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Chapter 3: Arriving in Tech square

On the way to Tech square was a long trip for the three and was quiet. Everyone was quiet on their own and kept themselves busy. Number five had her mp3 with her and was listening to some music, Zak was concentrating on his driving and Johnny sat silently to his thoughts. Johnny's mind was blank as he thought of what had happened to him just a few hours ago and no he was going to meet one of the greatest minds in cartoonetwork universe.

His thoughts further went to what he worried the most…getting home. Sure he thought it was cool and awesome meeting some of his greatest shows real life, but he also had a life back home. He didn't want to think of the reaction from his mother and sister when they come home and discover he wasn't at home. He knew that when his mom finds that he wasn't at home she'll be extremely worried and start a search for him without knowing he was in a game world.

"Guys we've just arrived Tech square." Zak declared from a microphone. Zak announcement had brought Johhny out of his thoughts and worries. Curious of how tech square looked like, Johnny got up from his seat and looked through one of the windows in this ship and awed in amazement. From his point of view and from how high they were, Tech square looked like a high tech city with flaoting cars, beautiful and high tech buildings. Johnny was able to see Mandark headquarters industries to his left from a far distance and to his right Dexlabs coming to close view as they approached.

In a smooth flight the S.C.A.M.P.E.R took closer to a building with the words Dex labs on it. It flew over the house and landed at the back. As soon as they landed a few moments of silent occurred before the ship began to go down to the ground. Johnny looked through his side of the window and saw lights and metal walls as they went down all the way. It didn't take long for them to finally reach the stop and the doors open.

"Ok it's time to go, guys." Number five said. Zak and Johnny complied and followed her to the door. As soon as they did, they came to view an empty large space with nothing but metal walls and not too far was a Dexbot and a KND girl standing next it.

"Welcome to Tech square, Number five of sector V." She greeted and saluted, "Dexter asked that you and the others head to his office immediately."

"Whatever." Number five responded, "Number five was just going there anyway."

With that said Number five began to head to the door. Zak and Johnny who stood behind Number five followed her, but not before Johnny glance at the KND girl as she blinked at him with one eye and smiled. The expression gave Johnny a weird feeling as he smiled his a bit awkwardly before running to catch up to Zak and Number five. The three came close to the exit door as it slide open for them and they went though.

As soon as they came to the next room, Zak and Johnny awed with the word wow escaped their lips. All around them were machineries and high technologies around them along with various kid scientists in lab coats working on them.

"If you guys are done, awing, then we should be going." Number five said, having noticed their frozen looks. The two immediately noticed what they were doing and snapped themselves back to reality. They began their walk as they went through various labs including one that had Cheese from Fosters home of imaginary friends locked in a force field.

The walk was long for the three, though Number five was used to things like this. To take their time Zak and Johnny began to talk about the place. Apparently, Zak had only visited Dex lab a few months ago and that was to obtain some information from Dexter assistant, Computress. Johnny decided to take the chance to ask Zak about himself in the fusionfall word, but when Zak was about to tell Johnny Number five would immediately tell him to stop which brought Johnny to become more suspicious.

"Ok, we're here." Number five spoke as they came to a door. The door had the letter D on it and slides open to behold a lab. As they stepped in Zak and Johnny had to hold themselves from awing again from what was around them. The lab was large and machinery and high techs in various sizes were around including inventions by the boy genius and chemical in shelves.

As they walked for a while they stopped at their tracks as a woman like robot floats a few feet in front of them. Johnny could easily tell by the looks and when he had checked through Fusionfall website that this was Computress, Dexter assistant.

"Welcome, Number Five, Zak Saturday and Agent Bannon. Dexter requests for Number Five and Zak presence." Computress said in a robotic woman voice.

As soon as she said that, Computress eyels glowed yellow as she turned to glance at Johnny. Suddenly the yellow light stramed came from her eyes and scanned Johnny from head to toe before disappearing. Johnny was confused about what she did, but Computress turned her back and began to leave with Number five following and Zak giving Johnny an assuring smile and following.

