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Chapter 1: The day Johnny life changed

A boy walked down the sidewalks of his street. He had black hair, blue eyes and dressed in a white shirt that said, 'punch stuff' and blue cargo pants. The boy had a backpack on his back and his face was the look of tiredness.

To his relief he finally came up to his house, opened the door and entered. He breathed out relief that he was finally back from school which was a stressful day. As he walked to the stairs he was interrupted as he heard a woman shout out, "Johnny is that you?"

The Johnny groans slightly, "Yeah mom!" with that said he walked up the stairs and ran into his room. Immediately he threw his bag to a wall and flopped down on his bed. His eyes looked up to his ceiling as he thought of what had happened to him at school and the frustration that followed. His day had started out bad as he no longer had his best friend with him as he had moved out during the weekends. The day at school was pure cruelty as he had to go through the bullying jocks, hard teachers and tons of homework.

Johnny thoughts were interrupted as he heard his door opened and sat up to see who it was. His saw his mom who had blond hair that was tied to a pony tail, blue eyes like him and dressed in a grey business suit.

"Welcome back home, sweetie." His mom smiled at him.

Johnny rolled his eyes to the ceiling and back at his mom, "Yeah, mom." He said with an annoyed voice. His mom looked at him, not in surprise, but because she new why he was like that. His been like that since his dad died in a car crash while returning back from business in Nigeria. Ever since then he had changed for the worse and hadn't been the happy son she knew. Johnny did have his happy moment but it was usually when he had something to distract him from the pain he was feeling, but when he came to things that frustrate him that was the opposite of things he was going through.

Johnny mom sighed sadly as she proceeded from the door and sat beside him on his bed, "Look I know how difficult things are in school, but you shouldn't let that bring you down. The departure of your father was dreadful to me, your sister and I know it did for you and it was painful. But i know that he would want us to move on and try our best in life." She put her chin under her son and slightly made him to be facing her, "Johnny try to do your best as much as you can. Life isn't easy, but I know your strong enough to overcome any obstacle." As soon as she stopped Johnny forced his face back at the wall disappointing his mom.

With the look of sadness, Johnny mom stood up and walked to the door. Before she left she turned her head to her son, "Johnny I'm heading to your sister school for a music competition. I'll be back at eight." Having said that she slightly closed the door and left.

In a few minutes, Johnny could hear car engine from his room and walked to the window. He could see his mom drive the car from the driveway with her and her eight year old sister in the back. His mom noticed him at the window from the car and waved at him with a smile, but Johnny only waved slightly before seeing his mom with a sad look drive away.

A sad sigh escaped Johnny lips as he closed his windows curtain and fell on his bed. his eyes were once again looking at the ceiling as he thought about what his mom said. He knew that he was getting his low esteem down and knew his mom was right, but he couldn't help it. Having heard his dad died in the car crash a month ago made him fall into deep depression.

As he lay on the bed he decided that he might as well try to d something to distract him from his depression. Then he thought of it. one of the few things that kept him distracted was a PC game called Cartoonetwork Fusionfall. Immediately he walked out of his room and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich before getting his computer started and loading the game. It took a few minutes before the game was ready and he sat down on a chair with his sandwich close to the computer and his avatar on a field.

"It's fusionfall time." Johnny smiled as he got his hands over the keyboard.

On the game was his character, Agent Bannon Clawson as he was on a hoverboard heading to sector V. his character had black hair, green eyes and was a African-American dressed in a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath it and black cargo pants.

As time went on as he played, his character was given a mission by Number two to fix a radio dish and so he accepted it. His character got to the radio dish when suddenly he was ambushed by three Doom drones. The Doom drones were spider like robots that were once an invention of Dexlabs but became corrupted by fusion matter.

Honestly, Johnny was surprised that they had surrounded his avatar instead of just attacking. But despite that he attacked with his sword at hand and began to attack them. The doom Drones were easily defeated and turned into fusion matter only her him to receive higher money.

