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As if Fell From the Sky
By Kaoru Likes One Piece (Kaoru for short!)

Just like that, it was over in an instant, with a sudden flash of light the young captain and navigator were gone, empty was the spot they had stood just a moment ago.

But all the attention was fixated on the small child, who was still awaiting an answer, his eyes full of hope.

"So? When I'm gonna get a brother?"

Nami's brow started to sweat and she smiled nervously, "Emm... Edd, that is complicated" she tried to explain, but Luffy grinned his mischievous, sideway smile,

"Well... it's pretty simple really... isn't it... Nami" he said, calling her name in a very deep tone of voice.

She started to walk back, hands rising up in a defensive posture,

"Don't even think about KYAHH!" she screamed when his arm looped several times around her frame as he leaned in to rob her a kiss. Edd grimaced in disgust.

"Yuck! You guys are gross!" he said cringing, but then his face changed, as if he had a sudden realization.

"Ne, Dad, were do babies come from anyway?" he asked while he pulled at his father's jacket.

Luffy went pale and almost drops Nami, he started to sweat, "ZORO, YOU TELL HIM!" he shouted.

"WHY ME!" the swordsman said, shark teeth and all, screaming in indignation.

Usopp was babbling incoherently running around in circles, but uncle Chopper stepped up bravely, a doctor was best for this task!

"You see Edd, when an able female enters into heat, the male..."

"DON'T TELL HIM THAT STUFF!" Nami screamed scaring everyone. Suddenly, someone cleared their throat... and all attention went to the Priestess... whose translucent frame was still floating there on the middle of deck.

"Ohh Ghost Girl! I Almost forgot, thanks for helping us out!". The Pirate King said, truly grateful, because without the priestess... they wouldn't have had a Nami who helped to rescue Nami, who ... he was confused and his head hurt.

The ethereal woman smiled softly, "It was my pleasure... you... are a group of interesting humans"

"THANK YOU!" Chopper, Brook and Franky shouted in unison.

"Living trapped inside a mysterious amulet must be very sad huh?" Luffy said crossing his arms, a frown in his face.

"Luffy, don't be insensitive" Nami whispered.

"I say, we help the ghost girl!" They Pirate King shouted raising his fist.

The priestess's eyes opened in surprise, deeply moved... "Thank you..." she whispered while her hand flew to her mouth, trying to hold off her crying, "...right now.. my energy has been expend... but... I'm truly grateful, it's been so long since I was able talk with anyone"

Everyone understood her loneliness, but Brook specially, felt a connection with the woman, however all nodded in silent support.

"Ohh mademoiselle Ghost; I shall be happy of being of assistance", the musician began, "...but first, if you could be so gentle as to show me your"

"PERVERT SKELETON!" Sanji kicked Brook away, but when he landed on deck and glanced at the Ghost girl his cigarette dropped from his mouth ... "Just wait a minute... do ghost women... actually wear panties?" he went full pervert, nostrils flaring and hearts in his eyes.

Short of being offended, the priestess was very amused by the crew's antics and started to laugh behind her soft hand. Robin stepped up.

"Aikaan-san, an apology is in order for my crew's... peculiar antics" the archeologist smiled, also amused, "But as my captain ordered, we shall investigate a way to end your entrapment"

The priestess nodded, eyes reflecting only gratitude,

"Thank you" her voice barely a whisper as her image faded away, her power totally expend now, a gentle purple glow fading into the medallion.

"YOSH! A NEW ADVENTURE!" The Pirate King shouted, exited, his fist rising up, "NAMI! Set course to save the Ghost Girl!" He ordered.

Nami scowled, "What kind of order is that! Where I'm supposed to head the Ship to?!"

"Duu I don't know, you are the navigator" he replied petulantly, crossing his arms.

"That doesn't make any sense Luffy!" She snapped, arms flaring furiously. Everyone smiled softly and started to drift away to their own matters, normalcy, it seemed, was coming back.

"Of course its makes sense because I say so! I'm the Pirate King" he alleged petulantly. Edd had stars on his eyes as he glimpsed how awesome his dad was.

"I'm gonna give you your kingship!" Nami said grabbing his shirt and raising a fist. Nose to nose, they were almost growling at each other.

They stood there, frozen with their angry faces for a moment... and then, they burst into light laughter as Luffy picked her up in a warm embrace. "I missed you... Nami" he whispered in her ear.

Usopp swept a manly tear away, sighed in relief and took Edd's hand, pulling him away from his parents. Nami and Luffy deserved a private moment.

"Edd... did I tell you about the time I made friends with a Gigant and we took over an entire island?"

With stars in their eyes, Chopper and Edd started to follow Usopp towards their usual spot below the trees.

"Yeahh, he was called Oimo, and..."


After years of absence, Luffy had decided to head back to the New World, since Edd was older now, it was time for the little prince to get to know a lot of old friends and nakama that had stood behind.

Luffy couldn't wait to visit Shanks!

As they sailed to the Yonkou, they came across Jimbe, who had recently seen them on fishman island, but had decided to search for his crew when he read the news about Nami on the papers. At first, he was incredibly worried about Luffy's mental state, he had, after all, been the only witness to Luffy's meltdown after Ace's death.

He was relieved when he found out Nami was alright, but of course, he regretted not being there for Luffy in such a dramatic time. He decided to go the rest of the trip with them.

The very next morning, a News Coo arrived.

In a series of unclear events, the terrible pirate Hagani, worth 500million berry, was killed when facing the brave Admiral Kizaru. Sadly, the Admiral must be discharged with honors, as the terrible battle wounds left him with life threatening injuries that will disable him for life. Doctor expect some degree of recovery, hoping he will be able to regain speech and the ability to move. A ceremony will be held on his honor on..."