"What about me?!" Johnny asked. He didn't mean to ask, but was actually feeling abandoned. He understood that Dexter would call for both Number five and Zak, but why won't he call for him.

Computress stopped and turned to face him, "Dexter did not say anything about you, but considering you would be alone I'll suggest you explore the facility and not here."

"Oh and I should get lost. Great plan." Johnny muttered to himself sarcastically.

However, Computress heard him from her enhanced hearing, "Don't worry about getting lost I've already arranged someone to accompany you." Nothing left to say she turned her back and left with Number five and Zak following her.

Johnny watched silently as he watched them approached a door as it slide open for them. As soon as they entered the door closed silently for them with a loud echo. Standing alone, Johnny sighed deeply to himself before turning to the door he had entered through. He didn't want to stand quietly and for once found it strange that he wanted someone company considering he liked being lonely by himself in his world.

As soon as Johnny walked passed through the door it slide closed behind him. Alone by himself, Johnny decided to head to one of the research labs he had come upon when he had passed previously. He walked down a few halls and with his memories helping him he got to the lab. He looked at the machines with interest and also noticed Johnny Bravo was standing on a higher level with some kid scientist. He didn't know what they could be doing with the big guy, but he didn't bother to as he took another glance at noticed Cheese from before locked in a force field.

Curious to take a look at him, Johnny walked up the steps and got closer to the captured Cheese. He didn't know why the imaginary friend was in the force field, but he knew that it was for a good reason. From what he could remember about Cheese, he was an imaginary friend that disturbed the people of Fosters home of imaginary friends and he could guess that's why he was in that force field.

"What are you doing?" asked a female voice. Johnny turned to who it was to see a teenage girl with short blond hair and in a lab coat.

"I'm just looking at him, why is he there?" Johnny asked as he took another glance at the imaginary friend.

"Oh him." She said with a bored tone. She walked to the force field and glance at Cheese before turning back at Johnny, "Well we put him in there for his own safety and because of how annoying he gets. So why are you here?"

"I came here with Number Five and Zak to meet Dexter." He told her. He wasn't sure about telling her why he was here, but he preferred to talk to someone than doing nothing.

"Wow that's…" before she could continue someone yelled, "Chase we need you here!" she groaned in frustration before calming herself and looking at Johnny, "Sorry, but I go to go. I never got your name, what was it?"

Johnny was silent for a moment. He wasn't one to trust someone he never knew about and certainly telling her might cause some trouble considering Zak was excited when he told him, "Well mine is Bannon."

"Ok, it was nice meeting you." Chase smiled at Johnny before running off to whatever business she was to do.

Alone again, Johnny decided to stroll for a while. He walked down the stairs and was back to level he was. Suddenly he was caught by surprise as something small fell on his face and forced to fall to the ground. Slightly confused, Johnny felt what fell on him purr and rub his cheeks and purring at the same time. He was able to get himself back together and got a hold of what he guessed was he cat, but when he looked at cat it was more than just an ordinary cat. The cat looked like a little white tiger with wings and a spiky tail.

"Pura! There you are." Johnny heard a female voice and looked up to see a girl. The girl had blond long hair that passed her shoulders, wore an orange shirt that showed her midriff and wore a purple skirt over black jeans.

"I'm guessing this is your…tiger." Johnny said as he gave the little tiger to the girl.

The girl carried the tiger and placed her on her shoulder. She turned back to Johnny with a nervous smile, "Yeah, sorry about that. Pura gets a bit excited when she meets someone she likes."

"No problem." Johnny told her with an assuring look, "Let's start over ok? My name is Agent Bannon and you are…." For some strange and unknown reason Johnny felt at ease with the girl in front of him and wondered for a moment why. It didn't feel like he had feelings for her, but like strong bond that he never had, not even his best friend back at home.

"My name is TigerLeah." She replied and added.

"Cool name. So what are you doing here cause I pretty sure that your not a scientist here." Johnny stated.

"Your right about that." TigerLeah giggled, "I was sent her by Blossom about meeting someone here, but I have no idea who the person is." As soon as she told him Johnny knew exactly why. From what he remembered from Computress she told him she already got someone to accompany him. So he easily guessed that TigerLeah was the one.