"No what's how I kick fusion butt." Johnny said with a proud smirk.

His character then proceeded and accomplished his mission before he was required to return back at sector V. however his avatar could a ninja newspaper appeared at nowhere and hit his avatar. Johnny was really surprised at the appearance, but that changed at he was more surprise to that as his character was hit he was sent back which was the screen and Johnny could feel himself being pulled in by an invincible force. He tried to fight it but there was nothing he could hold on too and soon he was pulled into the screen.

A groan escaped Johnny lips as eyes opened to…grass. He also found out he was actually on the ground and sat up to see where he was. He felt a slight pain in the head and looked around his surroundings, "Where the heck am i?" he asked himself as he saw that he was on grass that and some trees around.

Knowing he won't get his answer he decided to stand up and began to walk, "Well this is weird." He looked around and found that some strange creatures were not too far. He knew that he had seen such creatures before, but he couldn't put his mind into it. One thing for sure he knew that he shouldn't let them know of his presence. So quietly he walked back slowly and carefully so not to alert the machine monsters. It seem to work before he accidently stepped a twit which made a slight sound. He thought it didn't alert the creatures, but he was wrong as he saw them charging at him.

"Oh crap." Johnny said in panic and began to run. He ran as fast as he could to lose the creatures, but they were not that easy to lose. It also scared Johnny as he found that the creatures were gaining up on him. Seeing that the creatures were getting close he tried to run as fast as he could to get as far from them. But unfortunately he wasn't watching where he was going and trip on a stone and fell.

Johnny could hear the creatures closer in on him. Then he knew was going to die right there and no one, not even his mom and sister knew where he was. Thinking he should turn to his front to see his last sight he turned to see the creatures coming closer before he looked up to the sky for a last glimpse. As the creatures drew nearer, Johnny considered that he would be joining his dad in heaven.

However, Johnny saw a school bus fly above him, casting a shadow on him. He noticed that the creatures had stopped at their tracks to kill him and looked up to see three figures jump down. The three figures landed right in front of Johnny thereby obstructing him and the creatures. Johnny could see one was a blond wearing an orange hoodie, another wearing that was fat and wore a hat goggle over his head and mostly his face holding a strange gun in their hand. Lastly was one that Johnny couldn't identify well since he was looking at them from the back, but he could tell the last wore a red hat and had breaded pony tail hair falling to her back guessing the person might be a girl.

Immediately, the three got in fighting stances as they prepared to fight the creatures. Knowing it would be best he got up from the ground and dust girt off. He narrowed his eyes at the three and noticed the one in a red hat whispered to the one that was fat and gestured her hand to him. The fat one nodded before he walked from the group and to Johnny.

"You ok." The fat one.

"Yeah." Johnny said with his voice trembling a bit.

Both of them could hear the noise of fighting and looked before them to see the girl in a red cap and the blond boy fight the creatures. Johnny was wide eye as he saw two fights the creatures with ease and taking it well. The blond seem to be shooting the creatures while performing some air flips over them for his advantage. The girl in the red hat was also handling herself fine as she used her sword and slices the creatures, turning them to small particles.

In less than a minute the two had fought the creatures with ease before walking to him and the fat one. The fat one walked to the blond boy and high fived him, "Nice work, Number four." He said. The voice and the name that came from the fat one made Johnny feel like he knew where it was from, but couldn't figure it out.

However, Johnny soon came to face the girl in a red hat, "Hi." Johnny faced the girl with a red hat. She seems to be examining him by her eyes before she turned to the two boys, "Number four, Number two. We need to head to the treehouse with him now." Again the names and her voice reminded Johnny of something he couldn't figure out.

"Alright number five." The two boys saluted. The fat boy called Number two brought out a car key from his pocket and pressed a button. In a flash a bus ship with jets attached flew down right before them. Wide eyed, Johnny stared at the bus before he felt someone grab his wrist. He jumps a bit out of surprise before he saw the blond boy called Number four looking at him with a stern look.

