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The Truth and Lies

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Pinned to the ground, the Night Children, the same who killed my mother, I realised, were hissing and snarling at my pack; yes, my pack. I'm next in line to the beta, so, technically, they are sort of my pack. Growling, Wulfrik and his right-paw sergeant, Amoux (ammo), restrained them and kept them from getting to their feet and massacring us all. Eventually, and this really did take quite a while, the leeches stopped struggling and fell limp beneath our top fighters (after me, of course). Maybe they were hoping we would release our grip; but we aren't stupid and we don't think like humans.

"What do you want?" I snarled at them, voice brimming with hostility and absolute loathing. Catching the hint, they shrunk back into the den floor as Wulfrik and Amoux let them go and the rest of the pack formed a protective barrier so they could not escape without being mauled.

"Looking for food; what else?" the tall one replied cockily. His dark, wavy brown hair and bluish, almost violet, eyes reminded me of Joseph, my father and one-time master. Who are they and where do they hail from? Came Sandalio's soft, raspy voice, weaving its way into my mind and latching there in the comfortable way that our bond is formed. Since they're voices were restricted to pack, I got the job of playing translator. Oh, goody.

"Who are you and from where do you hail?" I relayed in a voice I barely recognised. It was harsh and rough, like gargling with sharp stones, from disuse and the words had a certain lilt that resembled the howls we made every so often. It was rather unique and, although my description is rather unpleasant, sounded rather beautiful. A deadly beauty from living with the wolves.

"Why do you need to know?" the smaller one snarled, less reserved than his companion. He had sandy blonde hair and the palest green eyes. Creepy, much? I simply smiled, my sharpened teeth terrifying. Just like their fangs, only a multitude of them and not just two. Neither of them showed any reaction to my grin; I wasn't expecting one any way.

"You're encroaching on Lycan territory; you killed on of our pack. We have a right to know who you are and where you come from," I said in an emotionless voice. Come to think of it, everything I said sounded emotionless from my crouch on the cave floor in front of them. Huh.

"We don't have to tell you, and we don't want to. Deal with it, sweetheart," said the taller one, starting to lose his patience. Cocky retch, isn't he?

"Tell me," he continued, after what looked like a moment in his thoughts. "What are you doin' hangin' around a group of mutts like this, huh? You're not one of them," he spat the last one, knowing exactly where to strike to get a reaction. And a reaction he got; the whole pack growled at him, snarling and threatening him to say it again; I could hear the thoughts bombarded towards them. Not pleasant. Shut up! You're giving me a migraine! I told them, and immediately the apologies followed. Stunned looks from the leeches as my family stopped growling suddenly and started whining were automatically followed by confusion. They couldn't understand. Well, let them stay that way; the less they know the better. Then, violet-eyes spoke up; what he said almost stopped my heart.

"Let the wolf-girl come with us, and we'll never invade your territory again. In fact, we'll never travel to this part of the country for the rest of our lives. That sound like a fair trade?" he said smoothly. My life, or the rest of the packs'? That was no decision for me. I'm going, I told them. They immediately started whining in protest I silenced them with a snarl. If I don't, more of you will die. You are my family, and my life for all of yours is more than a fair trade. You will be safe forever, instead of just a few nights. I promise, if I can ever escape, I will come here and we can move. I swear on the great Lycan, and you know what that means. I'll never forget any of you; cross my heart.

"Waiting," snapped violet-eyes intensely. Snappy thing; I don't like him, probably never will. Sighing, I turned from my pack to the intruders, my grey and amber eyes holding sadness.

"I'll do it, but if you ever come back here again, I swear on the Lycan that I will kill you both, and any family you have," and I was dead serious. They sensed that and nodded sharply before coming forward, hoisting me up and carrying me away from the only family I had ever known. I would probably never get to see them again.

With that joyous thought in my head, I turned to the one coping mechanism that had always worked and was always available. I went to sleep; and I wouldn't wake up until I wanted to.

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