Bobby was practically bouncing up and down by the time he stood in the visiting area; guards posted at all the exits, cameras taping his every move. It should be depressing, the no longer white brick walls and concrete floors, but really it did nothing to dampen his mood. They would have the whole room to themselves, the guards would even give them privacy, and Bobby longed for a moment without glass, wires, and plastic separating them.

So when Ann came in, escorted by some beefy guard, his heart soared and his breath caught in his throat. It was a relief to him to see her so well. There were no cuffs or chains of any kind and despite the unsightly orange jumpsuit she still look good, hell Ann looked good in anything.

Bobby stood still as Ann stopped a few feet in front of him, she looked healthy albeit a little tired, but she was smiling and God she was beautiful. Bobby waited until all the guards took posts outside the doors giving him and Ann some privacy before practically running to her and wrapping her up in his arms and giving her the tightest hug he's ever given anyone.

Ann's laughter warmed his heart as she hug him back, just as hard. It felt like they had been apart for years, decades even, rather than a few weeks. He was just so happy that it didn't matter that the things were tense in the family, that Ann was in jail, he was just so glad to be able to hold her, to touch and know she was still alive and really there.

It was mere seconds but to Bobby it was an hour long hug before Ann pulled away from him, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips before settling in the nearby chair. He followed her lead, just walking on air right now.

"I've missed you so much Bobby." Ann stretched her hands out across the table, Bobby quickly taking them in his own, entwining their fingers.

"I've missed you too. Ha, I've barely lived without you; I got your letter too. Been reading it every day."

"Oh Bobby..."

"No Ann, it feels like years since I've seen you. And that's my fault. I'm so sorry I haven't been here, sorry I haven't visited or written or done anything."


"It's just been hectic with the business, and J.R.,"


"And the boys, and I just, I'm sorry"

"Bobby!" Ann laughed a little at Bobby's surprised his face, his cheeks reddening a little. "It's okay. I get it. I'm a mother I know what you're going through. Looking out for those boys is-"


"Yeah. But it's alright. It's not your fault. I'm glad someone's looking out for them. How are they?"

"Good, they're good. The two of them were going at it today."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, no casualties, fortunately. But I swear it's like they never run out of energy. They're bouncing off the walls twenty-four seven."

"Sounds like a handful."

"Yeah. Yeah. They miss you though you know? Like me. Even John Ross asked about you yesterday. That boy's been especially odd lately. And Christopher, he uh, made this for you not long ago." Bobby dug out the folded up picture from his wallet and slid it across to Ann. She smiled again, and it made his heart flutter, he really loved this woman.

"Well isn't this lovely! He's quite the artist isn't he?"

"Yeah, he' got some talent."

"Hmm yeah, so what is it?"

""I have no idea." Bobby laughed with Ann; to them Christopher's 'masterpiece' looked like a bunch of shaky lines. Bu that didn't matter, it had meaning all the same.

"I miss them. I really do. This place, it sucks the life out of you Bobby."

"Oh Annie, I know, I'm gonna get you out of here okay? Promise, I'm working as fast as I can."

"It's alright Bobby, I know. I'm not worried. But maybe just go a little faster? The food's horrible."

"Ha, anything for you."

"Times up, lovebirds." Bobby glanced up at the guard who had poked his head in. He was a childhood friend, Bobby hadn't been best friends with the guy but he knew the man well enough and was glad to know there was a familiar friendly face in here with Ann.

"Thanks Greg, just give us a moment?" Bobby laughed out how Greg rolled his eyes but gave them the moment anyway.

"You come back sooner next time?" Ann asked quietly, hugging Bobby again when he stood.

"The next time you see me Ann, you'll walking outta here a free woman with a cleared name. Promise." Bobby pressed a light kiss to her lips, Ann deepening it as they hung on it each other for as long as possible, lost in each other. They pulled apart when Greg came in again and Bobby gave Ann once last hug, pressing another kiss into her, inhaling her scent, he would definitely be back sooner later next time. "I'll keep my promise."