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3 years later

After everything that happened with Genevieve and the two harvest girls, most of the witches from that school of thought had fled New Orleans, not thinking to oppose the Mikaelsons again. Davina remained in the city, running the coven now. The wolves were an ally of the family as well; after all, they shared the same bloodline with Klaus. There was peace among the vampires and the human faction was happy with how things were turning out for the city, the economy better than ever.

Everything was perfect.

"Anybody down here?" Violet asked, heading down the stairs from her bedroom, smoothing her hands over her black dress with a lace pattern, the skirt falling just above her knee. "Helloooooo," she was calling.

"Hi!" Rebekah grinned, coming out of the living room dressed similarly, carrying Lexi. "You look nice."

"So do you," Violet smiled at her. "And you look so pretty Lexi!"

The little girl was a mixture of both of her parents, with straight blonde hair to her shoulders like her mother and big green eyes like her father. She was three years old now, the same age as the Mikaelson twins. All three cousins were the best of friends and while the Mikaelson twins were always more of the trouble makers, Lexi was quieter; she did have her rambunctious side though. Today, she was in a frilly white dress with a pink ribbon around her waist.

"Tanks," Lexi told her, resting her head on her mother's shoulder, taking to sucking her thumb.

"She's still sleepy," Rebekah smiled, kissing her head. "We're going to head over to the church and meet Stefan, make sure everything is set up. See you there?"

"Wouldn't miss it," Violet teased as Rebekah left.

She couldn't believe that this day was finally here, but she was so glad that it was. Damon, her brother who always seemed to fall for the wrong girl, had finally found the right one in his new human life with Cami. Last year they had gone away together to celebrate their anniversary; Damon proposed to Cami on their first night away. Today was their wedding day.

"Hello," Violet peeked her head into the kitchen where she heard tiny footsteps, grinning when she saw Lily and Nick tip toeing around the center counter. Lily was dressed in the same dress as Lexi, both flower girls, while Nick was wearing a suit as the ring bearer. What the twins couldn't see on the other side was Klaus crawling on the floor to sneak up on them, in his suit for the wedding as well. They must have been playing some kind of game while they waited on Violet to get ready.

"Boo!" Klaus said when they poked their little heads around and saw him.

"Daddy!" Nick laughed, jumping to wrestle and play while Lily watched and giggled.

"Oh no!" Klaus was laughing, laying on his back while Nick sat on top of him, having "won" the match. "Lily, help!" Lily giggled and jumped on him too, sitting next to her brother. "Oh no," he was laughing again.

"It looks like you're out numbered," Violet chimed in, smiling as she leaned against the counter next to them.

"Look who's finally ready," Klaus teased and Violet made a face, making their children giggle. Nick, because of his traits from Violet, looked exactly how she remembered Damon to look at that age. Lily had deep blue eyes like her father, with long wavy blonde hair falling down her back. "Isn't mommy pretty?"

"Pretty," Lily agreed while Nick just nodded, holding his hands up so Violet would pick him up.

"Mmm, thank you guys," Violet planted a kiss on Nick's cheek.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Katherine asked, coming into the kitchen to join them.

She and Elijah had just got back from the airport, picking up Kol and Nadia who were lucky to be back in time for the wedding after a delayed flight. After a year of flirting and dancing around the idea of being together, they finally ended up getting together officially. While New Orleans was their home, they traveled all over together, most recently to Rio. They were scrambling to get ready so they could all leave for the church together.

"Just about," Violet nodded as Klaus got up from the floor, scooping Lily up and making her laugh.

"Hi Aunt Kat!" Lily waved at her.

"Hi pretty girl," Katherine greeted her with a soft smile. She adored both of her nieces and nephew, eventually catching baby fever like Klaus had predicted. After taking her time to get to know Nadia, to try to be the mother she didn't get growing up, Katherine and Elijah came to a decision a few months ago to start a family of their own.

"You look nice," Violet commented on Katherine's long, dark blue dress, the fabric snug around her middle.

"Thanks," Katherine nodded, running her hand over her stomach, feeling a kick. "Damon, of course, would have his wedding when I'm the size of house."

"In his defense," Elijah said, coming in now and taking her hand. "He did set the date before we decided to try." Katherine just brushed him off, squeezing his hand.

"Is the baby ready?" Nick asked Katherine for the second time today as he saw her. He was the most excited for the new baby since they found out that it was going to be a boy; they had decided to name him Henrik after their youngest brother who had passed away so long ago.

"Almost buddy," Katherine laughed. "A few more weeks."