"That would be me." Johnny stated. His face expression changed to an awkward and nervous look as he knew what he was about to say, "I kind of new here and I think I'm lost, can you help."

"Sure. I love to help anyone as much as I can." TIgerLeah stated with a smile. True to be told she was right. Everywhere she went she had met various heroes and helped them as much as she could. Just as every recruit she worked under Dexter as her guide and his representative, Blossom of the powerpuff girls. TigerLeah and Blossom became close as they would sometimes go on the same mission if it was too tough for one person. It was doing one of the missions she had met her new friend and pet, Pura.

Johnny told her where he wanted to go and of course TigerLeah lead him. The two walked down some halls while at the same time talking to each other so as to get to know each other. Johnny found TigerLeah quiet interesting as she told him about her adventures ever since she joined the fight against Fuse four years ago. She explained that since then she's been helping Blossom to find some heroes that had gone missing for weeks and that during one of her searches with Blossom that she had discovered Pura in the amazons all by herself, so she decided to adopt her and keep her as a pet and friend.

"So what is your story, Bannon?" TigerLeah asked with a smile. That was when Johnny knew he has a problem. Sure both of them were friends but Johnny wasn't sure about telling her the truth. In one hand if he told her she would either think is delusional and at the other she'll think his weird and will leave.

"Well…what is it?" TigerLeah asked, waiting for Bannon to answer.

A moment of silence went on between the two as they walked. TigerLeah could tell he was keeping something a secret and was curious of it. She wasn't the one to push someone and definitely would personally keep a secret if it was important to the person.

"Promise you won't tell or think it's weird?" Johnny asked, ruining the silence. From how he sounded and the look on his face told TigerLeah that it was secret and something more. She looked at Johnny and nodded with a concern look and so did Pura on her shoulder. Assured that TigerLeah was here for him he sighed deeply, "I'm not from around here. I'm actually from a world that's normal."

"How normal?" TigerLeah asked.

"As in there's no superheroes, earth isn't invaded by aliens and nothing extraordinary happened." Johnny answered.

"So how did you arrive here?"

As she asked, Johnny was again silent. He thought if it was right to tell her and hoping she won't be weird out, "I was playing a PC MMO Cartoonetwork Fusionfall. It's a game that I get to create my character, fight fusion and help fight the war against Fuse by getting missions from different Cartoonetwork characters such as Ben 10, Dexter and….Blossom. So one day I was playing the game after having a talk with my mom and both her and my sister went out when suddenly when I was playing my avatar was hit by a fusion and I felt sucked into the game. When I woke up I was Bannon Clawson."

Finished with the explanation, Johnny turned to TigerLeah to see how she felt about and thought about his explanation. It didn't help that she was quiet especially when she just stopped as soon as she could.

"So what do you think?" Johnny asked, curious and worried. He was afraid that he had just weird her out, especially the way his explanation stated that this entire world was a computer game.

Brushed out of her, TigerLeah turned to Johnny with a smirk, "I will admit that it does sound weird and the possibility that you were playing a game and arriving here sound impossible. But then again a lot of things have happened here that are impossible and weird, so I believe you. So if your not from here then what's your real name?"

"Johnny Branson."

"Nice name." TigerLeah commented.

With that cleared up, Johnny and Tigerleah continued their way to Dexter Laboratory. As they continued they talked about the various heroes that Johnny knew from TV. She learned about the death of his dad and felt sorry for it and promised she'll be there for him when he needs her. The conversation continued as Johnny told her he watched a lot of cartoons in his world that he's able to know very character in Fusionfall except a few that he had to learn from the Fusionfall website.

As he explained, TigerLeah noticed how normal Johnny world was, especially none included alien invasions, robot armies destroying New Jersey or superheroes formed from strange items. Soon the two came to a door with the letter D on it and stopped.

"So here we are." TigerLeah stated. She turned to her new friend, Johnny Branson, "It was great meeting you, Johnny Branson and it was fun talking with you."

