There's quite a bit of angst in this one, so be prepared to feel sorry for Mikami.

As Light walked through the open door, Teru closing it behind him, he sneaked a glance at his God, peeking up through the long strands of dark hair that dangled in his face as his head was still bowed. Even though Light wasn't facing him, he could tell that he looked impeccable. Seeing Light in a brown jumper that matched his hair and grey jeans, Teru silently wished that he had dressed out of his work clothes, feeling that he looked ridiculous.

When Light turned to face him, it was obvious that he was angry. His eyes burned with the intensity that only a vengeful God could carry and his body language suggested punishment. Teru's head shot up, meeting his God's furious gaze with one of fear.

"G-God? I-is something w-wrong?"

He suffered from a stutter when he was younger, another thing that his bullies tormented him for. When he became a prosecutor, he learned to overcome this so he could represent his clients in court to the best of his ability. However, seeing his God staring down at him angrily made all the old nervous habits come back. His hands shook with the need to bite his nails until they bled, which he tried to ignore.

"Yes, Mikami. There is something wrong."

The fact that God called him by his last name, which he almost never did, wasn't giving him orders to solve the problem and just continued to stare down at him terrified Teru into a panic. His mind started to reach horrible conclusions. 'I must be the problem. God has discovered how I truly feel about him, and he hates me for it. He thinks I'm disgusting. Oh, God, please, please, I'd rather you kill me than abandon me, please don't leave me, I'm so disgusting, you're right as always, please, please give me another chance, I swear I'll be good, please...'

In his state of panic, he didn't realise that he was speaking all these words aloud and had sunk to his knees, hyperventilating with hands on the side of his head, squeezing both sides as if he could compress himself in a different person, a better person, a person that he thought his God might love.

Light's anger disappeared as he walked over to his disciple, more unnerved by his behaviour than worried, and gently started to stroke his hair in a soothing motion.

After a few minutes of this, Teru's breathing had quietened and his hands were no longer at the sides of his head. His eyes were closed and his lips parted, fighting with himself not to whimper at every soft stroke from God's loving, delicate hands. He had lifted his head slightly upwards, as if to feel more of God's hand on his hair. This was the most intimate contact he had ever had with his God, and he loved every second.

Once Light felt that Teru had calmed down enough to listen to him, he started to speak softly, using his voice to hypnotise his disciple into trusting him.

"Hush, Teru. Don't be frightened. I am no longer angry. I will not harm you."

This words seemed to register through Teru's fear, as he looked up at his God hesitantly, and seeing nothing but kindness in those eyes as he smiled down at him, still gently stroking his hair, caused Teru to feel so grateful that he had to stifle a sob of happiness that threatened to arise from his throat.

"Thank you, God, thank you for your kindness, thank you so much..."

Light put a finger to Teru's lips, indicating that he should be silent.

"I didn't mean to scare you so, Teru. But I had every right to be angry."

Teru's head snapped up, and he looked like he wanted to apologise deeply for whatever he might have done, but he stayed silent, following God's commands, though he continued to stare at him pleadingly.

"I know that you have been hiding something from me, Teru. I know how you feel about me, and I expected you to be honest enough to tell me. Obviously, I have misjudged your character."

Light's voice was laced with disappointment, and Teru felt his heart sink into despair at every word. 'God has every right to be disappointed' he thought, silently berating himself for his love of his God.

"However, other than your lack of honesty, you have done well, Teru. Therefore, I wish to reward you. If you wish for my body as your reward, then you shall have it."