Zandra Mayfield (meaning: Helper of human kind, From the warriors field

Age 14

Hair colour black

Eyes dark grey with amber centres (cat's eyes with wolf colours)

Hair length mid-back with longish bangs to hide her face

Complexion pale, no freckles, no tan, just scars under her clothes and hair

5'5, slightly longer legs

Birthday December 23rd

Favourite colour deep red/crimson

Wears crimson track shirts and black jeans, even on hot days

Very sensitive to different sounds around her; can tell if something's coming at her from behind and duck

Fast healing

Background: Is the youngest child; she wasn't supposed to happen. Her oldest sister, Emmeline, and brother, Kearney, treat her like a slave; her father (she calls him Master) like a punching bag. Watched vampires kill her mother in cold blood at the age of three and has never forgotten. Has a special connection with wolves; can understand them and has sought refuge with them more than once after a beating. Hasn't spoken a word to any person but her mother, who is dead, and is so assumed mute.

Just a background check on our main character; what do you think? The names, I played the random game with a baby naming book (open to a random page and stick your finger anywhere). Same with her birthday and favourite colour (horoscopes. Same game). Well, enjoy the story!

What have you done now?

(What have you done now)

(Within Temptation)

"Get out of my SIGHT!" he yelled at me, tears stinging in my eyes as I fled into the night. I would go to the one place I felt safe; the pack. They protected me and treated me as one of their own. I felt wanted. The wind howled at me, tearing at my clothes as I ran as best I could into the darkening evening. Master had beaten me again; I had forgotten to sweep the kitchen and he had noticed. Rain was gently falling, disguising the tears gently sliding down my bruised face.

I finally made it to the refuge of the trees, howling as my alpha had taught me and letting my presence be known. I was soon greeted by the pack; bundles of fur and wagging tails bounding to and smothering me in a pile of flailing appendages and a cacophony of barks. That is, until a pup landed on my ribs, causing me to wince. Being joined to the pack as an accepted member, this didn't go unnoticed.

Soon, the pups and males were shoved aside as Accalia descended on me with a gently, examining muzzle. Do I want to know what happened? She asked me gently.

"No," I told her. This was the only time I would speak out loud, although the connection was mostly telepathic. She growled; they knew about what my Master does to me, and I had to beg them to not take action. If they did, they would surely be taken and killed; just like Mother.

A fresh wave of tears replaced the first, and I curled up in a loose ball on the ground. Soon, the alpha, Sandalio, nudged me with his nose. Cana, he said gently. I smiled at my wolf name; it meant 'wolf cub'. We must go deeper, he might come looking. I nodded. Almost on cue, a roar of rage came from the direction of my house, followed by the door slamming with brutal force against the wall of the house and heavy footsteps in this direction.

Climb on, urged Wulfrik, the largest of the pack. His name means 'wolf power', and it suits him; his head is level to my shoulders, towering over every wolf in the pack. Yet, he is a gentle giant, only fighting to protect those he loves. Soon, I was nestled in his shaggy fur as the pack loped away from the threat of my Master. The mud and rain splattered us, leaving us drenched and dirty; not that we minded. I had my tracksuit on, and they had their fur.

We formed a pile in the middle of the den, and I slept at the centre next to Sandalio. As I lay, curled in a ball, I thought of all the things the pack had taught me. I had spent months here when I first discovered them living in the forest across from my house. I already had certain physical characteristics that made fitting in easier.

Everyone always said I walked oddly; I had almost all my time with the pack on all fours, so my arms appeared to be slightly longer, as though they had adjusted themselves to the situation, and my back slightly hunched. I ran like a wolf, too; whenever I need speed, I would fall to all fours (feet and hands, not knees) and lope like the pack. My eyes, nose and ears were sharper, and my eyes (they used to be solid grey) had a large splay of amber radiated out from the pupil.

I eat raw meat; my digestive system can barely take it cooked. Those months here had been the happiest times of my life; establishing an unbreakable bond with the pack. Becoming one of them. Are you going to sat again? Came the most innocent little voice. I couldn't help but to recognise it; it was Phelan, pronounced feel-an, the young cub who had been born the last time I was here.

Of course, Phelan, I responded. Considering his temper, I don't think I'll survive if I go home. They all knew who I spoke about when I referred to him. My Master; my Father. I shuddered, and Phelan whimpered and curled up at my side. I gently ran my hand through his fur until I fell asleep.

The months flew by, and soon I was as I had been when I ran from home to live with the pack. My clothes were tattered shreds; but I honestly didn't care. The pack taught me new fighting techniques and, soon, I was strong enough to be a challenge for Wulfrik. The feeling when I brought him down in the ring was pure ecstasy for me. The packed howled their approval as I pinned him, and he slobbered my face in appreciation.

I hadn't said a word out loud for nearly a year now; life was perfect. Everything was perfect. But of course, all good things must come to an end eventually. First, we found a young pup from a nearby pack nothing more than a pile of shrivelled skin, fur and bones; two tiny holes pierced the poor things neck. We knew the threat immediately. It wasn't, however, until they struck a low blow that we started preparing for battle. They killed little Phelan; my beautiful, growing pup. He wasn't my pup, obviously, but everyone in the pack shared the duty, so we all felt like he was our responsibility.

And that was how they found me one night; coming in for their next kill and stopped in their tracks. A human girl lying at the centre of a wolf pile, fast asleep and covered in dirt; snuggled against the alpha's side and his mate.

With my sharp hearing, I heard their footsteps. I know they're supposed to be silent, but my hearing is unrivalled by any creature on earth. Awakening Sandalio, we prepared to attack. When they least expected it, we sprung on them as one, incapacitating them after a quick scuffle and holding them down. As the only one of the pack who has the ability to speak English, it was time for me to finally speak.

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