"Purrrr" Pura purred from TigerLeah shoulder. She jumped from TigerLeah shoulder and landed on Johnny shoulder. Her soft furry cheeks made contact to his cheeks as she purred in a cute way.

"Seems Pura will miss you." TigerLeah giggled, seeing how her little friend loved Johnny. She gave her a moment on Johnny shoulder before carrying on her arms.

"I had a great time as well. Is there any way we could make contact." Johnny asked. He knew TigerLeah and Pura had to go since they still had their part in the war and he was still trying to figure things out. Having a friend in this universe proved to Johnny that he wasn't alone especially when she was okay with keeping his secret.

TigerLeah raised her arm and glance down at a wrist watch on her shoulder. She tapped on it just then multiple square holograms pop up in front of her and Johnny. The face of words and other displays were faced at TigerLeah that Johnny wasn't able to see from where he stood. He saw he tap a few things on one of the holograms before it disappeared and a ringing beep came from Johnny nanocom.

Curious of what the beeping was, Johnny brought his nanocom to his face and glance at it. Suddenly a short square hologram pop up and on it were the words, 'TigerLeah has invited you to her buddy list, do you accept?' Johnny took a glance at TigerLeah as she nodded, "Yes." So with that, Johnny pressed the lower part of the hologram that had the word yes. The hologram disappeared and beeped twice and a woman voice said, "TigerLeah now in buddy list. With buddy list you are able to chat, talk and teleport to her as you wish."

"Cool." Was Johnny response as he awed at the nanocom. Ever since he got into Fusionfall he had noticed a little about the nanocom though he only did at first because of Number Five made him realize about the nanocom. From what he remembered about the nanocom it was able to contact anyone, make trade with any weapon, have e-mails and nano versions of cartoonetwork characters, but that was only available of the fusions you kill.

"Yeah, it's cool." TigerLeah smiled. Suddenly a beeping could be heard from TigerLeah nanoncom. Pura got off her hands and hopped to her shoulder just as TigerLeah tapped on it and the nanocom displayed a face of someone on her nanocom. TigerLeah easily could identify the person as Blossom, leader of the Powerpuff girls.

"Hi, TigerLeah. Just want to know if you've completed your task." Blossom stated.

TigerLeah glance at Johnny with a pleased smile before looking back at the screen, "Yeah I have. I've helped him back to where he's needed."

"Good job." Blossom said. Suddenly her face seem to direct to her left. It could be guessed she was listening to someone before she gasped and nodded to the person and turned back at the screen, "Bad news TigerLeah it would seem that Fusion Rex has been spotted in Pokey Oaks south. I need you to go in, investigate and if he spots you fight him and earn a Rex nano. Blossom out." with that said, the screen returned back to its normal display.

Since Blossom was done, Johnny and TigerLeah faced each other once more. Both of them understood that TigerLeah had to go if she was to catch up to Fusion Rex and find out what he was doing.

"I got to go." TigerLeah stated, her hand gestring behind her, "Remember that we can still talk through our nanocom, but don't think about teleporting to me I have my privacy time."

"I sure won't." Johnny snickered.

TigerLeah waved good bye, "Bye." Johnny watched as she began to run and then jumped forward in the air. Suddenly a hoverboard appear above her and she landed on it and fly away.

Once again alone, Johnny sighed happily of what just happened. He had just arrived in another world, met some of the greatest heroes and perhaps more in the future and now made a great friend. Then something occurred to him and he faced palmed himself. During his time with TigerLeah he could have asked her if she knew anything about his character, but now she was gone.

A few more minutes and the door slide open with Number Five and Zak coming out…but not alone. Coming out with the two wasn't Computress, but the one and only boy genius Dexter. Zak walked to Johnny and walked with him a few feet from the two as they discussed about something that made Johnny the more curious.

"So what took you guys long enough?" Johnny asked, his hands crossed over his chest.

"Sorry about Dexter was telling us some information about Fuse." Zak stated. Somehow Johnny was able to notice something from Zak. He noticed he was lying. First were the nervous smile and then the way his voice sounded like. He knew exactly that they were talking about him, but the question was what?