They all left together, heading to St. Ann's where Kieran was going to be officiating the wedding of course in addition to walking Cami down the aisle. Damon and Cami's wedding was bigger than Stefan and Rebekah's, with a lot more people being invited to the ceremony in addition to the reception. The wedding party, however, was small with Davina as maid of honor and Stefan as best man. Elijah had taken Katherine in to have a seat with Nadia catching up after her trip with Kol to Brazil, with Klaus and Kol playing with the kids in the front of the church. Damon was with Stefan while Rebekah and Violet went to peak in on Cami before the ceremony.

"Hey," Violet grinned at her.

Like Rebekah on her wedding day, Cami was absolutely stunning. With the wedding in the fall and the air cooler, Cami opted for a dress with long sleeves that hung off her shoulders, the top fitted and the skirt becoming gradually looser as it reached her feet; she wore her hair full of loose curls with her veil trailing behind her. Davina was finishing her make up, her hair pulled back and her maid of honor dress a deep shade of red.

"Wow Davina," Rebekah couldn't help herself from saying. "You look amazing."

"Thank you," the nineteen year old blushed. "Not like her though," Davina nodded at Cami who reached for her bouquet now, picking at the ribbon at the base.

"You nervous?" Violet teased her.

"No," Cami shook her head quickly. "No, I'm not nervous." She paused. "Do I look nervous?"

"You've already been through the scariest stuff with our family if that's what you're worried about," Rebekah assured her and she had. There was a time when Cami wasn't really even with Damon and she did what she could to help out the family. As far as they were concerned the wedding was a formality as Cami had been a member of their family for a long time.

"Not that we're not excited to have you as an official Salvatore," Violet grinned at her.

"Maybe you'll end up joining Katherine one day as a Mikaleson," Cami grinned back at her. Elijah, old fashioned as he was, bought a ring the night Katherine found out she was pregnant. Always wanting a happy ending of her own, she naturally said yes; they were waiting until after the baby though to have the wedding.

"Ah, well with this being a wedding I really should have seen that one coming," Violet joked. Everyone did always bring it up. After all, she and Klaus had been together the longest. Hearing a knock at the door, they turned to see Kieran there, smiling at Cami.

"You ready?" he asked her.

"How are you feeling?" Elijah asked Katherine as they were sitting towards the front of the church, the row empty as they waited on the rest of their family, Nadia having gone to retrieve Kol and Klaus.

"Good," Katherine smiled at him, resting her hand over his. "Feel this though," she took his hand and placed it on her stomach. "He's kicking like crazy." She looked at him and smiled. "I don't imagine you ever giving your mother this much grief," she teased.

"Maybe he has his mother's sense of trouble making," he teased back, getting a grin from her. He took his hand back to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear before kissing her cheek. "Are you happy Katherine?" She turned fully to give him a kiss.

She had everything that she ever wanted. She had Elijah, the first real love that she ever had, someone she cared for before she had even turned. She had Nadia back, having missed her everyday since her father took her away from her and was so grateful to get to know her now. She was pregnant, starting a family with Elijah and giving Nadia a brother. She never thought that she could have this but Violet was right, everyone got to be happy.

"This is what I've always wanted," she assured him with a smile as the others joined them now, the ceremony starting.

As the ceremony ended, everyone headed across the French Quarter to the hotel where the reception was being held. Damon and Cami were on their way there last, riding in the back of their limo, sipping champagne as they celebrated. Damon couldn't take his eyes off Cami, enjoying each moment with her, loving everything about her. He couldn't wait to start their married life together, to have children, to grow old. Being human wasn't anything Damon really considered before, but if it meant he got Cami, he didn't want to live any other way.

"Well, congratulations," Damon told her as he poured her more champagne.

"On officially being a Salvatore?" Cami grinned.

"On being crazy," Damon teased her.

"Same thing," Cami winked.

"Ouch," Damon faked offense, laughing. "Wait till I tell Stef and Vi."

"What makes me so crazy?" Cami asked him.

"You married into a family of vampires, werewolves, and witches," Damon reminded her.

"Right, but I picked the one human," Cami reminded him now with a smile; Damon gave a soft smile back, looking her over, really taking her in. "Why do you keep looking at me like that?" Cami laughed. Wow did he love her laugh. All he wanted was to make her laugh.

"Like what?" Damon smiled at her.

"Like you're savoring this moment," Cami smiled back. "Like this is the last time you might see me."

"I guess I'm just afraid I'm going to wake up back at the Salvatore boarding house alone," Damon admitted to her. "Losing another girl to my brother."

"Ah," Cami nodded. "Well, there was one crucial mistake you and your brother were both making."

