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Chapter one
Alphonse stood in colonel Mustang's office after the accident. Mustang was facing the rain splattered window.

"Has the squad come back yet?"Roy spoke suddenly.

"N-No. Is Ed going to come back?"Al said quietly.

The rain poured down outside interrupting the stoney silence between them. Then without warning Roy spoke.

"No."He said.

Al looked up emotion shining in his metal eyes. Roy turned slowly giving a hard pressed glare across the room. It looked as if he was trying to be solemn and he looked sad as well. His mixed emotions struck Al as odd sense he rarely showed emotion other than anger and amusement. Roy couldn't believe what was happening. Al had come in and said Ed had lost it after losing everyone except Al. He had finally cracked and tried to perform human alchemy the bring their mother, Nina and some others back.

"How can you be certain?"Al spoke "He did this before. He might live!".

"No."Roy turned to him "Not this time. He couldn't sacrifice anything more for two human souls. He's gone.".

"That's a lie!"Al shouted.

Roy shot the suit of armor a sympathetically annoyed look. He felt Alphose's pain at this. He felt shocked that Fullmetal was gone. This couldn't be real. Such a young soldier was driven to insanity by the horrors of being a alchemist. Just then Riza Hawkeye, Roy's girlfriend, burst in looking solemn. Al and Roy looked at her and she nodded solemnly the hint of unshed tears behind her eyes.

"No..."Al said "No. No. It can't be!".

The room fell deathly silent. Alphonse cried. Roy looked at Riza and they realized that Al hadn't anyone now. Nothing would ever be the same again. Riza motioned for Roy to follow her into the hall. He did and she quietly shut the door.

"Roy."She said "I know this is a bad time but, i'm pregnant."She said hesitantly.

He cupped her chin in his hand. His look said he was happy and sad and it reflected both their emotions perfectly. Riza leaned into him and he held her.

"He was to young. Why?"She said showing her long term emotions.

"Fullmetal made his choice. He got lost in the horrors of what he'd seen and That consumed him."Roy said.

"It's not true!"Al came out of the room "Brother wasn't insane!".

Roy turned to him holding up his hands a solemn look on his face.

"Al we have to be reasonable."He said.

"Brother can't be dead. He has to be out there!"Al pushed pass the colonial and Riza and ran out.

Riza started following him but she felt a hand on her soldiers. She looked back at room shaking his head.

"He'll find out."Roy said gravely.

She nodded and leaned into him.

Line break-(nine months latter)

Riza groaned in agony as she lay in the hospital bed. She had been in pain for several hours now.

"Almost done Mrs. Hawkeye."A doctor said.

She groaned and gave a scream as a spasm racked her body. Roy sat outside her room and felt distressed as he heard her screams. This continued for a while before a nurse came out to him.

"You can come in now."She said.

Roy hurried up and dashed into the room. Riza lay down on her hospital bed holding a small child. Roy glanced down at it in wonder. Riza smiled sleepily up at him. Roy sat down next to her bed and lay his hand on hers.

"It's a he."She said softly.

Roy stroked the child's head. His blond hair was already growing through. His facial features were like his fathers.

"Look he's opening his eyes!"Riza gasped.

The small child opened it's eyes and received a collective gasp from his parents. His eyes were golden colored and shown sleepily. The parents eyes connected and an understanding passed between them. Riza kissed the babies head.

"What should we name him?"Riza asked.

Roy shook his head.

"How about...Ed?"She asked.

Roy looked slightly uncomfortable at first but nodded.

"Edward Mustang.".
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