"Yeah right." Johnny said sarcastically. He looked straight at Zak with a stern and serious look, "You don't think I had no idea that you guys were talking about me. I'm not sure what it is but I getting sick of it and beside what is so secret of me that I shouldn't know."

"That's simple." Both Zak and Johnny were surprise from a Russian accent answered. They knew exactly who it and they face nervous as they turned to see Dexter and right next to him was Number Five.

"You heard me?" Johnny asked nervously.

The boy genius took a glance at his watch and then back at the two boys. His face expression didn't read anything and his voice didn't help much, "yes I did, Agent and I do think it's time you knew." Johnny was a bit surprised at what Dexter just said. Finally he was going to tell about what happened to his avatar. At that he was facing two emotions, scared and excited. He was excited that finally he would know and perhaps all his questions could be answered and at the other it could scare him for life after how long Number five had kept it for a reason.

Dexter began, "A year ago you were admitted to Fusionfall academy. We first believe you were like other recruits, but you were special and within a few months you were graduate and given your first mission. That mission was to fight Fusion Blossom and you did very well and earned your first nano. You were one of the best five recruits on earth until one day we got reports that a spark of Fusions were heading to Tech Square. We thought of a evacuation, but back then I was captured by Fusion Buttercup when Tech Square was overrun by Fusions and Fusion matter. We didn't know where you were until you came and saved me from Fusion Buttercup and released me. As soon as you did I had to destroy a machine that Buttercup stole to give Fuse, but you won't allow and somehow was able to use your nanocom to teleport me right when the cave began to collapse. That was the last I saw of you. Then a few weeks we were able to get rid of the fusions that occupied Tech Square and began reconstruction. I was able to retrieve some videos installed in your nanocom journal when we saw who you last met…"

Dexter was silent as he wasn't willing to speak anything about it. Johnny could guess that something might have happened to his character that made him silent. From the explanation Dexter just told him, Johnny didn't find any of this possible considering when he played Fusionfall he never went to Tech Square. He didn't know why, but he never thought about it until now.

"And who did I meet?" Johnny asked, almost afraid to ask.

"Fusion Grim." Number Five spoke, "Fusion Grim is one of Fuse strongest considering he possesses most of the real Grim abilities. In the video you were fighting him in some kind of cavern and unfortunately you were losing. As soon as Fusion Grim had you down he had his scythe at you and well…reaped you. That was the last the thing we saw before the video went off."

Silence filled the place as they thought about the revelation. In other words that revelation showed two things. One Fusion Grim is more of a threat for anyone and two was what did he do that Agent Bannon was standing before them. Johnny on the other hand was the confused the most as he tried to puzzle things together so it could make sense. Then he figured it out, why he was here, what happened to his avatar in this universe. His best guess was that as soon as Agent Bannon dies his character was the closest thing to him and when he was playing it could have been when he died and he came to replace him.

"We shouldn't think about it now." Dexter said, after a few moments of silence, "What matters is the next plan in hand."

"Which is?" Johnny asked.

Instead of answering Dexter walked back to the door as it slide open and he walked in. Johnny felt angry about been ignored like, but decided not to take it seriously.

Number five began to leave as she saw the boy genius leave, "C'mon we need to get to the Null void."

"The Null Void?" Johnny asked, scared about the place.

"She meant Fusionfall academy." Zak assured him. The two wasted no time to follow Number five as she headed to another hall. Zak could see that Johnny was confused and curious of why, so he decided to tell him since he already knew what happened to him, "We're going to the Null void cause Dexter thinks you'll be safe there and begin training."

"Training?" Johnny asked. He had just been in the Fusionfall universe and hadn't even eaten or rested. He only had time to rest when he was taken to sector V and then Tech Square.

"Yeah. Dexter believes that you may amnesia."

"Why would he think that?"

"Dude, you basically didn't know what last happened to you and also because we saw some details and schematics of your brian waves and body from Computress scanning you earlier. It was the test that Dexter wanted you to do."