"Yeah, what's that?" Damon asked.

"You both should have been going for blondes," she grinned, kissing him now. She went to pull away, but he kept her close, kissing her again.

"I love you so much Camille," he told her.

"I love you too Damon," she said back. "And I don't want anyone but you for the rest of my life." Rather than say anything, he kissed her again as they finally arrived at the reception.

Nadia had just finished talking with her mother, going to get another drink from the bar. She spotted Kol on the dance floor and smiled, watching him twirl one niece with each hand. She loved Kol, but the idea of having a family of their own was far from each of their minds as they were enjoying their time alone together, traveling the world. That didn't mean she didn't think it was the most adorable thing she had ever seen. As the song ended, she noticed him kneeling down to the girls, pointing her out and they came skipping over.

"Aunt Nadiaaaa," Lexi was saying. All the kids called her Aunt even if they were technically cousins.

"What is it sweethearts?" Nadia laughed, kneeling down to them.

"Uncle Kol says it's your turn!" Lily told her.

"Ohhh," Nadia laughed. "Well, lucky me," she grinned, both girls giggling as they ran off together, going to find Nick so the three of them could all dance together.

"I'm even luckier," Kol informed her as he had heard her from across the dance floor, smiling as they started dancing together to a slow song. "You look amazing."

"Not bad for fifteen minutes before going to the ceremony," Nadia smiled.

"You're always perfect," Kol assured her.

"And you're always a flirt," Nadia teased as they exchanged a quick kiss.

"So," Kol changed the subject now. "Where is next on our list?" Nadia was over five hundred years old, but she had never really "seen" much of the world as she was always tracking down leads on her mother. Now, she had a list of places she wanted to go and spend time, taking in all the sights and culture they had to offer.

"Um," Nadia thought about it. "Tokyo." Kol nodded. "I want to wait though," she continued. "Until after my mother has Henrik."

"Of course," Kol agreed with her. "Are you excited?"

"To be a big sister?" Nadia laughed. "Absolutely." She smiled big. "I finally have my family."

"And we're happy to have you," Kol told her, kissing her again. Across the dance floor, Stefan and Rebekah were dancing as well, watching the three kids linked in a circle, dancing together and laughing.

"Would it be crazy if I said I wanted ten more of them?" Rebekah laughed, looking at her husband.

"Ten?" Stefan laughed with raised eye brows. "Yes." Rebekah made a playful face. "But, more? No, that's not crazy."

"Really?" Rebekah asked, a little surprised. She knew Stefan loved Lexi more than anything, but it wasn't anything they ever talked about. After all, they had such a hard time getting pregnant the first time, they considered themselves lucky to even get to have Lexi in the first place.

"Yeah," Stefan smiled at her. "Lexi loves Nick and Lily, I'm sure she'd love to be a big sister."

"I know she would," Rebekah nodded in agreement, still seeming hesitant even though having more kids had been her suggestion.

"We'll keep trying until it works," Stefan assured her, knowing how hard it was last time when it took months to get pregnant. "We never thought that we would be able to have Lexi, but we did." He shrugged. "Plus, it worked for Elijah and Katherine the first try, so maybe this time will be different." Rebekah smiled at him.

"I'll call Gloria tomorrow," Rebekah grinned. "I'll see what she thinks and when we can start trying." Stefan seemed a little confused now.

"We could ask Davina," Stefan reminded her as that was who Katherine and Elijah sought help from.

"She's had enough going on with the coven," Rebekah reminded him of the young leader. "That," she smiled, catching a glimpse of Davina sitting at her table, flirting with the young man she had brought as her date. She had been talking to the other women about him weeks before the wedding, debating on bringing him as her date. He was new to New Orleans, having come to live where his mother's family was from; she was a New Orleans witch, so he became part of their coven. His name was Kaleb. "And I think she deserves a bit of a break, some time of her own."

"Ah," Stefan nodded with a smile, seeing what she was looking at. "All right, well we'll talk to Gloria tomorrow then."

"Perfect," Rebekah agreed, both looking down when they felt someone at their side.

"Daddy," Lexi was saying. "Is it my turn?"

"Of course sweetheart," Stefan smiled big at her, picking her up and kissing her nose, making her giggle. "Ok, put one hand here," he instructed and she put her hand on his shoulder while he held her with one arm. "And give me this one," and she placed her tiny hand in his.

"We're dancing!" Lexi cheered, making Stefan laugh.

"We are!" he agreed with equal enthusiasm. "And you are such a good dancer!"

"I'm going to go find Violet," Rebekah smiled at Stefan, heading off to find her sister in law.