Sanji took a draw of his cigarette when he read the news. He resisted a smirk,

So... the bastard will expend the rest of his life on diapers and with a string of drool coming out of his mouth? Good, serves him right for hurting Nami-san and wanting to sell her.

"So... it doesn't say anything about us?" Usopp asked, looking over Sanji's shoulder.

"Nothing,... probably Kuzan's doing" Nami said.

"Is not like the public can have a worse opinion of us" Zoro said with a shrug as he went to a corner to take a nap.

"True" Jimbe commented, "... but the new Government would look bad if they reported another admiral was beaten by the Pirate King".

Luffy, who seemed to be not paying attention to the conversation, and was currently sitting in the railing fishing with Edd, turned around and narrowed his eyes, "Then they should know they can't mess with my nakama" steam came out of his nose.

Nami took the newspaper and huffed as she glanced at a smaller footnote,

"SHE IS ALIVE! The Pirate King's Navigator was reported to be alive after being spotted by special envoys from the Marines. The terrible woman..."

"Oh.. Terrible, that is new", Nami commented, unamused by her new nickname.

"Well, you can be really terrible sometimes" Usopp commented without thinking, and regretted his words immediately as Nami pummeled him.

Calming down she smiled, slender fingers caressing her golden bracelet, wistfully thinking of home.
"At least Nojiko and Gen-san will be relieved by the news"


They arrived at Akagami's territory the very next day, and everyone cheered when they spotted the Emperor's ship on the distance. Of course Shanks had been informed about the latest news about his protégée's crew, and was disturbed at first when he read about Nami, and relieved when he learned she was fine.

He had the suspicion Luffy had to do with Kizaru and Hagani's defeats.

The emperor got anxious like a child when he heard the Thousand Sunny was approaching his ship. He looked the same as ever, strong with his bright red hair, which had just a little touch of gray on the temples that he whined about constantly to Ben, because in case he went full gray, they would be no longer the -Red Haired- Pirates.

The poor first mate –whose own hair had turned grey years ago, thanks to his captain- just rolled his eyes and tried to convince Shanks a little gray made him look distinguished and mature with the ladies.

The Pirate King's ship was received with cheers, as the ships got next to each other and a large plank was set as a bridge between them.

Shanks's smile never faltered as his eyes scanned the other crew's ship, but he frowned when he couldn't glimpse Luffy anywhere.

Usopp stepped forward, he was carrying a little child that held a big straw hat on his head, He waved his hand

"OI! Dad! Shanks!" He shouted as he crossed the bridge with a grin, Nami and Chopper following close behind.

"Shanks! This is terrible, a strange devil fruit user attacked Luffy and turned him into a child!" Usopp shouted, looking almost desperate.

Shanks glimpsed at the boy and his heart froze, because under the huge hat there stood a small child, looking exactly like he remembered him from all those years ago.

"WAHH! LUFFY IS A CHILD AGAIN!" Shanks and Yasopp shouted in panic.

Nami grabbed Shanks is arm dramatically, "Ahh this sea is so dangerous!" she moaned, "Its better if you take care of him!"

"WHAT!" Shanks and his crew shouted in panic. Shanks's mind was running thousand miles an hour, what if their enemies learnt about the Pirate King's fate and decided to attack a defenseless child!

"BEN! BEN! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!" he cried in distress, he had a soft spot for Luffy after all!

"BOSS!" His crew members cried for him.

But under the hat, a little voice called "Mom, who is this weirdo?"

"MOM?" the Red Haired crew shouted in unison.

And then a obnoxious laughter was heard coming from behind Sunny's mast, and all strawhats joined in hilarity as Luffy made his appearance grinning at his friends.

Shanks looked on again, this time lifting the hat, and a warm smile appeared on his face when he noticed this child wasn't exactly Luffy, his hair was lighter and his eyes a warm brown, he also didn't have any scar on his cheek.

He had heard about the Pirate King's child, but actually seeing him was another entire matter.

"Bwahahaha Shanks you should have seen your face!" Luffy laughed, he was enjoying his little joke, since it was Shanks who always made fun of him, even if he was Pirate King now.

Usopp was also having fun, and eased Edd down.

"Mom?" Edd asked again, because it seemed the adults weren't paying attention,

"It's Shanks sweetie" She answered with a smile.

"Ohh Shanks-jiji!" He said with a big grin! He had heard enough stories about the yonkou to be exited to finally meeting him.

"JiJI!" Shanks screamed in horror, a hand flying to his face in distress, "I'm not THAT old! Please Ben tell me I'm not that old!" he said graving his first mate's shirt.

Everyone else boarded the Red Force and the party began in no time, drinks, food, even decorations and music began to appear out of nowhere as the two crews cheered and partied together. Luffy felt at the top of the world as he watched Shanks playing with Edd, and on his part, the emperor enjoyed the attention of that little boy who looked at him with the same admiration Luffy had at his age.

A while later, and with Edd perched over his head, Shanks joked with an amused grin, "You know squirt, don't be falling into the ocean; I've got only one arm left"

The child jumped in front of Shanks, looking at his face, offended, "Off course I won't fall! I'm a Pirate!" he growled.

Shanks laughed out loud, "Ohh a man, huh?"

"Ok then! Here, have this juice" Shanks chuckled, amused.

"Thank you!" Edd said grabbing the juice and gulping it down, of course, everyone laughed at his expense. He turned red in rage, gritted his teeth, put his glass down and made a fist,


Shanks sighed and put his hand on Edd's shoulder,

"You know what boy... I'm sure you will"

Those were days filled with memorable moments of happiness, and with the strange journey of rescuing the Ghost girl ahead of them, the Pirate King could not help to smile in anticipation, wondering what new adventures would be awaiting for him.

~ The End ~

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