"What did you guys see?"

"Dude, I'm not a scientist, but Dexter believes that Fusion Grim must have done something to you and perhaps created an illusion before you escaped."

As soon as Zak finished, Johnny stood frozen. From what Zak just said sounded like his entire life was just a dream. He told himself that it wasn't true, but it seems to make sense.

"NNNNNNOOOOOO!" Johnny yelled with pure anger. His hands were on his head with a strain look.

"Bannon." He heard Zak say. He looked at Zak Saturday who had a worried at him and Number Five who looked at them, perhaps curious of what happened. Realizing what he just did Johnny immediately straighten his face and kept his frustration behind, not wanting to be worried by his friends, "Sorry about that. I'm ok."

Before both Zak and Johnny, Number Five looked specifically at Johnny before turning back to leave, "C'mon we're almost near the Null void warping gate." She said lastly before walking off. Both Johnny and Zak looked back at each other before following here without saying anything. as they walked Johnny took a moment to dig his hand in his pocket and notice something hard. He reach into and brought it out to his face and smiled. In his hand was his mobile which meant that Dexter and Zak were wrong. His life wasn't an illusion by Fusion Grim, but maybe something else. It didn't matter to Johnny at the moment as he ran off to catch up with Zak and Number Five.

************************************************** **(LINE BREAK)******************************************** *****************

In space before Earth was Planet Fuse. This larger planet was the cause of the invasion on earth and seeks one thing, to absorb Earth as its own. Already this planet has smaller planets from its past attach on it and seem to have an endless hunger. But it had one ruler causing the invasion on earth and when he seek earth a year ago he had found earth to be harder than his previous absorbed planets, so in order to have earth he created Fusion versions of the earth heroes through something that belonged to them.

In one the planets throne room was Fuse as he glared down at who were before. Recently he had gotten some news he considered bad and was yelling at them.

"So you're telling me that the boy is free!" Fuse yelled angrily at the beings before him.

Those that were kneeling in front of him with their heads down so not to see the anger on Fuse face were Fusion Grim, Fusion Dexter, Fusion Buttercup, Fusion Samurai Jack and Fusion Johnny test. The five were summoned by Fuse for some briefing when Fusion Johnny informed him about a sighting of a teen they thought was long dead.

"Grim!" Fuse commanded angrily as he faced the Fusion of death, "How could this happen. I thought you annihilated the boy months ago!"

"I did." Grim answered. his voice wasn't afraid but more like he was sure of himself.

Fuse growled out in rage and looked at all of them, "If the boy remembers who he is then those earthlings will be able to win this war. Now I want you to do whatever it takes to finish the boy and this time bring me his head! NOW GO!" he commanded and turned his back at the Fusions. In a matter of seconds the Fusions counterparts walked out of the throne room and walked to their various places. Except Fusion Dexter as he noticed something about Grim and followed him.

He followed him as he walked to a corner and looked carefully walked over to discover he was gone. It took a moment for Fusion Dexter to realize that Fusion Grim knew about his presence and he immediately tried to leave. However, as soon as he turned he meant Fusion Grim with a grim face.

"What do you think you're doing following me?" Grim asked, though it sounded like a command.

Fusion Dexter looked calmly at him, "I've noticed your behavior in Lord Fuse throne room and I know you know something that you're not telling."

"You're correct." Grim said as he walked a few paces from the other fusions, "The boy is dead, but this one is another boy."

"How is that possible?"

"Since I'm the fusion of death I'm able to know a shift of life in my surroundings. So when I killed Bannon after he obtained the information he noticed a strange force surrounding the boy and then before my very eyes he disappeared."

"So what do you make of this?"

"Simple, Dexter. He's linked himself with someone from another universe and has brought him in the form of him."

"If that's so, what are you going to do?"

Fusion Grim took a final glance at Fusion Dexter and slowly began to walk away, "Simple Dexter." His mouth changed to a smirk and his dark glowing red eyes shift to relate to his thought, "I'm going to kill him and his new form."

************************************************** *********(LINE BREAK)******************************************** **********

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