"What's with you?" the blond boy said with an eyebrow raised.

"Nothing." He answered, "But what do you want?"

"Look kid I'm don't answer questions from any recruit."

"Recruit?" Johnny was lost at that word, "Wait, are you talking about me?"

However, he wasn't answered as Number four grabbed his wrist. But Johnny wasn't willing to go anywhere that he wasn't sure of, so he fought back, "Let me go!" he protested as he stood his ground.

"ENOUGH!" the two stopped as they turned to the girl with a red hat, "Number four release him!" the blond boy grunted some few words silently before letting go Johnny. With that done she turned to face Johnny, "Look we aren't going to force you, so you can either be here and be chowder food or come with us."

Johnny looked at her, but knew she was right about that. Already proven that he couldn't survive on his own especially with more of those previous creatures he had encountered with, Johnny sighed and walked into the bus along with the blond boy and the girl in the red hat. He could see that the fat boy had the wheels so he walked to a seat and looked at the sky.

His ears were soon darted to the speakers on the bus as he heard the fat boy voice, "Hello this is your captain speaking reminding you to…"

"Will you shut up and fly the stupid thing!" Number five yelled out. A few grunts were said by Number two before the bus began to jerk a bit and slowly float up. As before Johnny was surprised at what was happening. Sure he had been on a plane before, but not on a flying bus.

Soon the bus took off to a direction leaving the ground they once stood behind. Johnny looked at the window and began to think through his thoughts of everything. He was still shaken of what had just happened and felt unsure of where he was and what he was doing. His trance at the skies was interrupted as he heard a female voice, "Can Number five take a seat?" Immediately he darted his attention to see Number five.

"Yeah. Whatever." He answered uninterested. Johnny could guess that she was actually here to maybe talk to him considering that they were enough seats for an class.

Number five took sat down and turned to him, "You ok? You seem a little out of place for a sec." Johnny didn't answer but look back at the window. Right now he didn't feel like being a conversation. Of course Number five knew about it, but continued, "Number five apologize for Number four behavior he can get a bit rough. You know if you have anything to ask, recruit, you can ask Number Five."

Finally, Johnny couldn't take it anymore. He thought she would just leave once she sees that he wasn't interested in talking, but she wouldn't. But when he called him a recruit it made him furious of why she just called him that.

"Why do you call me that!" he glared at Number five.

Number five paused for a moment before she understood what he meant, "You meant recruit? Aren't you one of the recruits sent out on a mission?"

"Yeah." Johnny replied nervous. Honestly he hadn't seen that coming and hoped that Number five didn't notice his nervous face for a second.

However, Number five was able to see the look on his face that he was hiding something, but reminded herself to find out. Johnny on the other hand decided that asking some questions might soften the confusion he was facing.

"Um…Number five." He called her softly and got her attention, "How did you know I was a recruit?"

"Simple. You have a nanocom on your wrist." She answered, "Every recruit is given a nanocom after graduation from the academy." Johnny took a look at his wrist and Number five was right he had a nanocom. But hearing that name made him wonder where he had heard it before. However he was interrupted as the speakers went off with Number two voice, "Ok passengers we are now arriving at sector V, the treehouse."

Curiously, Johnny took a look from his window and was again wide eyed. His mouth was almost agape as he glances at their destination. When he heard them say a tree house, Johnny thought it was simply a normal tree house, but now he was proven wrong as he saw a big tree house floating in mid air with some metal chains keeping the base tethered to the ground.

"Welcome back to Sector V, Agent Bannon Clawson." Number five smirks as Johnny turned right back at her. Then it came to him of who she was referring to. It was him...He was Agent Bannon Clawson and he knew where he is or which world he's in...Johnny Branson is in Fusionfall.

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