The Emos were in a class room they had converted into their den. Every inch of the room was painted black including the windows. The lights had been covered by a red vial making everything have a red shine. The Head Emo was lounging on a couch throwing back whiskey like it was water. The rest of the tribe were also there and had chosen to pass the time with one of their favorite games- Truth or dare witch usually turned into dare or dare. None of the Emos really liked sharing too many details of their personal lives. Andrea's turn had come around and Zoe was asking her "truth or dare Andrea?"

Andrea smile taking a huge gulp of whiskey "Dare me Zo." Zoe had been waiting for her turn to ask Andrea. She was looking for pay back after what Andrea had done to her. "I dare you to steal Taylor's heart hoop earrings." Andrea almost dropped her bottle. "You want me to what? Taylor is always wearing those earrings! That's impossible." Andrea clenched her teeth why did Zoe want Taylor's earrings? "I thought you were fearless?" Andrea growled "I am how long do I have to get them?" Andrea hopped it was awhile, snagging those earring is more impossible than The Heist.

"You have until Friday before the bonfire." That was in three days not nearly enough time to get Taylor's earrings but Andrea never backed down from a dare "When I get her earrings I get to raid your stash for whatever I want." Zoe wasn't worried about Andrea actually getting the earrings "Sure." Andrea leaned back and thought of a way she could get her hands on those earrings.

The Emos made their way back to the dorm where Andrea thought she might get lucky and Taylor left the earrings off. When they entered the room Taylor was nowhere to be seen. Bianca was talking to another Chav "Oi! You seen Taylor 'round?" "Na I 'aven't, not since dinner." Shit Andrea thought where is she? If Andrea doesn't do the dare than the consequence will be the same just like with the other Emos. That is a risk she doesn't want to take.