This time i'm going to make a one-shot!

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The character in this chapter maybe kinda off character , but hope you like it :)

Today , is just another peaceful day in Sabertooth .

Until ...

" I Love , Lucy" Sting said to his partner Rogue.

Then Rogue shoot back "I Love her too and i won't give her to YOU ,sting" emphasizing the word YOU.

"Why you , Rogue" hiss sting , then Sting and Rogue Glaring each other.

"Well-well , i never see Sting and Rogue like this" Orga said ,

"This will be recorded in my memories " Rufus said.

after 10 minutes,

"What are you guys doing?" Lucy asked , as she walking downstairs with Minerva (A/n : yeah , Lucy and Minerva is Friend .)

"LUCY!" Sting and Rogue shouted together .


Rogue take Lucy by her waist and take her left arm , as for Sting ...

He take Lucy waist , too and take her right arm...

and Sting glare at Rogue , then they start to have a glaring contest .

'Let her go you emo dark shadow!' said Sting through his eyes , 'No , You let her go , Oh holy arrogant bee boy' Rogue said through his eyes , 'WHY YOU , SHADOW!'

and their glaring contest become more intense .

"Uhh...Guys ? , Little help here " As Lucy eyeing Orga , Minerva,Rufus , Yukina , even Master Jiemma ,

But ... they ...

No ...

All of them just watching them...

1 hour passed

2 hour passed

3 until 4 hour passed , they still like that!

Then , Lucy getting pissed and She used her 'Lucy Kick' to the duo dragons

and let her dark aura out , But lucy's dark aura gone when Sting and Rogue use Puppy's eyes (pleading eyes)

Then , the three of them turned into some sort of Chibi's ,

Lucy Patted the duo dragons heads and hugged them , then Sting and Rogue start their glaring contest ...



sorry if it's sucks , but i'm still trying!

and btw in this Fanfic ,, i made Lucy's is in sabertooth~

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