesitated as she prepared to answer the question, and still kept her gaze looking at the ground.

"But before you tell me of your message, perhaps you could explain to me how it is that you managed to enter my home, to slip past the wards. Perhaps your department has figured out a way to breach my wards, which have been tuned only for myself, and the very few I have given permission to enter."

He noted that she continued to gaze at the floor in front of her. Gently he reached out towards her, and took her chin in his hands and tilted her head up to look at him. Her eyelids were heavy, and then she finally looked up at him, looking into his eyes. The Lord Protector was shocked as he noted that the eyes staring back at him matched his own emerald green eyes. The shock of this caused him to take a step back, but he never averted his gaze from hers.

He quickly regained his composure as he straightened himself up. "I am sorry, Jasmine, but such a striking colour of green eyes is rather unusual."

Jasmine lowered he gaze momentarily and then looked back at the tall man in front of her. "I believe that they are a trait I inherited from my father."

There was an awkward moment of silence as the two individuals stared at each other. The silence was broken when Jasmine spoke again, "Lord Potter, I have come here at the request of my mother, as she would like to meet with you as she has important issues to discuss with you. She could not enter your home here based on the wards you have created."

"So, Lady Greengrass, head of the Department of Mysteries, would not send an owl," answered the man who was still in shock. "I have many questions then for both you and your mother. I knew who your mother was at school, but I have never really had any interaction with her. Of any kind," he added. "So, the mystery of Jasmine Greengrass looms larger. How did you pass through my wards? And how is that we share such a distinctive feature as our eye colour? And how has the wizarding world not made mention of some young woman who has eyes that match those of the Lord Protector?"

Jasmine was shifting on her feet, feeling uncomfortable. In her mind she was berating herself for this discomfort, as she had prepared herself for the past several days for this confrontation with the man that she knew was her father. She looked up again at the tall man in front of her. "My mother, the Lady Greengrass, and head of the Department of Mysteries would like to meet with you so as to discuss a unique proposition as well as afford you the opportunity to ask of her any and all questions which you may have, considering the awkwardness of the situation which you currently find yourself in."

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Vanquisher of Voldemort, The Lord Protector of Magical Britain, was speechless. He was staring at a young and beautiful woman who was apparently the daughter of his classmate from Hogwarts, Daphne Greengrass, a woman whom he had only limited contact with because of her role as the head of the Department of Mysteries, but he never had any form of relationship with her, be it romantic or personal. And on top of that, this young woman was apparently also his daughter. The Lord Protector was at a loss for words.

"Should I tell her that you accept the meeting?" asked Jasmine.

"Why yes," stuttered Harry, "of course I accept." He thought quickly and then he asked the young woman, "When will this meeting happen? Where does she want to meet?"

Jasmine pulled out an envelope from within her robes and handed it to Lord Potter. As he grasped the envelope, she turned and started to walk away towards the entrance doors.

Harry called after her, "Jasmine, will you be joining us?" However, the young woman continued to walk away. He called out again, "Will you return to speak with me again?"

She did not turn around, but called out her reply as she continued to make her way to the exit and to the edge of the wards, "Please, just read the letter, and meet with my mother. That is all that I can say at this time."

Harry watched the tall and beautiful woman strode away. He staggered backwards and onto his throne. He was in shock as he looked at the envelope in front of him. After several minutes, Neville Longbottom entered the hall and found Harry sitting on his chair, staring at an unopened envelope. Neville looked at the top of the chair upon which Harry sat, at the coat of arms of the House of Potter and the House of Black. Harry looked up at Neville, and he was speechless. After a moment, Harry spoke and his voice cracked.

"Did you see her Neville? Did you see her eyes? She has my eyes, Neville," Harry was having a hard time dealing with the shock of the events of the previous encounter.

"Yes, Harry, I did," he acknowledged as he conjured a chair to sit across from Harry. "My friend, all I can say is it seems that this could not have been more shocking than if Prongs and Padfoot themselves returned to prank you. But I knew Lady Greengrass years ago. She is not the sort who would prank anyone, particularly the Lord Protector, the saviour of the wizarding world."

Harry looked at the envelope again as he held it gingerly in his hands.

"Are you going to read it?" asked Neville.

"Daphne Greengrass?" questioned Harry. "But why? I don't even know her. I never really did. She was just one of the Slytherins in the background. Granted, she never attacked me the way Malfoy and Parkinson and the others did. Yes, of course I knew who she was, any male with the slightest amount of testosterone in their system noticed Daphne Greengrass. And any male with the slightest amount of sense avoided angering the Ice Princess of Slytherin. Then after school she went to work for the Department of Mysteries, which seems to fit for someone who was already keeping everyone at arm's length or farther away. What the bloody hell is this all about?"

"That my friend," answered Neville, "is something that you will only find out by reading that letter, and meeting with the Lady Greengrass."