'Ello my dear readers, here is the new chapter of I Dare You. I apologize for not updating this story I really do like it. And remember Italics are flashbacks.

Lots a Lot a Love, Kandikitty


I was sitting on the table across from Andrea's unconscious body thinking about what to do. With Zoe in charge of the Emo's no doubt Bianca is taking over the Chav's, but that war wasn't my concern not with Andrea drinking herself half to death all day. I held her hand stroking her knuckles with my thumb. "I would have thought Zoe would be kicking down the door by now. I guess even she has the respect to leave this one between us." I looked to the painted windows remembering the first day Andrea was here.

I was hang out with the Chav leader on the roof we a taxi half covered in paintballs screeched to a stop. A pale girl with long black hair grabbed her two bags and slammed the car door before turning to the doors to be greeted by the Emos. "Oi looks like Emos claimed da new gurl!" I said throwing my head back so the head Chav, who had be making a deal with the head geek, could hear. "Damn, here I thought we had a chance to get to her first!" The geek said packing up the contract. "Yeah, me to." Scarlet, head chav, said walking over to the edge to see what was happening "Defiantly goth. Oi Tayla ain't dat yer gurl from back home?" I looked down and sure enough it was Andrea, her signature A drawn on her face. "Was once mah gurl. We ain't nothin now." I kept staring at her, Scarlet slapped my shoulder "Good don't want any trouble when we ambush 'em tonight." She left me there as I watched Andrea enter my school in this worst possible tribe she could have picked.

"I wonder if you knew I was watching you? Some people say when you love someone enough you can always feel there presents." I kept looking at the window. "I bet you did because from that moment on we did our best to kill each other. Everyone just thought we were trying to prove who was better, but the only one who knew the truth was the head girls. Scarlet pulled me aside more than once saying we were going to start a full on tribe war." I laughed a bit "We almost did too, Jamie saved us both that day..." I looked down at her hand. The day before Scarlet and Jamie graduated Andrea and I ended up in the biggest fight we ever had. We have matching scars on our stomachs from the blades we used. "I couldn't believe you kept it, the twin blade to mine, we had boughten those on our last anniversary..." Tears were threatening to leave my eyes, I fought them for a little bit but ended up giving in. "Jamie pushed us away before there was anymore harm but we were both bleeding badly. I woke up in the infirmary with Scarlet sitting next to me...The first thing I asked was if you were okay." A small smile spread across my lips.

Scarlets laughter erupted into the silent room "Yeah Tay she is alright. Jamie said you two will have matching scars." She was the one who taught me how to be 'Chav', how to hide my grammar and feelings. All I could do was smile, "Oi, ya eva gonna tell Jamie?" I asked trying to read her emotions. A sad smile formed on her ruby lips "Nah mate, she needs betta than a Chav, yeah?" I gave a small smile rolling my eyes. The party that followed was celebrating everyone who was leaving that year and the fact that no one died that year.

I slid down Andrea's wrist band looking at her scars, the most dominate one being A+T. It was carved over and over again, the scars were lifted well above the skin. "I'm so sorry baby girl..." I closed my eyes I didn't want to cry anymore but it was inevitable.


I had been awake for awhile but playing dead seemed better to do. I didn't know how to respond to Taylor, I knew which memories she was thinking of I remember feeling her staring at me. I remember all of it. But not even she could get away with calling me baby girl. I raised the hand she wasn't holding and flicked her on the forehead. She cliched back with wide eyes "How many times do I have to tell you, don't call me that?" There were tears in her eyes but they lit up quickly as she smiled and started to laugh. "I'm sorry Baby, I didn't mean to wake you." I rolled my eyes again "What's with all the mushy stuff today, cupcake?" Taylor looked over to the window "Well after today I just thought...You called me cupcake." She looked back at me as I sat up "I did." I stretched out my arms, laying like that for hours really did hurt. "But we...you...after the fight and...I just.." I placed my figure over her lips to silence the rambling. "Look cupcake let's just pick up were we left off back home." She screwed up her face in this confused look trying to figure out what I meant. "It's not rocket science Taylor. I'm saying we are leaving here soon so why not continue were we left off?" I stood up to prepare some tea, my head was throbbing and I really needed to relax. "Were we left off? Like before I left?" I nodded getting a cup as the water was boiling. "Yes honey. Back before we came here, before we almost killed each other, before any of this. I don't want to forget it, of coarse but I want you back honey. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win you-" I was cut off by Taylor lifting me off my feet and kissing me all over my face and neck before setting me on the counter.

"A million times yes, Stud Muffin." Was all she said before she attacked my face again. "She really hasn't changed, she just hid who she was underneath the Chav title." I thought as I kissed her back. We spent all night in the den no one came in and no one left. We just talked for hours and cuddled on my couch. We looked at our matching scars not just from the fight but of the A+T on my wrist and The T+A on her upper thigh. We had done them at different times, I did mine they day she left, Taylor did hers her first week being a Chav. We reminisced, laughed, kissed and finally just before we fell asleep we intertwined our fingers and said "I love you" and drifted to sleep.