That night, the house was quiet. Cami and Damon were staying at the hotel where the reception was, and Katherine was already in bed with Elijah, exhausted after the party. Nadia and Kol had decided to go out late after the reception while Stefan and Rebekah were just getting Lexi to go to sleep. At least their bedtime routine was smooth, which Violet sometimes wished for as she was walking down the hall towards the twins' room where Klaus was supposed to be tucking them in. Hearing Violet coming into the room, Nick and Lily dove under the covers, each having their own "big kid" beds now. They pretended to be asleep while Klaus sat on the floor between their beds.

"Ohhh," Violet laughed, not buying it. "Everyone's been asleep this whole time?" Both twins nodded with their eyes still closed. "And what was all that noise I heard before?" she asked, walking over towards where Klaus was standing up now; both children opened their eyes and sat up.

"Daddy," they said in unison.

"Is that how it is?" Klaus laughed at them.

"Right under the bus," Violet laughed as he stood behind her, putting his arms around her waist. "Good night sweethearts."

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"What is it?" Klaus laughed.

"We want a story," Nick insisted.

"It's late," Violet emphasized.

"Just one story love," Klaus told her and she gave in.

"Which story?" Violet asked them now.

"The one where you met daddy," Lily said. That one always seemed to be their favorite.

"That one is my favorite," Klaus agreed with them, sitting on the end of Nick's bed while Violet sat down across on Lily's bed. "Once upon a time, a knight was searching the forest for an evil witch."

Who turned out to be Aunt Kat, Violet thought to herself; funny how things worked out.

"When he saw this princess," Klaus continued. "He forgot everything else that he had set out to do."

"Was she pretty?" Nick asked, though they obviously knew who the knight and princess were.

"Oh, more than pretty," Klaus nodded. "She was gorgeous. Much too beautiful to ever settle for that knight." The kids giggled as they looked at their blushing mother. "The knight was so surprised when she agreed to have dinner at his home the next evening."

"And then?" Lily asked.

"Then they were nearly inseparable," Violet said now. "They fell in love and have been in love ever since." She smiled. "And they have a beautiful prince and princess for a son and daughter now." She kissed Lily's forehead. "Who need to get to sleep!" she teased, getting up and kissing Nick now.

"Night mommy," they told her as she walked towards the door, getting kissed goodnight by their father now. "Night daddy."

"Goodnight," Klaus told them, turning off the light and shutting the door.

"You are a trouble maker," Violet accused him teasingly as they got back to their bedroom.

"Yes, and they get it all from me," Klaus joked back and she smiled, putting her arms around him. "That is my favorite story."

"Mine too," Violet smiled as he kissed her. "It has the happiest ending."

"MOMMYYYY!" she heard down the hall.

"And the prince and princess are summoning me," Violet joked, kissing him again before pulling away. "I'll be right back." She walked back down the hall, wondering why they were giving her such a hard time tonight about going to bed. "Yes my loves?" she asked as she turned on the light.

"There's something under my bed!" Nick said adamantly.

"You're just like your Uncle Damon when he was little," Violet teased, kneeling on the floor to check under his bed. "There's nothing there baby, promise."

"Mommy, check mine!" Lily insisted now. Violet sighed, turning and looking under Lily's bed. There was something there, though it wasn't a monster. Violet grabbed the small felt box and stood up between the two beds.

"What's this?" Violet asked them, slightly amused and both children shrugged. "You don't know?" she laughed, opening it and she gasped. She wasn't sure what else she expected to be in the box, but the sight of the engagement ring still made her jaw drop.

"Violet," she heard behind her and when she turned around Klaus was kneeling behind her. "There's another ending I want for our story."

"Oh my God," was all Violet could manage to gasp.

"Violet Salvatore, will you marry me?"

"Mommy, say yes!" each child was bouncing on their own bed in anticipation.

"Yes!" Violet said as he slipped the ring on her finger, throwing her arms around him to hug and kiss him as he stood up with her.

"YAY!" Nick and Lily were shouting, fully jumping on their beds.

"What is going on in here?" Rebekah asked with a laugh, waking up to the commotion.

"This," Violet held up her hand to show her friend the ring.

"AH!" Rebekah squealed, running in and hugging Violet first, then turning and hugging her brother. "Finally! Oh my God!" She kissed Violet's cheek. "I have to get Stefan." She didn't wait for a response before running out of the room to wake up her husband. Violet couldn't help but laugh, letting Klaus pull her into his arms, resting her head against his chest.

"I love you so much Violet," Klaus told her kissing her head.

"I love you too," Violet said back, hugging onto him tight.

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