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Because I have recently finished my other fic, The Wind Of Change, and its being edited and beta read at this moment I had to occupy my mind on a new project. I had this idea floating around my headfor a while now.

Take into account that yes this fic STARTS a little back in the series, but as the story progresses, a lot of stuff will be revealed, I don't want to give a lot of spoilers, that's why summary is so short.

I'm leaving you guys with the prologue and with the promise that this fic is like an adventure, discovering little bits of info in every chapter. Please don't forget to review, your words make this all worth it.

As if Fell from the Sky

It couldn't be say, by any stench of the imagination, that this was your typical, happy day for the Straw Hats. They had just survived a turning point on their lives, Captain and Archeologist still suffering the consequences of being completely frozen… they had been clinically dead, after all.

It was the fourth day after that event, and the captain was strong enough to be walking around and take care of himself, even if his muscles felt sore and stiff, and the cold wouldn't leave his body no matter how many warm teas and hot baths he took. He was currently resting on the upper deck with a blanket around his shoulders, enjoying the warm, midday sun bathing his ship.

Damn Aokiji… he thought for the millionth time how would he be able to defeat a strong guy like him? How could he fight back such devastating power… if they were to continue traveling this seas, it was imperative that he'd become stronger…

After all, Robin almost died in front of him and he couldn't do a thing to prevent it. He decided he wouldn't allow something like that to happen again.

Nami watched him from afar, she was carrying a basket full of clean laundry back inside, but she stopped midway when she noticed his scowl. The woman shook her head slightly; it was unnatural to watch him frowning so much, to see him so quiet around the ship, still weak and sore despite his claims of being back to normal and at full strength.

The navigator sighed.

Zoro had doubled his training regime, on his mind there were no place for doubts and fears, and whatever feelings he held about almost losing both, a crewmate and his captain, he silenced with the obsessed, constant pushing of his body. He wouldn't just stand by the next time something like this happened.

As if Luffy had noticed Nami's worried glance, he stood up, dusted his pants and started to walk down the stairs like a normal person would, instead of jumping and stretching to the lower deck like he normally did, that in itself was evidence enough that he wasn't back to normal,not at all.

"Eh Nami, let's set sail already, ne?", he said forcing a big smile on his face.

"Idiot, you can barely stand, what if we find another strong guy like that Almiral huh?"

"Nami, I'm telling you I'm ok!"

"No is NO, we won't set sail today!" she answered back stubbornly.

They were practically growling at each other and Luffy punched the main mast for added effect, but it only demonstrated how slow and weak his fist still was.

"Oi oi! Don't take it out on Merry!" Usopp shouted while hugging the mast while Chopper went with Luffy, scolding him all the way for being up and running around.

"I'm the captain and I say we are setting sail!" he growled.

And then a roar in the sky, a black cloud and blinding lightning spread over Merry, all eyes were covered and when the light faded away they saw a figure at full speed falling from the sky. The figure collided with Luffy's back and the captain ended with his head buried on the wooden planks of the ship.

Everyone got up slowly as yellow spots still danced on their vision, and their ears still rang through the great thunder like noise that had even rattled the portholes, everyone trying to understand if they were under attack or what the hell was happening.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" Usopp panicked with snot and tears sprouting everywhere from his face.

Nami, who had fallen back on her rear was watching the object on top of Luffy with wide, incredulous eyes.

There, lying on the back of their captain, was a small boy of about six years old, he was unconscious...

The child looked exactly like Luffy.

To be continued,

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