She scowls,

Her lips tilting down

Her grey eyes stormy.

He harrumphs,

His green eyes narrowed

His arms

Clasped tight

Over his chest.

She scoffs,

Her nose

Turning up

To the sky

In superiority.

He sulks,

His back

Slumping down

His dark brows


She stamps

Her feet.

Her golden curls


Her grey eyes


He glares,

His green eyes narrowed

His face pulled down

In anger.

She growls,

In rage

A cry

Tearing from her lips

In frustration,

Spinning on her heel

And stalking up the hill.


His gaze

Softens warmly

Her silhouette

Growing smaller

In the dusk.

He rushes to calm her.

And she smiles in triumph.

What were they arguing about


A little scene that just popped into my head as I read my reviews from Smile. Thanks to anyone who reviewed for that! I would love it if someone would review for this.

~ Arielle

(Companionship to Smile)