First off P.O.V. means Point of View. That means from the character's perspective.

Secondly this Fan Fiction will include Romance and Action.

These names aren't familiar to you? That's because this story takes place one hundred years after the final book! Also, I don't know everything about owls.

Chapter 1 : Owls

Kai's P.O.V.

"So tired," I moaned as Cole, Jay, Zane, and I trudged into our room. The Serpentines had attacked at eleven at night. Everyone around me was tired, including me!

We each collapsed into our beds still wearing our ninja clothes. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep unaware of the nightmare that was going to unfold tomorrow...

Cole's P.O.V.

I wanted to continue sleeping, but I knew Sensei would be disappointed if we didn't get to training on time. I struggled to sit up then yawned. I looked around the room. It didn't seem familiar, everything was too big.

I stepped off the bed expecting to land on my feet only to fall to the ground. I stared up in shock at the bed. It was double my size!

"Kai, Zane, Jay, Wake up!" I yelled. My normally tough voice had an odd ting-ting to it.

As I waited I saw Kai stagger out of his bed. I should have warned him as he fell to the ground. He stood up under the blankets. He was the size of his bed, not a small as me.

He shook the blankets off and my eyes widened in surprise.

Kai had sooty gray feathers all over him. He had a big orange beak and large red eyes. Kai also had huge wings at his side. Lastly he had large black talons that easily dug into the wooden floor of the Bounty.

I saw someone else stir from their bed.

"Careful coming down!" I called in my ting-ting voice.

The blanket neatly fell from Zane's bed as he jumped onto the floor. He was the same size as Kai and had pure white feathers. A curved black beak stood out around his almost perfectly white face. There were little brown and black spots on his face, chest, and gigantic wings. He had big golden eyes and black curved talons.

Finally Jay rolled out of his bed landing on his back. He actually always did that as a human which made the situation sort of ironic.

Jay stood up. He was the same size as me and had tawny colored feathers. He had a few white, brown, and caramel colored feathers around his chest area. Two big ear tuffs stood on top his head making him look as if he was narrowing his eyes, which were a hazel-blue. He had a gray beak and brown talons.

We all looked at one another with looks of fascinated horror...

Jay's P.O.V.

As I stood up from my bed I looked over at Cole. I almost fainted.

Cole had dirt brown feathers with a few patches of dusty white feathers to. He had a black beak and huge yellow eyes. He had featherless legs that looked extremely strong. Lastly he had tiny black talons.

We all stared at each other silently.

"We're owls!" I wailed suddenly breaking the silence.

"Ah! Jeez Jay, I don't know what kind you are but your voice is making my ears bleed!" The featherless legged owl said.

I tilted my head to the side.

"Cole? Is that you?" I asked.

"Yes it is," The Owl who had said my name said.

"I'm Zane," The white owl hooted.

"It's me, Kai," The big gray one added.

"How did this happen?" Cole mumbled to himself.

"Perhaps we should ask Sensei?" Zane hooted.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"Ah! Jay, your voice! Watch your voice!" Kai yelled covering his head with his wings.

"Sorry Kai. Whatever type of owl this is it's very loud," I told Kai.

"You were loud as a human," Cole mumbled. We all laughed, except out laughter was kind of nervous...

Cole's P.O.V.

After the nervous laughter we waddled down the halls. We turned right into the kitchen. Sensei Wu was sitting at the table, he didn't glance back.

"Hello Cole. Hello Kai. Hello Jay. Hello Zane," Sensei said to us.

"Hello Sensei," I said in my new ting-ting voice. I tried to bow but fell face forward on my beak. The other three owls behind my snickered, but I ignored them.

"Huh?" Sensei turned around and his eyes widened.

"Sensei do you know why we are owls?" I asked.

To Be Continued...