Presents In The Rain

It was a grey rainy day and Dan was walking home, towards his and Phil's apartment, a little slowly. He had forgotten his umbrella and was getting drenched, but was more focusing on the empty-gaping-hole feeling he had. It always seemed to come whenever Phil went away for whatever reason. Right now Phil was back in the radio station Dan had left, as he was... well, sorting someting out apparently, but Dan wasn't too sure. Usually Phil would tell him what he was doing, but this time he insisted Dan shouldn't know, so Dan had left the radio station (feeling a little left out).

The rain above him suddenly stopped although it did still appear to be raining and Dan felt a precence to his side. Stopping (mainly in suprise) he turned to his left and saw Phil, who was quite dry, thanks to the umbrella he was now holding over himself and Dan. He also appeared to be holding something which he quickly gave to Dan.

"Here... I, umm... made this for you... finished it just now at the radio station..." Phil said with a little smile.

Dan looked at Phil's present. It was a soft little lion plushie holding it's own little soft box of Danteasers and it sat really comfortably into Dan's hands.

"Awww, thanks Phil!" Dan smiled and gave Phil a big hug.

"Yeah... I just wanted to let you know that... well, even if we ever did stop making Youtube videos and nobody knows us anymore... I'll still be here for you, okay?" Phil was quite nervous saying that, but he didn't need to be as Dan hugged him even harder and nuzzled the crook of Phil's neck.

"Me too, Phil" came the slightly muffled reply "Me too..."

The sun came out a few moments later, when both were walking home and holding the umbrella together, Dan's hand on top of Phil's hand.

And the gaping hole feeling Dan had vanished, possibly never to be felt again~