First off P.O.V. means Point of View. That means from the character's perspective.

Secondly this Fan Fiction will include Romance and Action.

These names aren't familiar to you? That's because this story takes place one hundred years after the final book! Also, I don't know everything about owls.

Chapter 10 : Discussions

Cole's P.O.V.

I stepped in front of Lloyd so I was leading the group behind Atlas.

When we entered the Parliament he used a talon to point to a round curved branch opposite from the one Aura was sitting on.

"Sit on that branch," Atlas said.

I lifted off into the air. It felt unnatural to fly.

I landed on the branch. Once everyone else was there Aura looked at each of us.

"So, you have the golden tools?" She asked.

I looked at Kai and he stared back with an equally shocked face.

"No ma'am. I don't know how you knew about our golden weapons, but they're gone," I answered.

"No you had them. I saw you with them when you were sleeping! Although, now that you say it, the weapons did looked transparent," Nyx mumbled to himself.

"I wonder! You know how we get our ninja suits on when we do Spinjitzu? Maybe that's how we summon the weapons," Lloyd explained.

Aura looked curiously at Lloyd.

"Spinjitzu?" Atlas asked.

"It's like fighting in a tornado that they create. Something like that," Ivory said. She glanced toward the ninjas as if asking that the explanation was correct.

"Do you have elements of your Spinjitzu?" Aura asked suddenly.

It was becoming scary how this owl knew these things.

"Yeah I guess you could say that. I'm Cole, Master of Earth," I said.

"I'm Kai, Master of Fire."

"I'm Zane, Master of Ice."

"I'm Jay, Master of Lightning."

Atlas and Aura turned to Lloyd. Their beaks were quivering. They looked excited for some reason.

"I'm Lloyd, Master of Creation," LLoyd said.

Aura and Atlas exchanged a knowing glance and then wiped the look of excitement from their faces.

"Interesting. Can you show us this Spinjitzu Cole?" Atlas asked.


A brown funnel formed around me. Rocks, stones, dirt, other things found in earth, began swirling in the dusty brown tornado.

I stopped and looked around.

Aura and Atlas had no expression on their face.

"Hm," Was all Atlas said.

"Uh. Can I say something?" Pudge asked quietly.

Everyone turned to look at ducked his head down in embarrassment.

"Well. I mean, when we found these owls, they... were with something called humans. They looked like, uhm, the others from legends," Pudge said nervously.

"Well. We ARE humans," I said.

"You look like completely normal owls to me," Nyx argued.

"No! Let me see a second," Jay called. He turned his head backwards and moved around his feathers.

"There you are!" He cried.

He turned around holding a small slip of paper in his beak. It looked like a photo.

It was the photo of us Nya had given to Jay!

"Those are others," Atlas whispered in wonder.

"Yeah. 'Other'. Here that's me," I said pointing to the black haired guy on the far right.

Kai, Zane, Jay, and Lloyd each pointed themselves out in the picture.

"What about the other two?" Asked Pudge.

"The one with the straw hat is Sensei Wu. Next to Kai is his sister, Nya," I told them.

"Is that all the questions?" Nyx asked.

"We're going to be late for chaw practices," Ivory added.

"Oh yes! I forgot. You all can go now," Said Atlas.

Ivory nodded and turned to us.

"Kai and Jay you're supposed to come with me to practice in the Weather Chaw," She said.

Both of them moaned.

"Lloyd and Zane are coming to Navigation class," Nyx added.

"Guess that leaves you and me, huh Cole? We're going on Search and Rescue Chaw classes," Pudge said.

"What! Don't you all have your own chaws though?" Jay yelled.

"We still have to practice," Ivory explained.

Kai nodded glumly.

We split up as Pudge led me to a hollow that led to the open sky.

"You're a legend among the Search and Rescue Chaw already since you know that Spinjitzu stuff. I think they're hoping to add you," Pudge said.

Search and Rescue? Sounded fun to me.

"Cool. I hope I'm in it," I said myself.

To Be Continued...